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    Franny B. Kranny,
There's a Bird in Your Hair!

By Harriet Lerner & Susan Goldhor  Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury


Franny B. Kranny, There's a Bird in Your Hair! is the kind of book that you don't mind reading over and over again!

The title tells it all and it makes for a hilarious read-aloud or read alone! Franny B. Kranny loves her long, curly and extremely frizzy red hair so much that she doesn't want to get it cut, despite her parents' and sister's constant efforts to get her to do so. Even though Franny's hair gets caught in the fridge, snags on buttons, and is quite the trip to comb through, well, Franny just can't bear the thought of that changing!



When Franny's family has to attend a reunion, though, her mother takes her to the salon and Franny winds up with a new 'do whether she likes it or not! Initially, she's not fond of the prospect. Franny has a change of heart, however, after an unexpected visitor has her looking at things with a "bird's eye view" of the situation!


Amusing to no end with fun illustrations and an unusual cast of characters, you'll find yourself smiling at the outcome and keeping an eye out for feathered friends the next time you get a new hairdo!



Fun Extras for:  Fanny B. Kranny, There's a Bird in Your Hair!

1. Bird Watching!

Fanny loved her feathered friends! So, grab a pair of binoculars, a guide to birds and happy watching!

Want to make it official? Become a member of Project Feederwatch and make it count!

2. Try a New Hairdo!

Fanny's adventures all start with a new 'do, and it's always fun to try out a new hairstyle!  Go to  for one cute look!


3. ...Or Make a Hair Accessory!

Not sure you want to test run a bun? Add some pizazz with a pretty hair accessory or two!

Make your own with a plain headband, and add ribbon, mini craft store flowers, or some sparkle of your choice to make a fun fashion statement!


4. Make Your Own Newspaper Headline!

Fanny creates quite the news-worthy splash with a bird in her hair-but you don't need to have a feathered friend handy to make your own personal headline! Come up with a fun topic,( such as someone's birthday) snap a photo, write a catchy header and Voila'! you're done! Put it up in your house where you and your friends/family can see it!


5. Try Some Knee Bends!

Fanny uses knee bends to accomplish a tricky situation in the story!  Try a few while balancing  a stuffed animal or small pillow on your head, similarly to how Fanny did it in the book!



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