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Max and Ruby

By Rosemary Wells


When I was about three or so, a friend of ours told us about Rosemary Wells' fabulous books starring bunny siblings, Ruby and Max.

We promptly checked a couple of Max and Ruby adventures out from the library, and from that point on, I (in a good way!) was obsessed with the goings ons, hi jinks and merry mishaps of the bunny rabbit duo who never failed to entertain me, and elicit some chuckles from my mother as well.


I adored Ruby's organized and slightly bossy ways, and always loved reading about her and her younger brother Max, who had his own priorities!  They cheerfully clashed on everything from who got that chocolate chicken, to if Max really did need to have a dragon shirt!


Each new Max and Ruby title was quickly devoured, and then some of the favorite scenes were acted out by me and my very patient mother; among them 'lemonade stand,' 'Bunny Party,' and 'beauty shop'!


Mischievous Max and tidy Ruby have endless "tails" to tell!  So, if you love bunnies, fun illustrations, good stories or all the above, I guarantee they'll fit perfectly on your bookshelf--they've certainly earned a permanent spot on ours!



Fun Extras to go along with Max & Ruby:

1.  Bake a Cake!

Ruby bakes, and also decorates, a birthday cake in Bunny Cakes , and you can too! Here's a recipe:

Not in the mood to commit to creating a cake? Another baked good would be tasty too! Brownies, snickerdoodles, or a different baked good of your choice are yummy options as well! Here's one for the brownies:

2. Watch the Show!

Max and Ruby are also TV stars!  With lots of episodes to choose from, Ruby and Max have dozens of fun adventures!  Look for them at your library, or purchase a couple of the DVDs for your collection!

3. Run a 'Lemonade Stand'!

Ruby and her friend Louise have big  plans for their lemonade stand earnings in Max's Bunny Business .  While actually selling lemonade may not be an option, you can still whip up a batch! Set up shop indoors with a few fun signs, some friends /family as customers, and lots of cups handy!

4.Draw a Bunny!

I have drawn countless bunnies! Here is one that I really liked learning how to draw!

5. Act Out a Scene!

Pretend you're Ruby or Max and act out one of the books! You could host a party, run a beauty shop, or go on a scavenger hunt!



Hello and Welcome!

We're April and Cenzia, the mom and daughter duo behind My Kidz Bookshelf! Thanks for  stopping by! We love to read, review, and do fun stuff too!

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