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By Louis Sachar


If you ever want to pick a book off the shelf that is  guaranteed to go straight to the #1 slot on your Top Ten Titles list, read Holes, by Louis Sachar!

Holes seamlessly combines an intricate (but not confusing!) plot and quirky characters with a story that's tight, clever and witty to the core!

Stanley Yelnats' family has a golden rule: when anything goes wrong  (which seems to happen a lot), everyone blames Stanley's no-good, pig-stealing, great-great-grandfather for their bad luck-(more on the grandfather later)!  Unfortunately, no amount of blaming anybody is going to get Stanley out of going to detention camp in the middle of a dessert with a dried up lake, despite the fact that he's been sent there for a theft he didn't commit!


Soon though, these are the least of Stanley's worries. At Camp Green Lake, Stanley and the other boys are each given the same task every day: to dig holes. The strict warden who runs the camp and everyone else says it's to 'build character' and Stanley believes it too.....until the day he and the other boys make a discovery that convince them they're looking for so much more!

With a multilayered mystery,  family curse, and possible treasure taking center stage, Holes is filled to the brim with a page-turning tale, and, with that thought in mind, I'll stop writing about it so you can start reading about it!!


Fun Extras for Holes:   


As much as digging a hole sounds like good exercise and is probably a great way to get some Vitamin D, we came up with these activities instead...!

1. Watch the movie!

Disney made a great film adaptation of this story, which we enjoyed watching very much! Good for a movie night, or when you're just too tired to dig a six-foot-deep hole in honor of the book!

2.  Try some Sploosh (Peach jam)!

At one point in Holes, Stanley  and his friend taste-test some peach preserves in the unlikeliest of places... read the book to find out where!  Pick up some peach jam at your local supermarket/grocery store on your next run over or make your own with this recipe:


3. Red Nail Polish Mani!

The warden at Camp Green Lake runs a tight ship (desert?) and accomplishes this with a tough attitude and fiery red nails! Give yourself a bright red manicure for a feisty, yet stylish look! 


4. Design Your Own Sneakers!

Stanley's story starts with footwear--design your own fun pair to 'wear'! Go here for a list of brands that let you be your own designer:

Have fun!


Hello and Welcome!

We're April and Cenzia, the mom and daughter duo behind My Kidz Bookshelf! Thanks for  stopping by! We love to read, review, and do fun stuff too!

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