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A Little Princess

By Frances Hodgson Burnett


A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a much loved classic, and if you read it, or have already had the pleasure of reading it, you will see why!



Sara Crewe travels from India to London, England, with her wealthy father, to board at and attend school at Miss Minchin's seminary for young ladies. Charismatic, imaginative and kind, Sara quickly befriends the other girls there and is soon referred to as a "little princess" for her gracious demeanor and a number of luxuries, with  her own maid, carriage and a lovely doll from her father.


All of that changes, though, when Sara's fortune is reversed overnight and she finds herself penniless. Miss Minchin forces her to become a servant, live in the freezing attic, and wear rags. Though she is treated harshly, Sara tries to remain just as unselfish, giving and kind while never giving up on a better future.



Fun Extras for A Little Princess:


1. Host a Tea Party!

Invite friends, dolls or family for a lovely tea! Serve tea sandwiches, scones and of course cups of tea, cocoa or lemonade!


2. Learn Some French!

Duolingo is a great online program and fun, too!

I like this site too:

3. Go to a Bakery!

Visit a bakery and pick out a roll like in the story or another fresh pastry! Enjoy with a cup of cocoa, or tea if you'd like!

4. Make up or Write a Story

Create your own story or play like Sara did with your doll taking center stage!

5. Watch a TV or Movie Version of A Little Princess

The Little Princess has been made into several movies and mini series.

 There are plenty to choose from! At least two TV miniseries, a 1995 movie, adaptation and one from the 1930s starring Shirley Temple as well!

6. Read About India!

Read up on some fun facts about India-the country in which Sara grew up  before coming to England.

7. Learn How to Draw a Monkey!

A monkey plays a big role in the story, and is fun to draw, too! For a realistic monkey go here:

...And for a more illustrative version click here:




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