Fab, Frosty, Fairy-Tale Fun: All Things Frozen Inspired!

Well, Frozen 2 is in the theaters, and given that we were just treated to a gigantic snowstorm ourselves, we figured now was a pretty good time to give fun ideas to go along with these wintry Disney hits!

The first Frozen movie was a smashing success, with a riveting story, memorable characters, scenes that were both touching and hilarious, and, of course, the incredible soundtrack! Who can forget 'Let it Go'?!

If you enjoyed the movie, and have a young Frozen-obsessed member in your family, be sure to check out these book titles!

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During these past few trips to the movie theater, one of the trailers that was played was for the movie, Frozen 2.

Not long after first hearing that the release date was this past November, every gift-y store and Pinterest board soon stocked up on all things Frozen!

Learn how to make you own mini felt Snowman below!

Like with the Maleficent sequel, we were initially hesitant about going to see Frozen 2. We both enjoyed the first one so much, that we weren't sure if this one would win us over in the same way. But, after checking Rotten Tomatoes, we saw that it received a 93% liked rating from the audience, so we'll probably be enjoying some popcorn and watching it pretty soon ourselves!

Speaking of the songs, my mom and I had the pleasure of going to Frozen: The Musical, and loved it! It was phenomenal!

So fun to see it live, and the songs, costumes and effects were nothing short of amazing!! It was unbelievable to watch, and if you are considering getting tickets, we 100% recommend it!

If you have a slightly older Frozen fan in your house, these middle grade/Young Adult reads are great picks!

Here are some more fun gift-y finds if you have an older Frozen fan! We had a lot of fun seeking out Frozen-inspired fashions and treats!

Love this stunning bracelet designed by Sweet Divine Things!

Click here to see more jewelry you'll love: https://www.facebook.com/sweetdivinethings/

With the release of it's sequel, Frozen-mania has once more emerged! I remember the first time it was popular, and yes, I was one of the many elementary-school girls who had the dolls, the movie, memorized the songs-ALL of them, and even had a singing mirror!

When we went to Disney World a few months after the movie debuted, the line to visit with Elsa and Anna of Arendelle in Epcot was three hours long! I wonder how long it would take now!

They were popular princesses on screen and everybody wanted to have a little bit of frosty magic - both in Disney and to take home with them through pics and autographs!

It was so fun though, and completely worth it! Well, it is a great movie!

Frozen was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen, and what better time to add the timeless fairytale to your bookshelf and To-Read list?

East of the Sun and West of the Moon is another story that has lots of snow and magic!

These gorgeous titles below celebrate the art and animation of the Frozen films and are perfect gifts for the artist or Disney-lover you know!

Love guides and behind the scenes tidbits? This official companion to the film comes out in less than a week, and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the magical movie!

Nominated for and winning many accolades, including a Golden Globe and two Oscars for best animated film and best original song for Let It Go, this animated movie musical is a must-see!

Whether you saw Frozen when it was first released or are catching up on the original story and songs before heading out for the new installment, it is absolutely worth watching!

Extend the Trend!

Enjoy some Frozen-inspired fun to go along with seeing the movie, or just when you're in the mood for some ice and snow!

1. Do You Want to Sew a Snowman?!

Steps for How to Sew a Snowman:

Note: if you're not a sewer, this snowman can be made by simply gluing all parts together!

Just replace all sewing directions with 'glue together.' Just be sure to use glue that can be used with felt.


  • White felt fabric- we used a polka-dot patterned felt for a fun spin!

  • Black felt fabric and/or buttons

  • Brown felt fabric

  • Orange felt fabric

  • Contrasting ribbon -just make sure you have enough for the scarf (and for the hat if you wish). We used what was lying around-any color is fine!

  • Googly eyes

  • Needle and white thread or whichever color you want to see for contrast.

  • Stuffing or batting to stuff the body of the snowman (and hat, if stuffing it).

  • Tacky Glue or Felt Glue


  1. Gather all supplies.

  2. Cut out 6 circles from white felt fabric - the bottom two should be the biggest, the middle 2 a little smaller and the 2 head circles the smallest.

  3. Body: Match up the circles for each part of the body, stuff and then sew around. We like seeing the stitches on the outside and it is far easier for younger kids who are learning how to sew!

  4. Sew body parts together.

  5. Attach buttons or small round pieces of felt for buttons. Glue is the best here.

  6. Cut hat out of black fabric and sew the hat onto the head. NOTE: If you want a stuffed hat, cut out two pieces of hat-shaped felt, stuff with batting and sew around.

  7. Optional: add ribbon to hat (glue or sew) before doing Step 8.

  8. Sew/attach hat to head.

  9. Cut out arms from brown felt and sew to either side of body.

  10. Cut out nose from orange felt and sew to head.

  11. Add a smile using either felt or black thread sewn on. If using polka-dot felt, you can line up a dot and add a stitch to each side!

  12. Glue on googly eyes.

  13. Wrap ribbon around for scarf and sew a stitch or two to keep in place.

Voila! You've built a Snowman!

Here's another fun snowman to make! See caption for supplies and basic info.

Snowman Spoolie: wood spool, wood bead, paint, chenille sticks, orange bead and jingle bell for feet! Paint, attach w/chenille stick, loop through head, add bells on feet!

(The Spoolie Fairy in the middle is basically the same but with lace, decorative paper wings and doll hair added.)

2. Frozen Hot Chocolate

What better recipe than Frozen Hot Chocolate, right?!

Here's a delicious recipe from our blog (just scroll down until you see the recipe!): https://www.mykidzbookshelf.com/post/serendipity-frozen-hot-chocolate-john-cusack-be-still-my-beating-heart

3. Winter-Ready Hairstyles!

Loved that iconic Elsa 'do? Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it yourself!


If you want to replicate Anna's upswept Coronation Day hair, click here for a how-to:


4. Make Your Own Snowflakes That Won't Melt!

These easy DIY snowflakes are fun and fast to create and look great on a tree, as a gift, or to hang as a decoration all winter long!

Visit here for the full tutorial: https://www.redtedart.com/pipe-cleaner-snowflakes/

5. Enjoy Your Own Winter Wonderland!

If you live somewhere that gets snow, grab some mittens, bundle up and enjoy! Make a snowman, snow angels, go snowshoeing or sledding! We love to cross-country ski!

Although the original movie came out six years ago, Frozen is as hot a trend as ever thanks to the compelling new movie featuring our two favorite royal sisters, a talking snowman with a summertime obsession, and more catchy songs to enjoy!

Have you seen the movie? What did you think about it?

Let us know in the comments below!

Stay cozy!


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