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Fairy Garden Fun! Make Your Own Fairy Garden + DIY a Mini Fairy Home! Book Ideas Included!

Make Your Own Magical Fairy Garden to enjoy + DIY a Mini Fairy Garden to add sparkle to small places!

Keep the fairy fun going by exploring the pixie-approved books below!

Fairy garden DIY  tin with fern, morning glory, Ariel, angel and succulent

Love all things fairies? So do we!

Design a gorgeous place for the fairies in your garden with these fun ideas, and learn how to create a fabulous fairy garden that's small, sweet and magical with this super easy DIY!

Fairy garden cottage with fairy fountain and miniature doll

It's that time of year when the days are longer, the sun shines, and big, fluffy clouds drift across the sky- A-K-A the perfect time of year to plant some blossoms, and make a fairy garden!

Fairy garden cottages, rocking chair, clock and little fairy charms

Making your own fairy garden is such a lovely way to add a little magic and sparkle to your garden!

We've always dedicated some of our garden in our backyard to the fairy houses as well as some special blooms to accompany the fairy furnishings!

Fairy Garden door in garden by a fence with greenery

Not sure where to begin when making your own garden for the pixies? It's simple! First, find where you want your fairy garden to be.

It can be displayed in the middle of your garden, or tucked away as a special surprise in a planter on the porch! You decide!

Fairy garden with garden gnome, unicorn, bottle brush trees and castle in the background

Just one of the many fabulous things about fairy gardens is that they don't require a lot of space, so you can create a magical spot whether you live somewhere with a few window box flower arrangements, or have a larger yard to put to use!

Fairy garden with cottage, fountain gnomes, flowers and pathway

Next step? Decide what kind of a theme you would like your fairy garden to have! Here are some ideas!

Fairy Garden Ideas and Themes

1. Go Green!

Little fairy garden house made of bark next to a tree

Use greenery and natural materials- like a fairy house made of sticks, flower petals and leaves, and accessories including stones and shells, along with flowers of choice!

2. Petite and Sweet

Fairy garden cottage with little old fashioned camper in moss, rocks, grass

Add small flowering plants such as pansies or vinca along with fairy house cottages, mini animals, accessories and pebbles, small shells or glass stones - personalize as you go along!

3. Rainbow Fairies

Fairy Garden fire tower with wire person at top

Multicolored blooms, painted rocks, colorful fairy houses and furniture make a perfect theme to add a pop of color to your garden!

4. Seaside Garden

A small ceramic dish with water for a 'lake', shells, sea glass, and small dolphin or whale figurines- or add some rubber ducks or a mermaid for a fun touch!

5. Fairy Village

tree with fairy garden houses and fairy doors, mirrors and succulents

Put in lots of fairy garden houses, fairy figurines, maybe a gnome or two and benches or a pathway to suggest a busy town!

The amazing example above was made by a neighbor who always has the most stunning, unique, and wonderful fairy garden and houses!

Her creations for the fairies never fail to wow all who stop to admire her work!

6. Retro and Whimsical!

log with fairy cottage, mini steepled church, Volkswagen bug mini cars and flowers

Got a lot of things you want to use in your fairy garden? Make a theme out of those little odds and ends!

Rubber ducks, small toys, a mini camper, and whatever else looks fun that you have on hand!

Give it a retro vibe with mini matchbox cars and vintage-inspired fairy furniture!

6. Enchanted Forest!

Fairy garden castle with unicorns, wishing well, flower surrounded by greenery

Use plenty of vines or greenery, succulents, and/or 'bushes' (little clusters of flowers), a unicorn, gnome, owl or a fairy door would also be great for this theme!

Bark, moss, and a magical saying like this one would work great with an Enchanted Forest Fairy Garden!

Fairy garden stone sign that reads, Enchanted Garden, Do You Believe?

...Or, create your own fabulous theme!

Sometimes the best ideas spring up in unexpected places!

Dream up several designs, use what you have, or enjoy splurging on a fairy house or two to refresh your fairy's 'habitat'!

Fairy garden statue fairy with wings sitting on a mushroom

Next steps? Get busy!

Mark out where you want your fairy garden and plant the flowers, add cottages, and bring your fairy's dream home to life!

Simple can be spectacular, and elaborate is also elegant! Here's a great site to visit for more inspiration too!

fairy garden wishing well miniature with little angel figurine and flower

Got your houses 'built' and your plants looking pretty? Accessorize however you wish!

A gnome, a little chair-- the list of options is endless and you can add whatever you think your winged friends would be happy to see in their new home.

If you want to design your own fairy garden and home, but want a smaller, quicker version, this Mini Fairy Garden DIY is perfect!

Mini DIY fairy garden in a tin with morning glory, lamb's ear, succulent, shell, acorn cap and moss

This Mini Fairy Garden DIY contains plenty of fun sparkle, pretty plants and fantastic fairy vibes in a small space!

Read on for how to DIY your very own magical mini fairy garden in a tiny tin or fabulous flowerpot!

Mini Fairy garden DIY items needed moss, plants, blooms, tin, stones,

Make Your Own Magical Mini Fairy Garden DIY


  • Small Metal Tin or Flowerpot

  • Potting Soil/ Dirt

  • Shovel/Spoon

  • Plants of choice

  • Moss/Ground covering

  • Fairy furniture

  • Accessories

  • Natural add-ins (Stones, shells, pine cones, acorn caps, etc.)

  • Optional: Petals or blossoms to decorate with

Step One: Gather supplies for the mini fairy garden, including any plants or flowers desired.

Step Two: Fill your tin/flowerpot with potting soil. If you're working with a shallow tin, be sure to fill it until it's about one-half of the way filled.

Step Three: Add in plants of choice to your tin, top with soil, then add the moss.

Step Four: Taking your natural materials/accessories, place them in the tin/pot as wished.

Step Five: Finish your Mini Fairy Garden with any fairy house furniture, small toys, costume jewelry, and other decorative objects if desired.

Step Six: (Optional) Take freshly picked flowers or fallen petals and blooms and add around your fairy garden home for a little extra fairy flair!

Mini Fairy Garden DIY with morning glory, shell, key, fern, Ariel and pansies

...And you're done!

Creating a mini fairy garden is so much fun, and the result is simply the best!

Inside, outside, or as part of a larger fairy garden, these miniature fairy gardens are so easy to make and care for!

Mini Fairy Garden DIY with morning glory, shell, key, fern, Ariel and pansies

Give one as a gift or keep one for yourself- DIY as many of these dreamy mini fairy gardens as you like!

Love fairies and building your own DIY fairy garden? Here are some fabulous titles starring winged fairy friends and fairy garden inspiration and activities!

Fairy Books including Tinkerbell, Pinkalicious, Sleeping Beauty and more

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Fairy garden pin for Pinterest showing Fairy cottage, house, mini DIY fairy garden and winged fairy on mushroom

Whether you're a longtime fan of fairies, have a special place in your heart for Tinker Bell, or just want to have fun designing one of these sweet spaces,

I guarantee you'll enjoy creating and caring for your DIY Fairy Garden!

Have fun and sparkle on!

Happy Gardening!

💗 Cenzia


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