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The Little House

by Virginia Lee Burton


The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton is a story that is both timeless and nostalgic and will have you wanting your own Little House once you've read it!

The tale is told  from the Little House's perspective, that of an inquisitive, sweet and charming cottage built on a hill in the countryside long ago.  As the years pass and the Little House watches from her hilltop, she often wonders what it would be like to live in the big city amid the hustle and bustle. 


As the city lights grow closer, though, the Little House realizes that her favorite place after all may be on her hill where she can watch the stars come out every night.

With a happy ending and irresistible illustrations, The Little House has definitely earned her place on our bookshelf!




Fun Extras for The Little House:

1. Neighborhood Stroll

Walk through your neighborhood and note the different kinds of houses in it. Or, go to another neighborhood and compare those  houses to the ones in your own neighborhood!


2. Draw a house!

It could be your own or a house you dream up for yourself!


3. Create a Mixed Media House !

Use anything from pictures in old magazines to water colors, acrylic paints, markers and stickers. Everything goes!


4. Build a House of Cards!

Make sure to build it on a rug, mat or another surface that's not too slippery. Take pics of your final house!

5. Gingerbread Houses!

If you've got a little more time or a weekend ahead of you, build a gingerbread cottage - you can pick up a kit or make it from scratch. Yum!

      Have fun!!


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