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Mother's Day Gifts for Window Shopping Wednesday!

With Mother's Day approaching, here are some absolutely fabulous gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on her face!

15+ Best Gifts for Mother's Day this year Pinterest pin with flowers

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Looking for that perfect gift for Mother's Day? Not sure what looks like the perfect choice? We always love going on Etsy and taking a peak at the many artisan, creative gifts that shops offer!

From candles to cards, here's a roundup of a dozen + gifts every mom and grandmother will adore getting this Mother's Day!

We've put together this list with all types of moms in mind! There's photo-centered gifts, jewelry, surprises that work for aunts and grandmas, and more!

Know a grandma who adores her gardening time? This Personalized Outdoor Flower Pot can be ordered to have all the grandkids names and birth flowers, too!

Want a version that will make her chuckle? Then this Outdoor Flower Pot will do the trick!

Pair this Personalized Garden Stone with a flower arangement and you're good to go! Garden-loving recipients will love the splash of sweetness in the garden for sure!

Looking for a cozy, cuddly gift idea? Surprise Personalized Letter to Mom Personalized Plush Blanket!

If your mom loves a good puzzle, this Puzzle Frame is the gift for her! It'll remind her of her loved ones and a fave hobby!

Looking for a delicate piece of jewelry for your mum to add to her collection? This pretty Name Necklace can be customized with her birth flower and name for an extra-special surprise!

"Aww!" that was my first thought when I saw this absolutely darling Bracelet. Delicate and sweet!

If your gift recipient loves a good souvenir tee, then this Tee Shirt is the great gift! From the color choice to the message, customize to get the perfect combination for the perfect shirt!

I know plenty of moms that would LOVE this Disney Magical Mom Tee! Memories are always made at Disney and whether you're reminiscing a visit to a Disney theme park or enjoying the latest hit movie, Disney is always a good way to go when it comes to surprises and style!

Grandma's Getaway Bag is a whimsical, wonderful tote and will have grandma chuckling! From the sizable room to the cute, funny words on the outside, here's a gift for every grandma on the go or planning for beach days!

This delightful Mother's Day Candle will warm her heart and be just as pretty as the scent it gives!

This Nana Candle with a BIG Variety of scents is perfect for the grandmother who loves having a little candlelight! With so many choices, you're sure to find the perfect scent! Perfect for a spa day at home or an addition to a dinner with friends, the scent options and packaging are just fabulous!

This Minimalist Personalized Journal for Mother with Gorgeous Cover is so pretty, your mom will adore keeping it on her nightstand! Jotting down thoughts, memories and more will be that much more special within the pages of this lovely journal!

Got a mom who likes to read? Help her enjoy the latest bestseller and hold the page with this Personalized Mother's Day Bookmark!

Happy Mother's Day Card on table with flowers gifts and macarons

Who doesn't love a sweet piece of artwork to brighten up the walls?!

"If Moms Were Flowers, We'd Pick You" Wall Art is a lovely sentiement and will add instant cheer to any room, plus, it can be personalized with the names and flowers you choose!

An adorable gift for tots to give, this Dear Mommy Personalized Book will be a welcome surprise that's interactive, personalized and heartwarming!

Themed Gift Boxes are a great way to send your love to a mom who's far away, or as a fun surprise to get at the front door, even if you do live close by!

This Sending You Sunshine Succulent Gift Box is one fabulous option, coming with lip balm, a cutie pie succulent and so much more! The adorable packaging and fun them will make mom smile the minute she sees it!

Here's another wonderful idea: this Mother's Day Gift Box Self Care Kit is perfect for making your mom feel special!

Mom written out with hearts, flowers and present for Mother's Day in pink

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15 Best Gifts for Mother's Day this year

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