25+ Best Homeschool Resources and Materials to be Successful!

Here are some of the very best materials and resources that we found to be invaluable during our homeschooling experience!

25+ Best Homeschool Resources to be Successful

Homeschooling is a very cool journey! It is also potentially an overwhelming one; there are so many choices to make, steps to take, and in some cases, regulations to follow.

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If you are just beginning the process, take a look at our post 5 Steps to an Easy Homeschool Start-Up + A Sample Letter of Intent. It will help get your feet firmly planted on the ground and get you started on your homeschooling path!

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As homeschooling has grown in popularity, the amount of materials and curricula that are available has also grown tremendously.

Deciding on what educational approach and materials to use is a very individual choice, and as terrific as it is to hear advice, in the end you have to choose what works for you AND don’t be afraid of changing it if it’s not working out!

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That being said, here are the materials that we used successfully and recommend for others to take a look at as well.

We are entering our final year of homeschooling, (my daughter is a senior in high school this upcoming year) and I felt it was a good time to look back and reflect on what worked for us and may also work for you!


My friend that lives down the block started homeschooling her daughter when she entered the 4th grade (this year she will be in 11th grade).

I consulted with her about her favorite materials, programs and apps that she recommended, because we have very different kids!

Some of the materials and sites were the same that we used, but she also utilized many others that were very helpful for her daughter who has dysgraphia.

An educator herself, my friend was able to craft a well-rounded curriculum and find materials that were appropriate for her daughter, enjoyable and highly successful for their homeschooling experience!

Here are the materials that we used and highly recommend for a successful homeschool experience.

25+ Homeschool Best Homeschool Resources and Materials to Be Successful

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1. Home Learning Year by Year

by Rebecca Rupp

Home Learning Year by Year is without a doubt my hands-down favorite book that has been invaluable to me in getting organized, crafting an IHIP (yearly plan) and keeping our homeschool experience consistent.

In researching ways to homeschool, along with sifting through curriculum choices, I bumped into this book and it truly made everything else fall into place! Home Learning Year by Year is a curriculum guide and puts everything you need to cover in one spot.

Every grade and subject is addressed along with topics and subtopics which are outlined for every grade. In addition, there are suggestions for materials and it also offers ideas for project-based learning.

Home Learning Year by Year outlines what kids need to learn and when they they need to learn it by. It is perfect for helping homeschooling families create a customized curriculum that is comprehensive and checks all of the boxes.

I found it to be unquestionably the best resource for our homeschool education. I used it every single year when putting together our IHIP (Individual Home Instruction Plan) and referred to it consistently throughout the year.

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In addition, I really liked that it was a guide and outlined everything very clearly and put it all in one place. It also aligned with state regulations, even for New York State- which is quite regulated.

2. Brain Quest Workbooks

by Workman Publishing

The Brain Quest workbooks are teacher-created, kid approved and were some of our favorites!

Grade 5 Brain Quest Workbook on table with notebook, pencils and magic markers

Designed by teachers, the Brain Quest Workbooks cover all of the bases and do it in a fun and engaging way!

The illustrated format is colorful, fun, clearly categorized by subject and includes fun extras like poster pullouts, a mini Brain Quest question and answer deck in the back as well as a completion certificate.

Brain Quest workbook opened up to middle

These workbooks are very affordable and if you have minimal space, they are a fabulous and concise way to feel confident that your child is on par with the learning expectations of his or her grade.

Even if you're just looking for something to fill in the gaps or keep the learning rolling over the summer vacation, these Summer Brain Quest workbooks are a great choice!

We wrote a whole post on the Brain Quest materials, so if you want to read more, take a look at that Brain Quest post here.

3. Brain Quest Question and Answer Decks

The Brain Quest Question/Answer Decks are a super fun way to learn and/or review the concepts for each grade.

In addition to the age and grade level decks, there are other Question and Answer Decks such as Reading Comprehension, Brain Quest for the Car, Brain Quest America, Presidents and now Math Decks focused for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.

Why We Like Them:

  • Age and Grade-specific decks for toddlers through 7th grade.

  • The age/grade decks have every subject on every card.

  • Answers included.

  • Nicely priced.

  • They are portable; perfect for on-the-go or sitting on the couch!

  • Fun! The decks feel more like a trivia game.

  • In addition to grade level subject questions, other Question/Answer Decks are available for Reading Comprehension, America questions, For the Car and Math specific for 1st, 2nd & 3rd grades.

  • Even if your student is tired or needs a breather, these decks are easy and fun! You can do a couple of cards, or a whole bunch! They are an easy way to get in some review or introduce a new concept.

4. Duolingo

Duolingo owl illustration from language website

Is your child interested in learning another language? Duolingo is great!

We really did plenty of hands on (read: non-screen) learning materials and experiences, so when it came time to look for a foreign language program, I was perfectly fine with using the computer and/or an app).

There are many foreign language programs out there and truthfully, we didn’t try them all. We did, however, give plenty of them a whirl and Duolingo was the one that my daughter really liked and stuck with. She's been using it for 6+ years.

