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Well, February has come to a close and we've had a month chock full of fun on the blog and it looks like spring is fast approaching!

Here's a little post we put together of fun books we've read, projects and recipes we've made and places we've gone over the past week!

Read on to find out what titles currently have bookmarks hidden in their chapters, as well as other fun and favorites we wanted to share with you on the blog!

1. What April is Reading

This feisty British maid gets herself into many a scrape and will have you in stitches by the end of every chapter!

2. What Cenz is Reading

We had an England theme going with our current reads this week-completely by accident!

We're both fans of the classics, and also big fans of pretty pink books-a win all round!

Enjoying taking a trip back in time with Persuasion!

3. Skiing!

We had so much fun going cross country skiing at Lapland Lake a week ago- read our post about our trip to the stunning ski spot here!

4. TB (Throwback) TV nights watching Fantasy Island!

Inspired by the recently released film version, we started watching the original show from the '70's!

It's pretty fun to see all the retro costumes and quirky fantasies come to life on the show which ran from 1977-1984!

5. Been Dancing A lot!

With performances coming up soon, we're reminded of our visit to the National Museum of Dance!

It's a gorgeous museum that's a must-see for performers and audience alike!

6. We indulged in some Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake, which is literally the most indulgent dessert option ever, but it was sooo delicious!

Plus, we're pretty healthy the other days of the week, so, a little whipped cream doesn't hurt!

With so many flavors to choose from, it takes us a good 10-15 minutes before we've arrived at a winner!

7. Remembered the Little Mardi Gras Baby!

Hopefully you had a fab Pancake Day -- visit our themed Instagram post for the full story!

8. If the shoe fits!

Forever on the lookout for stylish footwear, and currently in search of some shoes to brighten up our spring looks!

Vans was one very compelling option- what do you think?

9. Jan Brett Exhibit

Excited to see this amazing traveling exhibit that opens April 1, 2020 at the Fenimore Art Museum!

Jan Brett is one of our favorite illustrators! Check out our post featuring her book, The Mermaid!

10. Driving Practice!

First time out! Yay!

11. Recipe ready!

We've been working on the Louisa May Alcott post and have one more thing that has to be added - Apple Slump!

What a funny, name, right? It's an apple dessert and I wanted to try Louisa May Alcott's exact recipe and see how it turns out.

It's one of those cobbler-type desserts that is the perfect recipe for a chilly day when you need to heat the kitchen up and make the house smell delicious!

We loved the most recent movie adaptation!!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a fab start-up to March!


April & Cenzia

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