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Oliver Gilmore: A Doxie's Diary - A Dog Shares His Adventures & Journey with Diabetes

Oliver Gilmore: A Doxie's Diary is a delightfully illustrated picture book that features a sweet dachshund pup who has been diagnosed with diabetes and shares his true story about his adventures and new routine!

Oliver Gilmore: a dories diary picture book cover by Greg McGoon pictures by Dave Reed shows dog on cover

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From strolling in the city to romping through the desert, Oliver and his loving companion-and dad- have shared many adventures together!

Dachsund Oliver Gilmore on shoulder of Greg McGoon on one of their adventures

Greg McGoon walks down a colorful street with Oliver Gilmore dog

Photo: Greg McGoon

Whether he's exploring new places, visiting favorites or teaming up with other folks and pups, Oliver and his dad enjoy their adventures and spending time together!

Page from book Oliver Gilmore shows dachshund playing in the snow with stickers and pins on side of book

When Oliver and his dad find out that the lovable pooch has diabetes, there is much to face, but, just like all their other journeys, they begin this new one together!

Oliver Gilmore the dachshund with his dad Greg McGoon in the desert.

Photo: Greg McGoon

Oliver shares the details about his diagnosis and learning to live with the new routine that accompanies diabetes.

Written in a way that will make it easier for kids of all ages to learn about diabetes, Oliver Gilmore: A Doxie's Diary by Greg McGoon with illustrations by Dave Reed is a great book for kids and families!

Oliver Gilmore: a dories diary picture book cover by Greg McGoon pictures by Dave Reed shows dog with paw in background

Whether you have a fur baby or not, this book is very informative, provides helpful information and is a great resource for learning about this health condition.

Oliver Gilmore: A Doxie’s Diary is a a great book for kids who have been diagnosed with diabetes or knows someone who is dealing with diabetes.

Having a literary friend like Oliver could help kids feel like they are not alone, and if Oliver can get through it, so can they!

Below: Oliver Gilmore wears his Insulin Dependent Diabetic dog tag.

Oliver Gilmore, a dachshund wears his insulin dependent tag

Photo: Greg McGoon

We love these character designs that illustrator Dave Reed created for Oliver Gilmore! The colorful illustrations for Oliver Gilmore are absolutely fantastic!

Find more of Dave Reed's amazing illustrations here!

Concept illustrations by Dave Reed for Oliver Gilmore: A Doxie's Diary by Greg McGoon

Illustrations: Dave Reed / Photo: Greg McGoon

Oliver Gilmore the dog with Greg McGoon in Christmas photo

Photo: Greg McGoon

Greg McGoon's positive storytelling style combined with the vibrant and colorful illustrations make Oliver Gilmore an upbeat story about love and companionship, and will make a 'pawsitively' perfect addition to your bookshelf!

We love that Oliver Gilmore: A Doxie's Diary is a non-fiction book filled with helpful information about diabetes and is a true story starring this sweet pooch!

Oliver's story is relatable whether you have a furbaby or not and makes a fantastic book for kids to read and learn more about diabetes.

Oliver Gilmore a doxie's diary picture book

Photo: Greg McGoon

Oliver Gilmore has the perfect balance.This heartwarming story does a great job of letting us tag along with Oliver in reminiscing about his adventures and raising awareness about diabetes.

From the joy of their companionship to dealing with Oliver's diagnosis, readers can really feel and appreciate what Oliver and his dad are going through.

We both learned a lot about diabetes from reading Oliver's story and highly recommend Oliver Gilmore: A Doxie's Diary!

Oliver Gilmore: A Doxie's Diary picture book dog with diabetes

Photo: Greg McGoon

Looking for a copy for your bookshelf? Oliver Gilmore: A Doxie's Diary is available here at Amazon.

We love our hardcover version of Oliver Gilmore which is available exclusively here through Barnes and Noble!

Have questions and want to learn more about canine diabetes? Visit to find out more.

Header from Sugar a website for questions, answers and information pertaining to canine diabetes

Love cute stickers and pins? Then you'll absolutely want to add these to your collection! You can support Greg & Oliver by purchasing an Oliver pin here!

Oliver Gilmore enamel pin from picture book

Oliver Gilmore Enamel pin. Photo: Greg McGoon

Pssst! Want to Know a Secret...?

If you purchase a copy of Oliver Gilmore: A Doxie's Diary and share & tag Oliver's dad (and author), Greg McGoon in your Instagram post, he will send you an enamel Oliver Gilmore pin! (See pin above).

The pin is super cute! We love ours! So are the stickers! Check them out below:

Want to turn this great book into a gift set? Pair it with the above enamel pin and the Oliver Gilmore stickers!

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Oliver Gilmore: A Doxie's Diary picture book with dachshund on cover book about dog's adventures and canine diabetes

We hope you enjoyed meeting Oliver and finding out more about him and his adventures!

Photo: Greg McGoon

Be sure to check out Greg McGoon's latest book featuring Oliver Gilmore in Once Upon a Fairy Tail!

Visit Greg McGoon's website to see all of his book titles!

Once Upon a Fairy Tail an Oliver Gilmore Adventure princesses by Greg McGoon

We hope you enjoy reading about Oliver as much as we did!

Have a fur baby that you've shared an adventure with? Let us know in the comments below!


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Heather N. Quinn
Heather N. Quinn
May 19, 2021

We love Dave's Instagram posts -- Seeing Oliver drawn into iconic film scenes is so amusing!

My Kidz Bookshelf
My Kidz Bookshelf
May 20, 2021
Replying to

Such a great artist! Yes, we love seeing Oliver star in those favorite movies - so fun!!🐾

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