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The American Girls


The first ever American Girl book that I remember reading was Meet Felicity, ( now renamed Felicity, Volume 1).  Fast forwards a few years later, and I rediscovered the History Girls, now delving into Kit Kittredge's stories about growing up in 1930's era Ohio during the Great Depression. 

Needless to say, after finishing the first Kit book in her personal series, I made it my goal to read all of the A.G. History Girls books:  I loved them! Pretty soon after, I read and reread Felicity's stories followed in quick secession  by the rest of the characters, always impatient to get a hold of the next book and happy as a clam when I did! 


Each History Girl's stories take place at a different time and place in American history, from the 1700s to the 1970's. The girls are nine years old when their books begin, chronicling their day -to -day lives, adventures, families and friends.


While my fave characters remained Felicity and Kit, I adored all of the stories from Rebecca's dreams of becoming an actress in the 1900s when silent movies were just starting, seeing the Civil War and it's aftermath through the eyes of Addy, to reading  Josaphina's books and learning what life on a 1800s New Mexico ranch was like.

DSCF7015 (1).jpg

These are fabulous historical fiction chapter books that are not a daunting length, and offer compelling characters and a peek into the past! 

Even those that are not huge fans of reading about history will find themselves enjoying these, and I bet you will too!



Get to know the American Girls better and have fun!

1. Try a Simple Weaving Craft Inspired by Josefina!

Josefina learns how to weave in her stories, and you can too! Visit here to find step by step instructions:


2. Watch the American Girl Movies!

American Girl released four history girl movies that are all quite good and stick close to the original stories, yet have some new twists and turns as well!

The four films titles are:


Kit Kittridge: An American Girl


Samantha: An American Girl Holiday


Felicity: An American Girl Adventure


Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front

3. Go to the American Girl Site for More Fun!

Visit the site for games, quizzes and to learn more about the characters!

Click here:

4. Take Your Doll on an Adventure!

Even dolls like to get out in the fresh air once in a while, and it doesn't have to be an A.G. doll! Barbies, bears, or another guest is great too!  Take her for a walk, to the store, or to the library! Snap a photo of you and your doll on your adventure and print it out! (just make sure you're extra careful if you take her anywhere she might get wet!)


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