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by Anthony Horowitz


Okay, I picked it up because of the cool cover art and because I really like spy stuff, and it did not disappoint!

Alex Horowitz's Stormbreaker features teen spy Alex Rider in an action-packed, fast-paced adventure that keeps you on edge and turning the pages until the very last word!

Coerced into going undercover, 14-year-old Alex Rider endures a brief, but intense training program before being thrown into his first assignment.

Armed with only his wits and a few spy-tech gadgets, Alex has to navigate and counter danger at every turn. Determined to see it through, he faces peril in  water, under the earth and up in the air all which add up to a spectacular conclusion!

Luckily, this is a series, because once you finish Stormbreaker, you'll be eager to make your way through the rest of the Alex Rider books!

Ideas to go along with Alex Rider & Stormbreaker!

1. Indoor Rock Climbing! Alex has to do some climbing as part of his training. Visit an indoor rock gym or an outdoor park that has a rock wall and make like Alex and climb! Here's a site that will help you with your search:

2. Learn a language! ...or part of one! Alex can speak English, French, Spanish and German. Check out this site for a whole bunch of options to increase your international vocabulary!

3. Learn a Martial Art! Karate is the martial art that Alex Rider is trained in. Many martial art studios offer a free introductory class. Give one a try! You might like it and it's great exercise- and it's an interesting way to learn more about a different culture! 

Can't get to martial art studio?  There are plenty of online alternatives--here's a short self-defense video with some introductory moves and useful tips:

4. 'Laser' Maze! Stealth and coordination are part of every spy's skill set! Challenge yourself with a Laser Maze!

Using yarn, make a 'laser' maze to work your way through! We did this for a mystery party a few years ago and it was a huge hit! You can do it on a porch, in a hallway, or set up the yarn by attaching to chairs if the room is too wide. -I used paper raffia, because that's what I had in the house, but any string/yarn works!




5. Visit a Science Museum! Alex makes a visit to the Science Museum in London and although he doesn't get to visit any exhibits, you can! Take a virtual look around at the objects and stories housed in this incredible museum!


The International Spy Museum is fabulous if you're visiting Washington D.C.!

6. Build a Spy Gadget! Well, there's plenty of tutorials out there on how to do all kinds of stealthy spy stuff! Here's one for making a periscope- to help you look around corners without getting caught!


Photo credit: Jason Goh from Pixabay




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