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The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton: A Fantastic Picture Book that Belongs on Every Bookshelf!

The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton features stunning illustrations, an adorable main character, and is the perfect story to enjoy for the cozy season!

With the holidays right around the corner, we wanted to highlight a title that seems meant for this time of year!

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I first discovered this Caldecott Winner at our library years ago and while The Little House has been out since the 1940's, it still has that special something that makes you want to read it cover-to-cover!


Several years ago, my mom and I visited the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art for an exhibit about Caldecott Winning books.

After enjoying the exhibit, we perused the gift shop, (because what trip is complete without a few souvenirs?!) and we came across a selection of the Caldecott winners that had been featured!

The one that stood out to both of us was The Little House!

Well, needless to say, we took home our own personal copy that day, and I've been wanting to feature it on the blog for a while now!

The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton book cover

You'll love each and every one of the fantastic illustrations that accompanies this story!

Told from the Little House's perspective- an inquisitive, cute and charming cottage, tale first starts when she's built in the middle of the picturesque countryside.

Adorable-image-from-the-1952-Disney-film-short- art-work-by-Mary-Blair.
Adorable image from the 1952 Disney film short- art work by Mary Blair.

As the years pass and the Little House watches from her hilltop, she often wonders what it would be like to live in the big city amid the hustle and bustle. 

When the city lights finally get closer, though, the Little House realizes that her favorite place after all may be on right on the hill, where she can watch the stars come out at night.

Pinterest Pin The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton shows the book and crafts

With a happy ending -we love those!- and irresistible artwork, The Little House has definitely earned a place on our bookshelf!


So, grab a blanket, make some cocoa, and enjoy this timeless picture book starring our favorite house ever!

Fun Activities to go along with The Little House!

1. Take a Walk through Your Neighborhood

Walk through your neighborhood and note the different kinds of houses in it. Or, go to another neighborhood and compare those houses to the ones in your own neighborhood!

2. Draw a House

It could be your own or a house you dream up for yourself! Try townhouses, cute cottages, or even a treehouse would work!

Art Starts With A Line by Erin McManness is a favorite book of ours for learning how to draw not only houses, but everything from signs to flowers, animals, shops and more!

3. Create a Mixed Media House

Little House best picture book by Virginia Lee Burton diy kids craft activities mixed media collage house

Here's a great craft for whenever you're in the mood to create something unique and fun!

Use anything from pictures in old magazines to water colors, acrylic paints, markers and stickers. Everything goes!

Visit our easy DIY for the full tutorial on how to create your very own mixed media collage art! These are the markers I like to use!

4. Build a House of Cards

This is a fun way to create a temporary house that looks really impressive once you've finished! Short, tall, keep building until you've run out of cards- or until it looks like it might tip over!

Tip: Make sure to build it on a rug, mat or another surface that's not too slippery. Take pics of your final house and be sure to tag us @mykidzbookshelf!

5. Watch 'The Little House' Short Film!

This 1952 Walt Disney animated short film was based on The Little House!

Pop some popcorn, and enjoy watching the Little House picture book come to life in this colorful mini-movie!

* The concept art for the short was done by Mary Blair, who worked on other animated Disney movies, including Cinderella and Peter Pan. Read more about Mary Blair here!

We originally learned about Mary Blair after seeing an amazing exhibit at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art!

6. Loved The Little House? Read More Books by Virginia Lee Burton!

Here are some other titles by Virginia Lee Burton with her whimsical art and wonderful story telling!



7. DIY - Make Your Own Little House in a Tin!

Little House best picture book by Virginia Lee Burton Easy kids craft with Altoid tin house

DIY your own adorable Little House Tin! Turn an Altoids Tin into a usable work of art perfect for keeping or gifting with this craft idea!

Whether you use your tin to hold miniatures or jewelry, they're fun to create and so cute to display!

With simple supplies and an easy to follow DIY, here's how to make your own Home Sweet Home tin!

8. Make a Gingerbread House

If you've got a little more time or a weekend ahead of you, build a gingerbread cottage - you can pick up a kit or make it from scratch.

If you're in the mood to do a little more baking, make some gingerbread men, or girls, to go along with your edible cottage! Yum!

Cinderella clean house best robot vacuum

Well, I hope you enjoyed finding out about The Little House! It's a fabulous picture book and there are so many fun crafts and activities to go along with this classic picture book!

Be sure to Pin this post so you can find it easily in the future!

The Little House Pinterest Pin best picture book and kids activities

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Have fun!!


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updated 12/19/2023 originally published 11/19/2019

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My Kidz Bookshelf
My Kidz Bookshelf

Hi Sara,

This book has definitely stood the test of time! What a fun extension activity idea-- I'm sure your students had a great time imagining and creating their houses! So many children in need... thank you for sharing your personal story.


Sara Strand
Sara Strand

Oh my gosh, I forgot all about this book!! I used to read this with K-2 and do a "what kind of house do we want" project. Kids would draw crazy elaborate pictures and it was fun. It used to be a "what does our house look like" but that ended when we had a kid draw a car and one draw a bridge. SO... yeah. That was heartbreaking. But I forgot how much I loved this little book.

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