The Relatives Came!

'The Relatives Came' by Cynthia Rylant captures the magic of family, old-fashioned travel and summertime!

When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for those special summers when our relatives came to visit!

They would pack up their stuff, grab the kids and travel in their camper all the way from Texas to the northeast.

They were city; we were country and the excitement and memories made once they arrived were unmatched!

Sometimes when the relatives arrive- after not seeing them for awhile, there are those awkward moments or shy ones for the kids--depending on the age and kid, of course. But, that soon fades and you find yourself talking long into the night, reminiscing and seeing how things have changed, and how they've stayed the same.

I don't know about you, but these days I've got family scattered all over the place. Even the ones that aren't far away, we don't get to see that much. But when we do, it's like the years melt away and you just talk and talk. It's books like this one that remind you of the stuff that's important and jog your memory of good times you had as a kid!

This book makes a great read-aloud and lends itself to some fun activities. Kids who have already read it will enjoy the fun activities below!


Fun Ideas to Go Along with 'The Relatives Came'!

Take a Road Trip!

The relatives in this story traveled pretty far, but close trips are just as fun! Pick a place, pack a lunch and hit the road!

Make a Photo-Book or Frame a Family Photo!

These days it's easier than ever to take photos and do fun things with them. There are many places to get these cherished memories printed. Target, CVS, and Walgreens (among many others!) have photo services. Or if you prefer using an online service, Shutterfly & Snapfish are two trusted names for photo printing and projects.

Play Some Classic Car-Travel Games!

Car Bingo is a one that I loved as a kid! Here is a site that has some other great games and amusements!

Enjoy Some Watermelon!

Summertime and watermelon go hand-in-hand! Slice it, dice it, put it in a fruit salad or make a frozen dessert with it! It's the perfect summertime treat!

Put Together a Family Tree

This is a simple, yet super fun way for kids to figure out who's who in the family! You can make one with simple drawing materials, or go online for great printables. Here's one I found with a lot of options:

Make a Suitcase Tin

This fun craft will keep fingers and minds busy and doesn't take up much room when it's done! All you need is an Altoid's tin (or other mint/candy tin), some small bits of crafting supplies and glue (hot or dots). Anything goes and can be tailored to your interest! Here's one tutorial to get you started!



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