How to Draw a Sweet S'more Tutorial!

Learn how to draw your very own A-S'more-Able friends with this fun and easy how-to!

Simple and fun, find out how to DIY your very own hand-drawn versions of these delicious campfire treats!

Love s'mores? So do we! These iconic summertime sweet treats are the perfect dessert to enjoy with friends, family or on your own, and they're always a hit!

Whether you're roasting a marshmallow over a campfire, or indulging in a DIY S'mores bar at a friend's house, s'mores are mini bites of summer fun!

What's not to love when chocolate, marshmallows and a fun name like 'S'mores' is involved?!

Looking for some fun recipe inspiration? S'mores! Gooey, Melty, Crunchy Riffs on the Campfire Classic is a terrific book with many fun twists on the classic s'more!

Well, if you're a fan of drawing, dessert, or both, find out how to draw a s'more here!

These delightful S'more friends are perfect for anyone who's craving a little s'more of this classic dessert!

You'll love creating your own cute s'more drawings for some summertime sweetness all year long with this quick how-to!

This easy to follow how-to will be the perfect addition to a crafty weekend, and is quick enough so you'll have time to eat some s'mores when you're finished drawing too!

Even those of us who aren't campers at heart will brave the outdoors to make a tasty s'more and watch the stars come out and these cheerful s'more characters will remind you of fab times and good vibes whenever you look at them!

To get started on your s'mores drawing, you'll need some blank sketch paper, markers or watercolors of choice, and a fine-tipped felt pen for the tasty details!

Then, get drawing! You're welcome to trace your S'more characters first with pencil and then go over the lines with marker -I went with just marker, either works!

See later in this post for more ideas of what to use your S'more art for!

The full tutorial for how to draw these fab friends is below, with pics and tips on how to make the best s'more sketches that bring a smile to all who see them!

It's a lot of fun to watch your s'more drawings come to life, and one of summer's official desserts is also one of the most fun to draw!

Make s'more fun memories with cheery s'more drawings that are as yummy to look at as their campfire counterparts!

How To Draw Your Own S'more Friends DIY!


Step One: For the top Graham Cracker: Draw a square- at a slant. Then draw three short, vertical lines and connect them with two longer lines.

Step Two: Leaving a space (for the marshmallow & chocolate filling) draw your bottom graham cracker - two long rectangles that line up with the top graham cracker.

Step Three: Color in the top and bottom graham crackers with a medium brown marker, colored pencil or crayon

Step Four: Color in a layer of chocolate under the top graham cracker - be sure to add some rounded 'melted and dripping' chocolate!

Step Five: For the marshmallow - color in a square area in between the melted chocolate and the bottom graham cracker. You can make your marshmallow really light -for a less toasty look, or use a slightly darker creamy color to give it a golden, toasted look!

Step Six: Using a fine point black marker or pen, draw in eyes, mouth and cheeks! I made the eyes and mouth look like the letter, 'u!'

For the cheeks I drew hearts!

You can draw the eyes and cheeks anyway you want!

Step Seven: Draw straight lines for legs and arms with mini 'marshmallows' for hands and feet. (Optional: Draw shoes on your s'more characters.)

...And you're done! Fabulous job!

Want to Customize Your S'more art?

Using the same steps, swap in a light brown color for milk chocolate s'mores, bright yellow for banana slices, and pink or white for s'mores made with cookies as the base!

The possibilities are endless, and you can keep creating for s'more fun! These cheery treats will look great decorating a gift bag, as part of an art wall, or laminated and used as place mats for picnics!

S'more art inspiration board!

These s'more characters will bring some tasty charm and whimsical flair to your day and decor!

Cute, easy and fun to draw, you'll have a blast learning how to make your own s'mores characters!

S'mores art make great additions to cards, as wall art, and magnets-they always look terrific!

Hope you enjoyed creating your own super sweet S'more characters to keep you company long after the last marshmallow has been roasted!

Here are S'more Ideas of what to use your super cute creations for!

  • To decorate cards

  • Decorate a gift bag

  • As a magnet

  • Laminate and make your art into place mats

  • Photocopy your drawings and modpodge them onto a set of coasters for a artsy, adorable spot to set your beverage on

  • Make a S'mores Keychain!

  • Make a Shrinky Dink and use as a charm, magnet or keychain!

  • S'more recipe card

  • S'more postcard

  • As part of a collage or scrapbook

The options are endless and you can keep customizing for a variety of sweet s'more friends!

Be sure to Pin this post so you can return anytime you want to draw your own s'mores!

These delightful s'mores characters are the best and be sure to tag us @mykidzbookshelf on social media if you draw some of your own!

We'd love to see your artsy and amazing versions of this S'more drawing DIY!

Hope you enjoyed this little How-to for learning to draw your own sweet S'mores friends!

Keep Calm and Have S'more Fun!


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