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Fatal Throne

Fatal Throne Book Young Adult Jennifer Donnelly

Recommended Age: 14 +

Fatal Throne is an absolutely masterful work by seven award-winning young adult authors. Each writer pens the voice of one of the Queens (and Henry VIII) offering the reader an intense and truly unique perspective!

Fatal Throne Book Young Adult Jennifer Donnelly

So, my daughter loves all things history and at the top of that list, of course, is reading about it!  I, therefore, wind up reading the same books, either out of shared interest, her recommendation, or simply because she left it on the coffee table and I'm looking for something to read!

Prior to reading Fatal Throne, my knowledge of Henry VIII and his wives was limited to what I just wrote in this sentence. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I learned a ton! Fatal Throne is one of those books you sit down with, open up and immerse yourself in completely- turning page after page and huffing when the phone rings or you have to take out the dog!

Each queen and Henry VIII, take a turn at telling her/his part of the story. All of the authors did copious amounts of research to do justice to the details, relationships and overall history of this time in Tudor history. They give life and dimension to these women, and man, who have become a part of the history books, yet most people know so little about.


Well, let's just start with, Wow! - so glad I did not live in the 1500's!  A host of reasons including lack of women's rights, hygiene, and the real likelihood of not surviving childbirth are pretty compelling reasons for me to be okay with sacrificing the whole living 'way back when' thing! 

This is a book that makes history interesting for even those of us who are not your typical history buffs. Even though you know there will be unhappy endings (which are tastefully written), you can't help but savor every last word while nervously chipping away at your manicure! The writing is perfection and certainly will make a lasting impression on all who read it!


Want to Read More or Do Something Fun?

Read on and check out some of these activities...

The court was filled with ladies-in-waiting and a few caught Henry's eye! These ladies enjoyed a position that gave them status, marriage opportunities, access to court gossip and politics. In addition to being a companion to royalty, they participated in the court festivities and nightly dances. Practicing dance, music, reading and embroidery helped pass the time!

1. Embroidery!

Men and women alike practiced the art during the 1500's and it was a source of income as well. All textiles were produced by hand and the decorative stitches were highly appreciated.


Here is a great site with some more about embroidery from the time:

Click here for some fun twists on modern day embroidery projects as well as interesting patterns!

2. Music!

Enjoy some tunes Tudor-era style! Check this site out! (Select 'Track Listing' if on mobile device after site loads!)

3. Food!

Well, Henry VIII was a big fan of his feasts, but surprisingly he didn't really go in for desserts much! He liked his meat pies and wine but for sweets, he only liked marzipan fruits, jelly and fruit cake. Here is a great recipe for a traditional English fruitcake: 

...But if you're looking for a recipe that's a little quicker, try one of these delicious traditional recipes!

4. Dance!

So, believe it or not, Henry VIII was a big fan of dancing! I know, I was bit surprised myself at that one! Here's an example of dance during the Tudor times:




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