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The Best S'mores Gift Guide for Summer, Family, and Campfire Fun All Year Long

Here are fun, fab and sweet gifts to satisfy your S'more-loving sweet tooth all year long!

S'more Fun Gift Guide and Ideas cookbook, city bonfire, plush Pinterest pin

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Chock full with the taste of summertime, s'mores are the ultimate sweet treat to enjoy!

Whether you're cuddled up in a blanket, roasting them in the woods or around a campfire on the beach, these delicious bites are beloved and adored!

s'mores made from toasted marshmallow, graham crackers and chocolate bars

If you're looking to add a little s'more fun to your campfire or are headed to a friend's house, here are great s'more-inspired gifts to keep the campfire feel going whether it's July or January!

S'more Fun gift Guide Pinterest pin

Depending on the age and occasion of who you're gift-hunting for, you can absolutely pair a couple of the items on this list to make a truely a-s'more-able giftset!

s'mores Gooey, Melty, Crunchy Riffs on the Campfire Classic

This s'mores cookbook gives you tons of twists on the "campfire classic" and is filled with sweet, salty and one-of-a-kind s'mores to try your hand at!

From dessert-ready Cookie Dough S'mores to the more exotic Zucchini and Scallop options, S'mores, Gooey, Melty, Crunchy Riffs on the Campfire Classic is the perfect present for any s'more fan and a fun way to shake it up the next time you're craving a s'more!

Filled with recipes that both kids and adults will enjoy, these s'more ideas are easy to whip up for a crowd or yourself!

S'mores maker for indoor s'mores

This S'mores Maker holds your ingredients and will roast those marshmallows just how you like 'em! Great for parties or for a family movie night, this s'more all-in-one will be a favorite with all ages!

There are no worries about getting too close to a fire, and it'll have the chocolate, grahams and extra marshmallows close at hand for that perfect s'more!

marshmallows over a campfire s'mores

I'm absolutely in love with this Squishable S'mores plush pillow and it's a super cute gift for a summer birthday! It's soft, cuddle-ready and a fun addition to a bedroom or family room!

City Bonfire mini outdoor fire with marshmallows roasting over

These City Bonfires were created recently by a small business! Want to enjoy a campfire but don't have the space for a full-sized one? These petite bonfires are portable, functional and great for any space, however small!

Have a game lover in the family? Break out S'mores Wars, a fab, fast-paced card game perfect for playing after the last marshmallow has been roasted!

These S'more Notes sticky notes are the best when you need to jot down a quick idea or s'more recipe and will make you smile at their sweet design every time!

s'more ingredients Hershey chocolate bars, cast iron pan, marshmallows and graham crackers

If you're like the bloggers at, and must have lip gloss on hand, these all natural, s'mores-flavored lip balms are going to be essential!

Another fun option? This lip gloss and keychain are a cute option for the kiddos or anyone who adores a square of Hershey's on their s'mores! The aroma of chocolate will take you back to those firefly-filled nights of s'mores and summer!

campfire at dusk with mountains in the background

Looking forward to sleeping under the stars and the making the dessert to go along with it? Don't want to go searching around for a stick?

Bring these handy, multicolored skewers for a consistently just-right marshmallow and one less obstacle to enjoying a s'more as you tell spooky stories!

Bonus: the different colors will ensure you know which is yours!

Some of you might like to get a head start on Christmas shopping early, and this whimsical, cute as a button s'mores ornament is totally worth it!

If you get one as a gift, make sure to get a S'more-nament for your own tree too!

s'mores made from toasted marshmallow, graham crackers and chocolate bars

Want to take your s'mores supplies on the go to a friends house? This S'more caddy is as fun as it is functional!

The design is icing on the s'more cake, and it's compartments ensure safe s'more transportation wherever the adventure takes you and the graham crackers!

Looking for some more fun to add to your next weekend off? So Much S'more to Do is the book for you! S'mores-themed fun is on every page of So Much S'more to Do, so whether your craving a classic s'more recipe or delving deeper into what this sweet treat has to offer, this fun book is a must-read!

s'mores with strawberries, marshmallows and crackers

Got a s'more craving but want to make some without the firebuilding? This s'more making microwave is just the solution!

S'more maker device weighs down chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow

Rain, snow and wind won't keep this handy little machine from making those marshmallows toast and the chocolate melt to s'more perfection!

campfire with marshmallows being roasted over it

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Want to get creative and have some fun with the kiddos? Here's a super simple tutuorial which shows you How To Draw Your Own S'more Friends!

How to Draw Your Own S'more Friends blog post with graphic illustration s'mores holding hands

Well, there you have it! Here are plenty of ways to enjoy this summertime sweet treat and fun gift ideas to go along with it!


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Updated 06/15/2022 Originally published 07/07/2021

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Heather N. Quinn
Heather N. Quinn
08 juil. 2021

Potato chips on smores! That's amazing!!!!

My Kidz Bookshelf
My Kidz Bookshelf
09 juil. 2021
En réponse à

The potato chip s'mores are one of many s'mores recipes we want to make from the book! They do look fun! We've never tried pairing chips with marshmallow and chocolate but definitely worth tasting 😋!

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