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We Love Lucy! Our Visit to the Lovely Lady of Comedy's Museum and Hometown!

While many of us have put our travel plans on hold for a while, here's a great place to do a little armchair-traveling to!


Last autumn, we were happy to find our travels taking us in the direction of Jamestown, New York!

Why? Jamestown is the birthplace of comedy icon, Lucille Ball - whose work on the 1950s show, I Love Lucy is enjoyed around the world!

My mom and I are both fans of this trail-blazing actress, and ever since we found out about the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum, it was on both of our bucket lists to see!

When we heard we could make a stop at the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum, we were glad to take advantage of the opportunity!

If you've ever laughed while watching an I Love Lucy episode, or wanted to learn more about this incredible actress's life, show, and business, you should absolutely add the Lucy-Desi Museum to your travel wish list!

After a visit to this wonderful museum, you'll be an expert on all things Lucy!

Not only was she a fabulous actress, Lucille Ball, along with her husband, Desi Arnaz owned a production company, Desilu Productions.

By the 1960s, Lucille was the head of the company, and produced some of the most iconic shows of the time!

So, you can see how a museum featuring both Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy is such a fab attraction!

The museum is divided into two parts- the first being the Lucille Ball - Desi Arnaz Museum.

This section highlights the "First Couple of Comedy," from Lucille's beginning in show biz to her and Desi Arnaz meeting on a movie set!

In both parts of the museum, there are fun photo ops, like the one below, to document your visit!

Glam photos, fun facts and stylish outfits and more await in the Lucy-Desi section!

Find out how...

  • Lucille Ball got her start as a silver screen star!

  • How she and Desi Arnaz met

  • Their lives together as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo onscreen, and Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz off!

  • And amazing photos, clothing, props, their car, and so much more!!!

Both the Lucy Ball Desi Arnaz Museum and Desilu Studios have ample gift shops!

When you come in to get your ticket, be prepared with some spending money, since there are plenty of souvenirs for any Lucy-lovers you know...! well as fun treat-yourself-items for keepsakes of your visit!

Mugs with Lucy Ricardo quotes, tops and tees, coin purses, books, magnets and more! They have quite the selection!

After we made our purchases, it was on to the next set of exhibits!

The second part is Desilu Studios, devoted to I Love Lucy!

A gorgeous mural-sized photo in the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum!
A gorgeous mural-sized photo in the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum!

Here you'll find set recreations of the famous rooms where Lucy Ricardo came up with some of her funniest high-jinks, costumes, props, art and so much more!

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at all aspects of I Love Lucy and re-live her most beloved episodes in Desilu Studios!

Every year, The National Comedy Center hosts The Lucille Ball Comedy Festival in Jamestown, New York.

It features famous comedians and fans from all over enjoy I Love Lucy fun and more celebrating both the redhaired icon and all comedy!

Click here to see a fun article about it!

Next up: I Love Lucy, Fashionista!

Lucille Ball was a fab '50s fashion icon for style that looked good, yet wasn't over-the-top.

Her TV costumes were always on point, thanks to designers Elois Jenssen and Edward Stevenson who created them.

Remember the episodes these costumes were featured in?

Keep reading to find out which episode you recall this tan dress from!

This section of the Desilu Studios showcased some of Lucy Ricardo's top memorable on-screen comedy queen outfits !

Mattel Barbie 2003 Timeless Treasures Collectible Doll - I Love Lucy - Lucy Gets a Paris Gown

Can't get enough of Lucy's style?

Find some of her most fashion-forward moments here and her at home and in the office look, here.

Plus, visit this site for some rarely-seen pics of of Lucille Ball in stunning gowns and day-to-day wear!

I had so much fun doing a Lucy-inspired photoshoot with my I Love Lucy Barbie, and this was one of my favorites from the pics I took!

I Love Lucy has many Barbie dolls depicting various episodes.

Below is the "Lucy Gets A Paris Gown" Barbie in which Lucy and Ethel get what they believe to be the latest in haute couture!

If you've ever wondered about the writers, the wardrobe or the filming of this timeless show, the Desilu section of the museum will give you plenty to take in and enjoy!

Above pic: Lucy wasn't shy about advertising for the sake of her show!

Just one of the many retro advertisements, magazines and other memorabilia in the TV portion of the exhibits!

Both gowns from Lucille's days as Lucy Ricardo and other shows she acted and guest-starred in were on display!

Lucille spent much of her time on I Love Lucy in clothes that portrayed an everyday girl, but she also had some pretty glamorous and showy costumes too!

Not only does Jamestown have this fantastic museum, they also have the National Comedy Center!

The National Comedy Center is just down the street, and was inspired by Lucille Ball's vision for her hometown to be a place to come for coming soon about our visit there!

Fun Facts about Lucy!

  • In addition to her success on I Love Lucy, (which she also produced) Lucille Ball produced TV shows that are still shown today, including Mission Impossible and Star Trek!

  • Lucy started out as a model!

  • I Love Lucy was inspired by a radio program, My Favorite Wife. When asked to adapt it for the small screen, Lucille agreed, but on the condition that her real life husband, Desi, could portray her onscreen one too.

  • Can't get enough of I Love Lucy? There were five Lucy shows! You've heard of the original, but The Lucy Show, and Here's Lucy, are just a couple of the TV comedies you can enjoy once you're finished with I Love Lucy!

  • Lucille Ball wasn't always a redhead! Long before she dyed her hair it's most famous hue, she was born a brunette, and once in the acting world, she even went in for a platinum blonde look! (see pic below)

  • The famous redhead and her costar, Vivian Vance, were best friends both on screen and off!

  • The comedy starlet is a four-time Emmy award winner!

  • She was the first woman to own a major TV studio! In 1962, after separating from Desi, Lucille bought him out from their joint company and became the president and CEO of the studio!

Want to see more fun facts about your favorite TV comedienne? Click here:

Lucille Ball was featured on the cover of TV Guide even after her initial fame on I Love Lucy!

She's graced the covers on various issues of TV Guide 39 times, the most of any star!

The museum had many of them on display to enjoy and photograph! The art is so fun!

I loved all of the TV Guide covers, but these two really caught my eye!

The illustrations captured her red hair perfectly!!

Well, hope you had fun doing a vicarious trip to the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum with us! We were thrilled to have been able to go, and would highly recommend this terrific spot!

Have you ever been there?

What's your favorite Lucy episode? Would love to know in the comments below!



Cenzia Zhang
Cenzia Zhang

Hi Vonsamson43 ! Thanks so much for reading the 'We Love Lucy' post! Glad you liked it! Whenever we're not sure what to watch, we often choose Lucy! Always makes us laugh-and the chocolate episode is definitely a favorite of ours too! Enjoy! :)



I enjoyed your post on Lucy. She had one of my favorite shows. Everyone of her shows was so comical. One of my favorites was where she was doing a commercial for "Vita-vita-vinamin." She got a bit tipsy and the tongue twisted responses from her were hilarious. I also liked the chocolate episode where the speed of packaging the chocolate created a dilemma with her and her co-partner. She always made me laugh!!

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