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Currently Bookmarked - 4/4

We really look forward to writing our Currently Bookmarked posts!

It's a fun way to revisit the past week and to look forward to the upcoming posts we have in the works!

1. What Cenz is reading: I'm so excited to receive this book that I ordered- the artwork is amazing!

This chic narrative of French Fashion highlights couture from some of the most iconic French fashion designers and gives stunning visuals through the many illustrations!

The author and artist, Megan Hess also has the most adorable picture book series for young fashionistas too!

2. What April is reading: The Thief Knot by Kate Milford

Well, Cenz read this recently and gave it an enthusiastic two thumbs up!

I was looking around for something to read and the gorgeously illustrated cover of The Thief Knot caught my eye!

I'm on chapter three and am really loving it! I'm a fan of Kate Milford's other Greenglass House books and am enjoying winding down at the end of the day with The Thief Knot!

Even though this book is in the juvenile section of libraries and bookstores, the writing and characterization make it a great read for teens and adults!

3. We had a lot of fun putting out our post this week: 25 Best Easter Books for Your Little Bunny's Easter Basket!

With Easter coming fast around the corner, we thought it would be fun to put together!

Classics, Peeps and more offer something for every Easter Basket!

4. I love miniature crafts, so this week I did a Tiny House Tin DIY for the blog!

It's super adorable, easy, and so fun to DIY!

You don't need a lot of supplies, so you can try it anytime you're feeling artsy, and want to create something petite and pretty!

5. Muffin Tin Egglettes - Mini Crustless Quiche Recipe

Whether it's Easter brunch, Saturday morning or breakfast for dinner, these mini crustless quiches made in a muffin tin are a perfect choice!

Our Egg-lette Recipe has simple ingredients and is easy to put together!

This smaller version of its full sized quiche cousin makes serving and saving a cinch!

6. One of our very favorite things about Easter is getting to decorate the house with things that remind us of spring and the holiday!

Bunnies, an adorable wreath and egg-cellent decorations we've DIY-ed over the years are all so fun to both take out and decorate with when Easter comes around!

7. We're trying to decide which Nancy Drew video game to play next!

The Nancy Drew Video games along with some others were included in our 25+ Ideas for Things to do While you Stay at Home post! Click to see more ideas to keep the good times rolling while you hang out at home!

They are fabulous games to play that have two levels of play and include all kinds of puzzles, intricate storylines and of course, a mystery to solve!

Bonus: history, geography, different cultures, science and more make these video games educational as well as fun!!

8. With dance classes on hold for the moment, the Dancing Alone Together non-profit website provides a roundup of free online dance classes!

These classes are available to view on Instagram Live, Vimeo, and more and are a great help to dancers everywhere!

Dancing Alone Together is a non-profit that was created in just three days by Katherine Disenhof to help dancers find great online classes to enjoy and keep fit with while staying at home!

Taught by professionals from numerous dance companies and studios, if you're a dancer, or always wanted to try dance, take a look!

9. Well, we're starting to see folks biking in the neighborhood and not just those hard core bikers with all the special clothes and fancy gear!

I found my bike at a local consignment sale for about $15 ten years ago. It was squeaky for most of those years, then I finally oiled the gears last year and it's smooth as silk now!

girl wearing bike helmet holding onto handlebars of cruiser bike standing on sidewalk in treelined neighborhood

Cenz has the cutest iced pink cruiser bike with the back-pedal braking system! This one has hand brakes!

Don't forget to wear a helmet! We like these!

10. Having fun streaming Disney+! Have you been watching Disney Plus? So have we!

They've got so many amazing choices for entertainment, from the classic Disney Princess movies to documentaries and Disney original shows!

We've been recently enjoying the wide variety of throwback flicks offered, from Splash, to The Computer That Wore Tennis Shoes!

Also fun? These fabulously fun Mickey Mouse shorts- they're quick, colorful, and cute... great for any Mickey and Minnie fans in the house!!

Well, that's a wrap! Hope you're enjoying your home and staying well!

Enjoy! 💗

Cenzia & April


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