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Smart, Fun and a Style Icon- Barbie! Books, History and More!

Retro, yet ahead of the trend, Barbie continues to be beloved by many! Here are some favorite Barbie books, crafts, Barbie fashion and travel for you to enjoy!

Mattel Barbie 2003 Timeless Treasures Collectible Doll

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With the newly released Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, Barbie's popularity is soaring! Pink is everywhere and theaters are filled with pink-clad Barbie and Ken-loving fans!

Barbie movie poster with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

Director Greta Gerwig's latest film has catapulted Mattel's Barbie into the spotlight once again!

With a completely fun and genius marketing campaign leading up to the movie release, Barbie fans have been waiting to view this super fun and pink movie experience!

Barbie the Movie Mattel starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

The iconic Barbie doll been one of the most celebrated toys since she made her debut at the New York Toy Fair on March 9th, 1959! Barbie has had 60+ years of being fabulous!

Being a fan myself, I was thrilled about the Barbie movie and it has been at the top of my Summer Bucket List!

Mattel Barbie 2003 Timeless Treasures Collectible Doll - I Love Lucy - Lucy Gets a Paris Gown

Read on for fun places, reads and more inspired by this multi-talented fashionista!

picture of Barbie by Mattel with multicolored geometric patter short set with colorful flower patterned background. Barbie doll has multicolored hair

Think Pink! One of my Barbies, this Audrey Heburn doll is dressed from a musical classic-- can you guess which one?!

Barbie Doll limited edition of Audrey Hepburn dressed up as Eliza Doolittle from the movie, My Fair Lady. She is wearing all pink outfit and hat from one of the scenes in the movie.
Barbie careers through history
Photo Credit: Courtney Ashcraft

Fun Facts about Barbie!

  • Barbie's full name is Barbara Milicent Roberts-she was named after the daughter of Mattel co-founders and creators of Barbie!

  • The best-selling Barbie of all time was the Totally Hair Barbie in 1992 - over 10 million were sold!

  • Barbie's signature pink color is Pantone color PMS 219 C

  • Barbie's official birthday is the day she was introduced at the New York Toy Fair-March 9th, 1959-which is now National Barbie Day!

  • According to Mattel, Barbie is from the fictional town of Willows, located in Wisconsin- guess she liked the sunshine enough to relocate to Malibu!

  • Barbie wears a lot of hats in the job world! She's been a success at over 200 different careers in her life, including time as a movie directer, surgeon and fashion editor!

picture of inside the book Dressing Barbie by Carol Spencer with picture of Barbie with very long blonde hair that covers both pages

The best-selling Barbie of all time, Totally Hair Barbie!

Barbie Books for Fans of All Ages!

There's so much story behind Barbie! This beloved doll has had her fair share of fame over the years, and here are some fabulous books to enjoy!

You'll be an expert on all things Barbie after reading them!

1. Dressing Barbie

by Carol Spencer

Picture of book Dressing Barbie by Carol Spencer with mini Barbies, sunglasses, pink princess telephone and diasy pillow surrounding the book

If you've ever admired the endless outfits and glamorous wardrobe of Barbie, then this coffee table book is for you!

Take a look behind the scenes as Barbie fashion designer Carol Spencer tells the story of her incredible career as the one of the most prolific creators of Barbie's dazzling couture!

From runway to every day, read how this leading designer created many of the looks that made Barbie a bona fide style star!

2. The Story of Barbie and The Woman Who Created Her

Picture Book: ages 3 - 7

by Cindy Eagen, Illustrated by Amy June Bates

Book Cover for The Story of Barbie and the Woman Who Created Her by Cindy Eagen and illustrated by Amy Bateshas large illustration of Barbie with blonde ponytail and six smaller illustrations of other stylized barbies

Ruth Handler set out to create a doll to inspire girls to use their imaginations after seeing her daughter play with paper dolls.

Read the whole story in this lovely picture book!

3. Barbie Forever

by Robin Gerber

This book is a beautifully illustrated and comprehensive book that includes sketches, photographs, interviews, a timeline and more!

Barbie Forever makes a great addition to the bookshelf or coffee table for any Barbie fan!

Get Creative with Barbie!

There's nothing more fun than getting crafty and creating a little something for Barbie to enjoy!

Here are some ideas for ways to make some cute DIYs and more for your own doll!

1. DIY, Barbie Edition!

Love making accessories to go along with your dolls? If you're in a crafty mood, visit here for some fabulous dolly DIYs!

2. Make your Barbie her very own Doll Dresser from Matchboxes!

matchbox dresser diy miniature dresser with bottles made of glass beads

This fun DIY is super simple and would look great in Barbie's room! Loved making one? It's a quick and cute DIY that's perfect for other dolls or miniatures as well!

Check out our fun Matchbox Doll Dresser DIY!

3. Have a Photoshoot!

Get your Barbies all 'dolled up' and plan a fun, themed photoshoot!

You can do it photo booth style with props and a backdrop (check out our DIY Flower Wall), take them outside to pose with the flowers, or give them an oversized prop or some jewelry for an artsy result!

Above: My 'World's Smallest Barbies' posing with a sweet little keychain from Dylan's Candybar in New York City!

