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The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guides for Magical Fans of All Ages!

Here are the essential Harry Potter gift guides! From magical movies to wands and reads, there's something for every Harry Potter fan!

The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guides with photo of Luna Lovegood holding her glasses

What's more festive than gifting some Harry Potter inspired magic to an aspiring Hogwarts student?!

Whether you know someone who's a longtime lover of all things Harry Potter, or are just discovering this magical series for the first time, here's the essential gift guide for all things Harry Potter inspired!

Well, we have to begin our guide with the books that started it all!

Harry Potter's adventures in the world of wizardry, spells, and magic are absolutely some of the best books we've ever read!

Each Harry Potter book is more captivating than the last, and you'll be under the spell of these amazing characters, intricate stories, and the magic each page delivers!

The original and forever beloved Harry Potter series will forever have a special place in our hearts, and this gift set is the perfect holiday or birthday present!

Bookmarks or a plush Hedwig are great gifts to give if your recipient already owns the series, and the Hogwarts Library collection will make for a fun read to learn more about all of your dream classes at Hogwarts!

Know a fan who loves art? Here are illustrated versions that make the stories extra-magical for a read-aloud or re-read!

If you've been enchanted by the idea of owning your own magical piece of Harry's world, having a wand or map of your own are absolutely essential!


After reading the books (or while you're still enjoying the enchantment, they are pretty long!), treat yourself to a Harry Potter Movie Night!

Watch the film adaptations of these terrific tales, and be prepared to love them!

Decorate with a poster or two, grab some of Harry and his friend's favorite sweets, and curl up with a themed blanket!

Post movie, you can talk about your favorite characters and scenes while listening to the soundtrack!

Other fun activities for the experience can include a game or two, like this themed Trivial Pursuit, or Codenames!

The magic of the books is perfectly captured onscreen, and you'll definitely want them in your personal movie collection for plenty of rewatching!

Already a proud owner of Harry's film adventures? Than the spin-off film series of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be welcome flicks for a fabulous film fest!


Shopping for a fashion-forward witch or wizard?

Gift them some fantasy to enjoy wearing with these enchanting accessories and outfits!

Show off your love of Hogwarts with this sweatshirt or this hoodie, and corral your potions and wallet in a statement purse or bag!

Add some quirk to your T-shirt collection with Luna Lovegood's iconic advice, or stay cozy with this hat and scarf set!

Display your school spirit with one of these scrunchies to show which Hogwarts house you're a proud member of!


Want to add a little Hogwarts flair to your decor? Here are some magical touches to give your house a spellbinding twist!

Whether you want a bit of magical glam with a stunning time-turner clock, or some whimsical wizard flair with an art print of the Weasley's joke shop products, this is the ultimate guide for have some magic around your rooms!

We're in love with this fun and adorable pillow, and this Patronus print will give a subtle hint of Hogwarts magic to your room too! If you have room for a larger gift, than this beanbag chair is a spellbinding choice to curl up and read or snooze!

No need to wave your wand, but these fun pieces make it look like you've just been on a shopping spree to Diagon Alley for the latest in magical decor!


If you're looking to give a Harry Potter gift to someone who has literally all the books, movies, or other wizard essentials, than this stocking stuffer guide will provide plenty of petite inspiration for fun finds!

Mini replicas of the iconic snitch and time-turner, a magical phone case featuring Hedwig, or fun stickers featuring quotes and characters are great gifts that are small yet sensational!


Well, that concludes our list of Harry Potter themed Gift Guides for holidays, birthdays, or anytime you're looking to add a little special magic to your day or a friends!

Be sure to Pin this post, so you can return for more gift inspiration whenever you need it!

Ultimate Gift Guides for Harry Potter Fans Pinterest Pin

Whether you choose to read the entire series first, or watch one of the magical movie adaptations, Harry Potter has plenty of fun in store for gifts of all kinds!

From gifting a wand to treating yourself to a chocolate frog, happy holiday shopping, Harry Potter style!

Wingardium Leviosa!



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