Fingerprint Friends and My First Slide & Seek: Two Terrific Activity Books for Young Kids!

Have fun learning and being creative with these great new titles from Insight Editions!

Perfect for young kids who are beginning readers and budding artists, these two activity books will make wonderful and helpful additions to your bookshelf!

Fingerprint Friends

As someone whose first favorite activities were reading, arts and crafts, I know I would have loved a title like Finger Print Friends when I was younger!

Fingerprint Friends is the perfect resource/title for parents looking to keep kids engaged and having fun!

Whether your little one is a reader, a budding artist, or loves animals, this all-in-one activity book will be a winner on the bookshelf and with the kids!

Featuring easy-to-follow steps, bright colors and plenty of space to create, kiddos will have a blast making fingerprint versions of their favorite animal friends with this great new title!

Fingerprint Friends comes with plenty of ideas for how to turn a colorful fingerprint into a menagerie of animals and creatures, offering something for every interest!

Fingerprint Friends highlights adorable ways for kids to transform a simple finger print into creatures both everyday and magical, from under-the-sea creatures and birds, to unicorns and more!

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Fingerprint Friends is both quick enough to have a satisfying result, yet filled with numerous ideas to continue the artistic enthusiasm, making it a wonderful choice for both kids who are crafty and those who are newer to the artsy scene!

From dinosaurs and aliens to dogs and elephants, kids will love each new idea they find throughout the book!

Interactive prompts give cute suggestions for fingerprint scenes and will keep kids absorbed and creating, while the provided finger paint pad makes this a portable and self-contained activity to bring along to a friend's house or on vacation!

So, if you've been in search of a great new crafty title, Fingerprint Friends will be the perfect addition to your bookshelf!

Spend an afternoon making both fingerprint friends and fun memories with this fantastic title you and your little one will thoroughly enjoy!

My First Slide & Seek - 100 Words

My First Slide and Seek: 100 Words is a colorful and interactive picture book that will help your child increase their vocabulary while making connections between the written word and everyday images.

As a reading teacher and homeschooling parent I'm always on the lookout for books that help kids get excited about reading!

I love it when there are books that offer a fun twist and a way to keep young learners thinking, talking and having fun while turning the pages!

I'm pretty fussy when it comes to educational books. There are many books on the market and my standards are high for giving a book a thumbs-up!

Here are the top 5 reasons why I liked My First Slide and Seek: 100 Words:

1. It Has a Sturdy Design.

Any book that has any moving parts should be sturdy enough to withstand being read over and over!

Nothing drives me crazier than an interactive book that can't handle the lifting of the flaps, pulling the tabs or turning of the pages!

This book has full-page pull tabs that are designed to withstand plenty of use and are cleverly tucked within two pages to stay protected and make it durable.

2. The Categories are Simple and Relatable.

100 words with accompanying pictures are divided up into seven categories that all kids can identify and relate to.

Animals, clothing, food, playtime and more are topics that kids will recognize, have fun identifying and make learning to read a very attainable goal.

3. The Images are Bright, Colorful and Cheery!

This book's pages give young readers plenty of pictures to point to, talk about and hold their attention!

4. It Has Great Prompts!

Every page has several questions and/or prompts that make this book both a game and a perfect opportunity for interactive learning!

It includes simple questions like, 'What are our names?' to seek and find prompts 'One picture begins with the letter c - what am I?' to opportunities for discussion: 'What is your favorite animal?' and even I-spy play 'Can you find the hidden mouse?'

This book packs a lot of learning opportunities within its pages!

My First Slide and Seek also makes it super easy for anyone to sit down with a PreK-K/1 child and guide them to really learn about the words and pictures and develop their thinking and speaking skills!

Talking about what your child has read is super important! It brings what they read to life and helps make connections and which makes books meaningful and interesting to them.

5. My First Slide and Seek is also a great jumping off point to keep the learning -and fun- going!

Here are just some ideas for extending the learning in this book:

  • Use one of the topics/pages as a scavenger hunt - i.e. How many items can you find from the Playtime page?

  • Select a page and ask your child/student to point to everything on this page that's yellow, has a face or is a favorite, etc..

  • Using the book as a guide, write down the words on post it notes from one of the pages (such as 'At home') and stick the notes on the same objects in your house as is seen in the book (TV, computer, chair).

  • Make up stories using the pictures from individual or combined topics/pages!

So, if you're looking for a book that will help your PreK - K/1 learner with their letter recognition, reading, vocabulary and give you plenty of opportunities for real world learning and fun, My First Slide and Seek: 100 Words will be a great choice to add to your bookshelf!

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There you have it! A couple of terrific books that are fun and feature wonderful learning opportunities and keep the creativity flowing as well!


April & Cenzia

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