Barbie 60th Inspiring Girls Since 1959 Coloring Book with illustration of Barbie on the cover

Lately, coloring books have really made a comeback and this one is a great choice for Barbie fans!

5. More Fun DIYs and Crafts for Barbie Fans!

Visit this site to find more great fun and ideas to go along with your dolls! Miniature Barbie books, bags, DIY Barbie furniture and paper clip hangers are just a few of the cool ideas you'll find!

Travel - Barbie Style!

Barbie's an icon wherever she goes! There's plenty of Barbie fun wherever you're headed, so keep scrolling to see all the doll-inspired destinations!

inside picture of Barbie Expo in Montreal with Barbie doll collectibles lining the walls and life sized Barbie murals on end caps of displays lit by hanging chandeliers

This glamorous, detailed exhibition is a Barbie lovers dream come true! Visit the Barbie Expo to see the largest permanent collection of Barbie dolls on display in the world!

Over 1,000 specialty Barbies are gathered here, including haute couture dolls created by fashion designers such as Oscar De La Renta to movie icons like Lucille Ball and modern day celebrities like Kate Middleton!

Visit the Barbie Expo site to learn more and see their amazing online gallery!

Different Barbie Dolls posed on a doll-sized catwalk on display at the Barbie Expo in Montreal

2. Barbie Truck Totally Throwback Tour

Totally Throwback Barbie Tour Van has pic of super hot pink van with Barbie logo and merchandise pics on outside

This Barbie Truck is on the road in a continued celebration of her more than 60 years of heritage, fans and style!

Shop limited edition TB finds inspired by everyone's fave doll and take plenty of pics too! Find the tour date stop-offs here!

3. Life in the Dreamhouse For a Night...This Barbie Airbnb is Booked Solid!

Fair warning, this Barbie Dreamhouse Airbnb is completely booked - like, forever!

Even though it's booked, I still wanted to include the villa because it looks truly amazing!

An incredible amount of pink must have gone into this gorgeous Malibu mansion inspired by the iconic doll's home sweet home!

Visit here for more pics!

airbnb of Barbie's Malibu mansion is a real life replica of Barbie's Malibu Mansion

....And, Barbie Fashion!

Barbie has always had the best style game in town, and here are some ways to add some of the doll's eye for design to your wardrobe, see her latest looks, and more!

Add Some Barbie Doll Flair to Your Wardrobe!

While we can't all go all-out Barbie a la Kacy Musgrave's fantastic Met Gala outfit, there are plenty of Barbie doll-inspired clothes and accessories to enjoy!

Celebrate this fashionista and add some retro fun to your daily look with these ideas!

Pretty in Pink and Beautifully Barbie!

Get Your Daily Dose of Barbie Chic!

Love Barbie's always on-trend style sense? You're not alone!

Barbie has her own Instagram dedicated to glam selfies, her 'trips' around the world, and fashion collabs!

She also has the Instagram Barbiestyle which features fab fashion for fans!

To read more about Barbie on Instagram, visit here.

Or, check out Barbie's regular site for updates, signature dolls and more!

Click here for a lookbook of some of Barbie's most whimsical, wonderful and wild style choices over the years, and vote whether it's a yay or nay!

Barbie: Past, Present and Future

While Barbie debuted decades ago, this doll knows how to stay relevant!

Read on for more of her history, and how the doll has helped to highlight women from around the world who've broken barriers!

Barbie logos throughout time
Photo Credit:

She's not shy about reinventing her image, and whether it's sharing the stage with women who've made a difference or including different looks in the lineup, Barbie keeps up with the times and does it in style!

Barbie Celebrates Role Models from Dream Gap Project Barbie Mattle

photo credit:

Part of Barbie's Dream Gap Project - an ongoing global initiative to inspire girls and give them role models - Barbie Celebrates Role Models features an amazing group of dolls honoring the achievements of women around the world!

From Olympic athletes to filmmakers and entrepreneurs, Barbie now has dolls in their likenesses, which is a great way to learn about these women and their incredible stories!

photo credit: photo credit:

See all the role models and their dolls here!

Barbie inspiring women careers diversity historical dolls

Another wonderful collection with a historical twist, the Barbie Inspiring Women series features a multitude of women from all walks of life and their incredible contributions to the world!

From mathematicians to artists and activists, this line of Barbie dolls celebrates women throughout history who've made such a difference!

Photo credit:

The latest women to be honored is Eleanor Roosevelt!

Barbie doll Eleanor Roosevelt by Mattel History series
Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie: photo: Barbie/Mattel

Want to Learn More About Barbie?

Click here to head to a timeline on how Barbie has changed since the doll's dynamic debut back in the fab '50s!

Here's another look back at iconic looks that Barbie has had over the years!

Barbie dolls have long been popular, both as time-tested toys and gorgeous collectables.

Barbie Mattel Inspiring girls Since 1959

With her iconic history, trailblazing jobs and stunning sense of fashion, it's no wonder she's a star!

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Pinterest pin Happy Birthday to Barbie shows Barbie on colorful papers

I hope you liked learning a little more about your favorite doll! Have a favorite Barbie or story to share about this favorite doll? Let us know in the comments below!




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updated 07/24/2023 originally published 03/12/2020


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