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By Michael Bond

Illustrated by R.W. Alley


Have you ever heard of Paddington?  I hadn't, until a few months ago when we saw an exhibit at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art featuring original art and illustrations from the Paddington books  by Michael Bond.


Well, after reading a few of the books, I quickly became a fan of the whimsical, sweet, stories and of course, their star, marmalade-adoring Paddington.

The lovable bear hails from Darkest Peru, (where apparently marmalade-nibbling bears are common!) and early on in the books relocates to London, where he is found by the Brown Family at Paddington Station.  You probably have a good guess where his name comes from by now!


Paddington takes up residence with the Browns and fits quite well into the household too! The charming bear has plenty of hobbies and friends, including Mr. Grubber,  the owner of an antiques shop and  the Brown's housekeeper, Mrs. Bird, who's initially suspicious of an English speaking bear making his home with them!


Whether he's exploring London solo or on an adventure  with the Browns, nothing is dull when Paddington has a paw in it!   The iconic bear adds zest to every occasion that make for fun reads and great illustrations! So, grab some marmalade, make yourself a sandwich and settle in to read and enjoy some classic Paddington!


R.W. Alley illustrated the Paddington picture book series that we're reviewing, but other Paddington series (i.e. the original chapter books) were illustrated by other artists.


Fun Extras for Paddington stories!

1. Try Some Marmalade Jam!

It wouldn't be a Paddington tale without his trademark snack... a marmalade sandwich! You can pick some up at the market, or, if you're feeling adventurous, whip up your own batch!

You could try it on a P.B. sandwich, by itself on toast, or mix it in with yogurt! Here's a recipe:

2. Take a Virtual Tour of  London !

 This is a cool way to see London without even leaving the comfort of your own doorstep! Very fun! Go here to get a no-passport-necessary tour:

3. Watch the Movies!

We saw both Paddington (2014) and it's sequel, Paddington 2 (2017). Highly recommend both of them!!!  Five paws up!!

4. Sew a Bear!

You can find a Sew-a-Bear kit online or in craft stores, or look up a simple pattern you think looks fun!


5. Read the original Paddington chapter book series by Michael Bond!

Read the original series which made Paddington famous! They're a little longer, being chapter books, but also have illustrations and are filled with more of Paddington's antics!

Have fun!!

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We're April and Cenzia, the mom and daughter duo behind My Kidz Bookshelf! Thanks for  stopping by! We love to read, review, and do fun stuff too!

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