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Sherlock Holmes

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle



Sherlock Holmes is one of literature's finest (and wittiest! ) detectives and can crack almost any case!










The iconic sleuth can catch the most elusive of criminals, confuse even the cleverest of Scotland Yard, and do it all without ever revealing his clues to the police, or the reader! Aided in cases by his friend and colleague, Dr. John Watson, (who also narrates), Sherlock Holmes  banishes crime from where he resides on Baker Street to the far reaches of Europe.































With an eye for observation, the detective can see even the most minuscule discrepancies in a mystery, and needs only a glance to be able to tell where a person has lived, worked and traveled!

"Elementary," reminds Sherlock, and whether it's a murder, fraud, or another perplexing problem, he follows that rule to the T.

f you've already read one of Sherlock Holmes's adventures you'll want to read more, and if you haven't taken a stroll down Baker Street, what are you waiting for!?

P.S. Yes, I meant that last sentence to rhyme!



Finished cracking a case? Try one of these ideas to continue the fun and solve some mysteries of your own!

1. Get this Sherlock Holmes Game!

The board game, Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, is perfect for any budding sleuth! Solve cases of all kinds and track down the clues to a number of mysteries! There are several different ones in this series to choose from as well.


2. Watch the Modern Day Sherlock Holmes, Monk!

 The TV series Monk is about a detective who is like the modern day equivalent of Sherlock Holmes-with a twist! If you would like to solve a mystery from the comfort of your couch, this is a great series to spend your evening watching!

3. Visit this Fan Site!

Packed chock full of fun facts and tid bits, you'll have a good time learning more about the iconic detective! Click here to visit:


4. Play a Memory Game!

Test your observation skills with a little memory game!


-Find a tray (such as a serving tray) and place lots of odds and ends on it. They could be anything: small toys, costume jewelry, seashells, coins, playing cards, etc. 

-Fill the tray up with the items and give players a short amount of time to try and commit to memory everything that was on the tray. 

-Take the tray out of view, and have each player write down what they remember was on the tray.

-Then, have each person compare their own list to all the actual objects!

-Whoever got the most correct wins!



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