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Serendipity + Frozen Hot Chocolate + John Cusack = Be Still My Beating Heart!

Serendipity and our Frozen Hot Chocolate recipe will make your Valentine's Day so much sweeter!

Serendipity poster with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale

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Well, every year as Valentine's Day comes around the corner, I start looking for movies to go along with one of my favorite holidays! I love a good romantic comedy!

Frozen hot chocolate recipe with whipped cream inspired by Serendipity

There are plenty to choose from and Serendipity is one of my faves! Hey, it has John Cusack in it with some solid romance, comedy and a good ending!

Romance, frozen hot chocolate and New York City...what's not to love?! It has all the necessary ingredients for a winning Valentine's Day combination!

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man and woman holding heart Serendipity frozen hot chocolate recipe

Even when I didn't have a significant other in my life, I've always loved Valentine's Day! I attribute a big part of this to my dad who gave me a gift and card every single year!

This is probably one of the sweetest traditions that has been a constant in my life and made even sweeter when my daughter came on the scene and her grandfather added her to the tradition!

serendipity frozen hot chocolate recipe

My husband has also seamlessly taken up the Valentine's Day tradition as well, so my daughter and I are lucky enough to enjoy the affections of both of our favorite gents in our life!

conversation hearts Valentine's Day frozen hot chocolate recipe

Chocolate, flowers, fun little gifts and cards make this holiday extra special for this mom-daughter blogging duo!

Well, back to Serendipity!


Isn't serendipity the most fun-sounding word?!

MANY years ago (sigh! time flies!) I saw Serendipity for the first time. I was on a plane heading somewhere! I can't remember where - it was either Texas or China, I'm not sure!

Serendipity movie poster John Cusack Kate Beckinsale

I do remember that when I watched Serendipity for the first time that I couldn't quite hear the dialogue very well.

I had those headphones they gave you on planes- it was 2002 when I first saw it, after all, so sound quality and headphones have come a long way since then!

Anyway, I loved the movie! Even though I couldn't hear all of the dialogue and catch everything, I heard enough of it to know that I had to see it again!

So, later I either rented it (back when you rented videos!) or borrowed it from the library and watched it again and loved it even more!


I had now joined the other bazillion fans of John Cusack, the beautiful idea of fate and romantically sipping a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3 in New York City!

There's something very classic about this scene where John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale sit inside Serendipity, and it certainly made us all fall in love with the idea of sipping a Frozen Hot Chocolate!


Years later when my daughter (and blogging partner!) was of a reasonable age to not only watch Serendipity, but also appreciate my enthusiasm for the story, we sat and viewed this millennium classic romantic comedy!

Both John Cusack and the movie, Serendipity gained another fan that day and both of us made it our goal to recreate the frozen hot chocolate experience!

Note: We actually had the Frozen Hot Chocolates at Serendipity 3 first--but not to worry - we watched the movie within the week to make the official connection! ;)

Below is one of the pics that we took on our visit to Serendipity 3 in New York City!


Inside Serendipity 3 is just as fun as the name of this famous New York City cafe!

The decor in Serendipity 3 in New York City is dazzling and whimsical!


I love movie soundtracks and Serendipity has some terrific music!

Ever wonder where the fun word, Serendipity came from? click HERE for the history!

Our Top Ten Reasons to Watch Serendipity:

1. The notion of fate + the fun plot surrounding it!

2. John Cusack!

3. The romance of course!

4. Kate Beckinsale's fab wardrobe & hair!

5. The New York City vibe!

6. The quirky musical boyfriend-John Corbett is just great in everything!

7. The Frozen Hot Chocolate inspiration!

8. Follow your heart romantic inspiration!

9. The quintessential romantic kiss!

10. The second-to-last scene at the ice skating rink!

Wall decals are a great way to easily add a splash of personality to your decor!


Having some fun photographing a Serendipity double exposure with my Fuji camera!


So, as Valentine's Day is coming around, I'm in the mood to watch Serendipity again and I'm absolutely up for some Frozen Hot Chocolate! I'm always in the mood for something chocolatey!

Tempted to try making your own Frozen Hot Chocolate? It's super delicious and very easy to make!


The perfect ingredients for a delicious Frozen Hot Chocolate! We had just shopped at Trader Joe's and found everything we needed!


Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen hot chocolate recipe Serendipity

Can't get to Serendipity 3? No problem! This recipe for Frozen Hot Chocolate is super easy! A perfect recipe for a delicious and chocolatey treat that is easy to prepare!

Prep Time:

5 Minutes - unless you don't have ice cubes, then add a couple of hours to freeze some cubes!

Total Time: 10 Minutes


1 Generous serving or 2 smaller ones

Equipment Needed:

A blender, peeler or box grater, goblet or small parfait glass(es)

Prep Note:

Chill your goblet or parfait glass to keep the Frozen Hot Chocolate from melting too quickly!


  • Six ice cubes

  • 1 packet Hot Cocoa Mix or scant 1/4 cup of hot cocoa mix. We like Trader Joe's hot cocoa, but it is a seasonal item so have a backup brand ready if making this in the warmer months!

  • 1/2 cup milk of choice -we used coconut milk.

  • Whipped cream of choice - we used Trader Joe's Coconut Whip Cream

  • Chocolate Shavings - pick your favorite chocolate! We like a raspberry chocolate like the Fair Trade/Organic batons from Trader Joe's so that you get pretty little flecks of raspberry on the whip cream!


  • Put ice cubes in blender and chop/crush (If you have a really good blender, you can probably skip this step and just add with other ingredients!)

  • Add hot cocoa mix and blend briefly to mix.

  • Add milk and blend just until mixed!

NOTE: You want a nice thick consistency, so be careful not to over-blend!

  • Pour into glass and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings!


Be sure to Pin this post, so you can return to it whenever you're having a craving for a Frozen Hot Chocolate!

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Hope you've enjoyed our post of all things Serendipity! We're going to go enjoy our Frozen Hot Chocolates now!


April & Cenzia


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