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Chicks and Salsa

By Aaron Reynolds  

Illustrated by Paulette Bogan


Chicks and Salsa is a funny, page-turner of a picture book that is one of the reasons I like Mexican food so much! 


On Mr. and Mrs. Nuthatcher's farm, the flamboyant rooster, tired of the same chicken feed day in and day out, decides to take matters under his own wings!


With a splash of salsa and a dash of hot sauce,  the rooster whips up some Mexican fare that sends the other animals on the farm on a wild quest to do the same!  Meanwhile, the farmer and his wife remain blissfully oblivious to the chaos happening right outside their own front door- although, the rooster may have unknowingly set a trend...!!


With recipes included to make your own guacamole and other yummy treats, Chicks and Salsa is a delightful read that's guaranteed to have you enjoying a bit of Mexican fare while you read this book again and again!



Fun Extras for Chicks and Salsa:

1.Make some Mexican cuisine!

It could be a dish from the book, such as guacamole, or some other Mexican recipe, like quesadillas or even Mexican hot chocolate!

Here is our recipe for Guacamole!



2. Play a Game of Mexican Kick Ball!

Here are the rules from


This is a fun relay race that is a traditional game in Mexican villages! Divide into two teams. One person from each team starts and kicks a ball through the obstacle course as fast as they can. After they finish, they may pick up the ball and run it back to their team to pass it to the next player. The first team whose members fully complete the course wins!

Ideas for obstacles:

  • through a tunnel

  • around a tree

  • in and out of cones or logs

  • under tables or chairs

  • over a low net

  • backwards

3. Learn a Little Spanish!

Duolingo is one great app/program, and fun, too!

4. Have an 'International Night'!

The rooster loves experimenting with different foods from different countries, and you can too! Wear something thematic, learn a little of the language, and try a food that is famous from there! I.e. France! Don a beret try a chocolate croissant, and play a little La Vie En Rose- you'll feel like you've traveled to France in no time, minus the plane ticket!

Have fun! Ole'!


Couldn't get enough of the rooster's tasty schemes?  Read the sequel, Buffalo Wings for more mayhem, another plan dreamed up and put into action by our favorite rooster and a whole new menu of apptitezing goodies to make and munch on!


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