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'Three Times Lucky' - A Fave Book Feature for Friday the 13th!

So, when we realized we were publishing a post on Friday the 13th, we wanted to feature something to go along with the day!

Being that Friday the 13th is known for being unlucky, what better time to post about a book that has lucky in it's title, right?!


Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage is one of those books you just need to read! It's got great characters, terrific storytelling and is one of the funniest, most memorable books I've ever read!

It took my mother and me three times of checking out Three Times Lucky  from the the library before we got around to  cracking it open and reading it!

Not that we didn't want to read it, we just had lots of other books on our respective To-Be-Read lists!!

Well, the third time really is a charm, and my mother finished Three Times Lucky a couple of days after starting it, telling me I should absolutely give it a try! Also, she insisted it was one of the best books she'd ever read!

After reading the first page, (which quickly became the entire book!), I completely agreed!


Eleven-year-old Mo LoBeau resides in the small town of Tupelo Landing, NC (population: 148) where she was washed in by a hurricane eleven years prior.

A Newbery Award winner, Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage is a fabulous read!

Feisty and witty Mo has an enjoyable summer laid out for herself. She'll help at the town's cafe run by Miss Lana and the Colonel, (both of whom took her in eleven years before), go fishing with her best friend, Dale, and keep searching for her Upstream Mother.

Plans go awry however, when a detective shows up with questions, a murder occurs, and Mo takes it upon herself to figure it all out!

With the clock ticking down, Mo and Dale attempt to piece together the clues, crack open the mysteries in their own lives and connect the dots in the biggest mystery their town's ever seen!

The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing is the sequel to Three Times Lucky!

I couldn't put this book down, and was loathe to stop reading about the adventures of Mo LoBeau who, along with a mystery- filled plot, witty one-liner dialogue, and a town that is like no other make this a book you won't want to end!

Fun Extras to Go Along with Three Times Lucky!

1. Message in a Bottle!

Mo sends messages in bottles, and while you might not wish to send one downstream, you can certainly leave a fun note or message for a friend or family member in a pretty bottle!

Or, put some fresh flowers in one and put in a room that could use a facelift! Just make sure it's in a safe spot...a smashed bottle is not a good bottle! ;)

Or...if you're near it, go visit the National Bottle Museum! A fun stop along our travels, the museum is filled floor to ceiling with all sorts of bottles from different eras! If you read Three Times Lucky, you'll find out how it connects!

2. Enjoy some Cafe Fare!

​The cafe in Tupelo Landing serves both diner/cafe classics and some more nouveau cuisine style dishes- depending on who's running it! 

Mo's signature sandwich choice...hand-squashed or fluffy!

PB & J is one of Mo's signature sandwiches!

Enjoy eating out at a diner to go along with Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage!

3. Read all of the Mo and Dale Mysteries!

The sequels to Three Times Lucky are just as wonderful and witty as the first story!

You can read them chronologically, or read the last in the series right after Three Times Lucky-- but whatever you choose, I highly recommend reading them all- each Mo and Dale Mystery is worth it's weight in gold!

The Law of Finders Keepers is the final Mo and Dale Mystery!

4. Old Hollywood Movie Stars!

Miss Lana, the cafe's cook and former resident of Charleston, relishes a theme when running the cafe, and adores all things Old Hollywood! Inspired by Miss Lana, have a vintage Hollywood Movie Night!

Watch an old movie, pop some popcorn, and wear something Hollywood-inspired, such as oversized sunglasses, or an extra long strand of pearls!

5. Create your own Business Cards!

When Mo and Dale decide to solve the mysteries cropping up, they also create some business cards for their new venture of detective work! Go here for a fun site to make your design dreams come true!

6. Take a Bike Ride!

 Mo and Dale ride their bikes around town whenever they need to get from place to place! They solve mysteries, get exercise, and talk over their latest cases while pedaling around Tupelo Landing! Even if you're not in the mood to solve a mystery, hop on your bike  and enjoy the fresh air! :)

Have Fun!!


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Lauren Becker
Lauren Becker
Sep 16, 2019

Fun book for Friday the 13th. Glad you both liked it.


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