Stay Wavy Craft - Keepsake Box!

A perfect craft to remember your vacation by!

So, after returning from our trip to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, I wanted to find a fun way to save some photos of our adventures on these two beautiful islands.

The 'Stay Wavy' box was what I came up with! For those of you thinking about visiting Nantucket, read my mom's post on our whirlwind trip here.

This craft is a fun little keepsake for vacations by the seaside or another event you want to remember!

Super simple and cute, this little box is small enough to not take up too much space, but large enough to store memories of a vacay!

Easily customizable, you can store Instax mini camera photos in it, seashells, or just display it as is.

How To Make Your Own Stay Wavy Keepsake Box DIY!


  • 1 Pair of scissors

  • Glue (I used Tacky Glue)

  • Marker or Sharpie


  • 1 small box

  • 1 + sheets of decorative scrapbook paper (this depends on how large your box is as well as how many/few patterns you want on your box)

  • Photos

  • Paint in colors of choice (I used white and light teal)

  • Optional: beads, seashells or other small decorative elements

Step One: Measure your box to determine how much paper you'll need.

Step Two: Trace around your box on the paper of your choice. Repeat for all sides inside and out.

Note: When tracing the edges of the box, make sure to trace and cut paper only for the part of the box sides that show when the box is closed... otherwise it will be hard to close or it will stick!

Step Three: Cut traced paper out.

Step Four: Glue paper to the box. Let dry.

This a side view of the box. Isn't this mermaid the cutest?

Step Five: Place photos where you like and glue in place. Let dry.

You can paint the inside of the box too, if you want.

Step Six: Paint the sides of the box that are not decorated with paper (the part you won't see if the box is closed).

...The other side of the box. In love with the mermaid paper!

Step Seven: Add embellishments of your choice!

I used several seashells and one bead on top, but you can use sequins, ribbon, buttons or anything else from the craft store or your travels!

You can also give your box a title- like I did on the top!

Be sure to Pin this DIY craft for later!

Hope you enjoy your new 'Stay Wavy' box!

Happy Crafting!


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