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Currently Bookmarked, 3/29 - Stay at Home Style!

Here's our latest Currently Bookmarked post, featuring what we've been up to while staying home! Books, the blog and more are featured-read on to see what's new!

back of Jeep with frosted donut tire cover

1. This week we put out our post 25+ Things to Do While You Stay at Home!

Not just for kids, there's a variety of ideas for learning, playing, reading, armchair traveling and more!

25+ Ideas for fun Things to Do while You Stay at Home

There are actually about 34 ideas on the list and we revisit and add when something spectacular comes to mind! Take a look!

2. What April's reading- I'm starting the The Thief Knot by Kate Milford, author of The Greenglass Books! Cenz read it and gave it two thumbs up, so it's now on my nightstand!

3. What Cenzia's reading- I decided to go with a retro mystery for my next read, by one of the bestselling authors of all time- Agatha Christie!

bookcover for Agatha Christie novel 4:50 from Paddington with picture of pocket watch on cover

She's got so many titles to choose from, you'll always have plenty of intriguing who-done-its to enjoy!

Whether you're a fan of her Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, or love delving into her Miss Marple stories, the Queen of Mystery will have you puzzled and turning the pages 'til the end!

4. If you remember my Mini Dresser DIY post, you'll know both my mom and I adore Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families!

Sylvanian Families Lockkeeper cottage with figure standing by opening with decorated mini bottlebrush Christmas tree and wreath decorating house peak

These little miniatures are favorites of ours and have taken up a good amount of space in our house! I treated the Sylvanians/Critters to this vintage Sylvanian Families Lockkeepers Cottage that was redecorated and for sale on Ebay!

This cottage is from the 1990s, but if you want a new house for your miniatures, I think this one is super cute!

5. Since dance classes and competitions are on hold, I've been doing online classes to keep me (Cenzia) on my toes-literally! This ballet dancer's YouTube channel is fantastic- I did this class and loved it!

picture of ballet dancer Kathryn Morgan holding onto ballet barre with one arm overhead and leg stretched high

Her channel has everything from warm-up videos to tips for leaps and turns- from beginner to advanced levels!

completed puzzle with box on top for 'I Had One of Those' 1000 piece puzzle by White Mountain shows different toys and games from 1960s and 1970s

6. Yay! We finished our puzzle! We have a few more that we haven't done yet, so we're good to go! Visit here for some puzzles that feature book covers or collage puzzles!

7. I was reminiscing about my days as a chocolate maker & baker with Cenz and perusing some of my favorite chocolate recipe inspirations--magazines, cookbooks and more!

This is one of my favorite guilty-pleasure chocolate bars! Good for eating as a bar or chopped up and added to cookies, muffins, scones or as a smoothie topping!

magazine with chocolate ice cream and chocolate brownies on cover by food network. Also Starbuck's hot chocolate mix in photo

8. Been working on our Petite Omelette Recipe! It was a delicious success! Keep an eye out for the recipe! Coming Soon!

9. We had the happy and unexpected surprise of bumping into the below fun photo op while walking in the neighborhood!

The whimsical sweet treat on the back of this little jeep was begging to have it's picture snapped and edited!

This was the before: brightened a little bit....

...And the after! Yes, I love editing anything pink and sweet!

two photos side by side of Jeeps with tire cover that looks like donut with sprinkles - second photo is processed to be really bright

10. As Easter comes around the corner, here's a little throwback #tb pic from our Instagram!

Two years ago, My mom discovered a family of bunnies living in our raised vegetable bed!

picture of little baby bunny hiding in a garden

The four babies happily stayed with their mom until they were big enough to hop out into the world on their own! When we first found out they were burrowed there, we were lucky and took some adorable snaps of these sweet loves!

Pinterest pin for Currently Bookmarked Stay at Home Style with picture of Jeep and Agatha Christie's 4:50 From Paddington on the pin

Hope everyone is doing well and staying home!


Cenzia & April


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