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The Twilight Saga

By Stephenie Meyer


Author: Stephenie Meyer

Recommended Age: 13 +
Main Character: Female


The Twilight  Saga is the quintessential series for anyone who is looking to indulge in a little fantasy and a lot of romance! Any reader who loves these things in a novel will find this an enjoyable and satisfying series to start!



Delve into the life of Isabella Swan, whose seemingly monotonous move to the small, rainy town of Forks is turned upside down the day she meets the mysterious Edward Cullen. Edward's flawless looks and uncanny intelligence  have Bella yearning to discover the dark secrets and mystifying identity Edward successfully keeps secret.



As the dangerous, exquisitely hidden world of vampires and the ordinary life which Bella leads collide with one another, she must untangle her love for Edward and decide where her destiny will lead her...... not the simplest when you've fallen for a vampire!



With a romance that will keep you reading until the very end, The Twilight Saga gives a suspenseful and elegant love story that has become a modern classic.


Once you've read the first one, you'll want to read them all, wishing to find out at last the future and fates of Bella and Edward and immersing yourself in their captivating tale while you do!



Fun Extras for Twilight:

1. Enjoy some Ravioli!

In the first book, Bella discovers a little more about Edward while chatting with him... over a bowl of ravioli!

2. Watch the Movies!

All four Twilight Saga books were made into movies (the last book was split into two parts, so there are five movies total) and keep pretty close to the original stories! They're very good and definitely watch if you've read the books!

3. Go Vegetarian!

 This will make more sense after you've finished the story! It doesn't have to be forever,  but might be fun to try out (unless of course, you already are vegetarian!).

4. Play Some Baseball! 

 Yes, they play baseball in the book!

5. Read a Classic Romance!

Bella loved reading classics such as Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights...great books to read on a rainy day or if you're just in the mood to hop back in time to long-ago England!



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