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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories


by Carolyn Keene

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So, I think the first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a detective! I can credit that desire 100% to Nancy Drew!

From the first Nancy Drew mystery, I was hooked. My seven-year-old self was drawn in by the suspense, exotic locations and the dream of being just like Nancy Drew one day! She was clever, self assured, staunchly independent and never lost her cool! To top it off, she and her friends Bess and George did it all in style.

From The Secret of the Old Clock to The Mystery of the 99 Steps, I read and reread every adventure of Nancy's I could get my hands on! Now, even though the books have been out since 1930, their appeal is timeless. I really like how this series combines mystery, suspense and good storytelling topped off with great characters!

My daughter picked up her first Nancy Drew mystery at the end of fourth grade and I can safely say she's an even bigger fan than me! She prided herself on knowing all of the classic titles in order by heart, researched the history behind the series and has become a collector of vintage Nancy Drew books.

For her 12th birthday we even went with a Nancy Drew themed mystery party! That was a lot of fun to plan! In addition, we also discovered the Nancy Drew video games that are very entertaining as well as very educational! You feel like it's been a good use of your time after playing!

Nancy Drew is not only on our shelf, but occupies a solid two shelves on the bookcase! A series worth introducing to your daughter that will whisk her away into that wonderful world of mystery, adventure and the pinnacle of great detectives: Nancy Drew!

Fun Stuff to do with Nancy Drew!

1. Nancy Drew Mystery Video Games

These are super entertaining video games that have not only mysteries to solve, but puzzles and brain teasers of all kinds to make the adventures a challenging and fun learning experience!

Visit this site to find plenty of choices: or ebay for hard to come by titles.

2. Watch the TV Series

My fave was the one from the 1970's that had Nancy Drew alternating episodes with the Hardy Boys!

3. Throw a Mystery Party

...or just do a couple of sleuthing activities! Put together a clue hunt, make a laser challenge, be a sketch artist, analyze fingerprints and put together a disguise photo booth! Major fun and minimal cost!

4. Tired from Arranging the Party?

Watch Emma Roberts in the 2007 Nancy Drew film. It's MyKidzBookshelf's fave Nancy Drew movie thus far!

5. Want to Find Out More or Connect with Fans? Visit: My daughter spent countless hours at this site absorbing Nancy info!



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