Here are our Pros and Cons for Duolingo:


  • There are many languages to choose from

  • Super fun format - The lessons have cheery little motivational messages and characters that make it fun!

  • Works for a variety of ages

  • Many levels -from beginner to proficient

  • Includes speaking and writing

  • Saves your progress

  • Subscription sends weekly progress reports to you email

  • It is available online and as an app

  • The pacing is very good for kids (and adults!)

  • Placement texts available as part of program in the event that the student has some prior knowledge.


  • There are some ads and if you want to get the full non-ad version, you have to pay a subscription fee (at this writing, it is$79.99 for the full year or 12.99 per month; they also have a 1/2 year subscription option as well).

  • There is much debate online which is the best language program and style of teaching and according to those folks, Duolingo may not bring the learner to a fully conversational level BUT, the learner will definitely become very proficient (as I've witnessed first hand!).

  • Aimed more at the younger set - Side Note: I did a few lessons in French and I really liked it! I'm not going to tell you how old I am, but I did the college /post grad route years ago and found Duolingo to be very fun!

A Note: When my daughter took a college French class in her junior year of high school, it was a breeze because of her time spent using the Duolingo app.

5. Disney Workbooks & Flashcards

(for the younger set!)

Choosing to homeschool also meant me not going back to work (I was a teacher for many years before the stay-at-home mom/homeschool thing happened!)

Being strategic with our finances was a given, including of course, which educational books and materials we could purchase. Fortunately, many great materials can be found at the dollar store and library!

These Disney Workbooks and Flashcards were at the dollar store and are a fun way to cover some of the basics! Whether your student likes Cars, Toy Story or Disney Princesses, the Disney characters are sure to be a hit!

Basic reading, writing and math skills are covered in these colorful and engaging workbooks!

6. Typing Club

When I was in high school, my mom insisted that I and my brothers take a typing class (this was back when they had typing classes, of course!). She was absolutely right to encourage this.

Learning to type made it possible to write quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s an email or a blog post, research paper or Etsy shop description, typing is something that I use all the time!

I, in turn, encouraged my daughter to learn to type; she tried out a couple of programs and the Typing Club was one that she liked.

The Typing Club had very good pacing with the lessons and it was also a nice change from the regular academics! I liked how well it divided everything up into lessons and I REALLY LIKED how you could keep the sound on to make it sound like a typewriter! Very cool!

7. The Magic Tree House Book Series

by Mary Pope Osborne

The Magic Tree House book #3 Mummies in the Morning

I first bumped into The Magic Tree House series back when I was working as a reading program facilitator in an elementary school.

The reading program at my school used trade books (regular books that you see in bookstores or libraries) for all of the reading levels and The Magic Tree House book series was a huge hit with both teachers and kids!

The Magic Tree House Book Series follows siblings Jack and Annie as they travel through time and take part in many adventures!

This popular book series has two levels:

The Magic Tree House books are for ages 6 - 9

The Merlin Missions are for ages ages 7-10

Magic Tree House Fact Tracker Dinosaurs by Mary Pope Osborne book cover with T-Rex skeleton

Also available are the Magic Tree House Fact Trackers. Filled with facts, illustrations, photos and more, these nonfiction guides are independent titles, but pair perfectly with the Magic Tree House stories.

They are a terrific way to round out the nonfiction aspect that goes along with the adventures!

Book Cover Magic Tree House #29 A Big Day for Baseball

Well-written and high interest, this best-selling chapter book series is well-paced, and appeals to both boys and girls. The story lines incorporate a wide variety of topics that are sure to capture your student's imagination and pique their interest in history!

8. Teaching Textbooks

Online Math Curriculum for Grades 3 through PreCalculus

Teaching Textbooks is a great online curriculum that has excellent instruction broken down into very digestible bits!

Math is difficult for this mom! I'm solid with the basics, but once we get past fractions, it's headache-central! Teaching Textbooks is a great online curriculum that has excellent instruction broken down into very digestible bits!

They also do the record keeping for you! Huge bonus!!

Below are a couple of screenshots from different lessons/levels. They incorporate fun visuals along with the learning portion to keep kids engaged!

Teaching Textbooks also does the record keeping for you! Huge bonus!

According to my daughter, here are her favorite reasons she liked using Teaching Textbooks for Algebra:

  • Very efficient

  • Easy to understand

  • Good progression of lessons

  • Nice format

  • Explained the concepts well and gave ample time to practice and absorb them

  • Integrated and wove in earlier concepts into the newer concept

  • Would also do early intro to upcoming concepts

  • For each lesson, if you didn't understand or forgot something, you could go back and review it without losing your spot.

  • There is a button for the grade book and for each lesson you can see how well you did (raw score & percentage).

  • They have fun little embellishments that make it cheery like switching out the background, and changing the little character (like the squirrel below!) that gives hints!

Teaching Textbooks screenshot - geometry lesson