Brain Quest - A Fun Way for Kids to Learn Everything They Need to Know & Not Fall Behind!

The Brain Quest materials are simply some of the very best educational resources available for kids to stay on top of everything they need to learn and not fall behind!

notebooks, pencils, scissors and Brain Quest Big Fat Notebooks

Whether you have chosen to home school, or have found yourself in a necessary online learning situation, the Brain Quest Question & Answer decks, workbooks and Big Fat Notebooks are some of the best & easiest ways for your Pre School - 8th grader to successfully cover everything they're expected to learn.

Here's one lifeline for everyone out there who has been thrown into the whole learning at home situation!

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We have used the Brain Quest materials ourselves throughout our entire homeschool experience. For more information, see our disclosures here.

Brain quest Workbook for 6th grade with notebook, pencil and mini globe sharpener

Some folks choose to homeschool or do distance learning and others have found their way there because that was the only route available.

It's a much different thing to choose to learn at home than to have it thrust upon you along with four thousand other changes and challenges. But, here we are - in the same boat!

Brain Quest workbook opened up to sentence practice page

Brain Quest workbooks are super colorful and fun!

I was a teacher and I'm a parent. I've also homeschooled for over ten years. So, when I offer up an easy 'Stress-Free Solution,' I'm not playing around!

This has been quite the year. Parents everywhere are being dealt a hand they didn't think they'd have to play.

Stay home, work, manage however many kids you have AND make sure they're somewhat staying on track with whatever online learning has been coming your way.

Brain Quest Everything you need to Ace American History in one big Fat Notebook with pencil and notebook

It'll be fine. Anytime I've been stressed, I just think that six months from now, whatever craziness is making me stressed will be in the rear-view window. And that's how I make it through.

If you're worried that your elementary or middle school student will have an academic gap and it will only get worse, the Brain Quest materials are one very good way to make sure that won't happen.

Brain Quest: Everything you need to Ac English Language Arts in one big Fat Notebook

Top 10 Reasons Why We Like Brain Quest

  1. Effective

  2. Affordable

  3. Comprehensive

  4. Subject-Specific

  5. Age and Grade Appropriate

  6. Full Color and Engaging design

  7. Portable

  8. Covers a wide range of subjects

  9. Aligned with Common Core Curriculum and fully checks boxes for home school

  10. Fun!

I have a lot of years in education (public school, homeschool even running a Girl Scout troop, which is like teaching but a volunteering style!) So, I wouldn't lead you astray!

Do I know it all? No. But, I know a few things and would only recommend something that was successful and I think would be helpful for others. Time is precious; I try to go with what works!

Brain Quest Middle School notebook, pencils, notebooks and school supplies

The Backstory

I've had many people over the years ask about what materials we've used to home school. Fortunately, in this day and age, we have unlimited resources.

Between the internet, public libraries, programs at museums and online support groups, there really are plenty of resources to choose from and plenty of people to help.

Even during this time when schools, bookstores and libraries are on hold, the internet is teeming with options, books are plentiful and home school support groups are filled with parents ready to answer any and all questions you may have.

(If you're reading this at some point in the future, I'm writing this post during the whole Covid19- pandemic time).

Parents everywhere have kids that are being thrust into online learning situations. Sometimes those links and passwords work, and sometimes they don't.

I've read numerous accounts of families who have kids home from school doing distance learning, trying to sharing a computer while both parents are also trying to work and it's a challenge!

Brain Quest workbook for grade 4 with pencils, sharpener and paper

The Main Idea

Out of all the materials that we've used in our homeschool experience over the past ten years, Brain Quest is hands down one of the very best sets of materials that I would absolutely recommend.

These materials will enable your child in Pre-K through 8th grade to confidently finish out the year and not have to worry about falling behind.

Brain Quest notebook opened up to middle showing measuring

The Brain Quest decks, workbooks and middle school 'Big Fat Notebooks' do it all and they do it well.

They are comprehensive, affordable, easy to understand, and dare I say it? Fun!

The Brain Quest Q & A Decks

The well-designed Brain Quest Q & A decks are age appropriate and engaging. The decks are also colorful, portable, and easy to use to catch up, review or expound on a teachable moment.

These decks are more like fun trivia games that have curriculum based questions. Each deck covers the subjects and content that kids are expected to know for each grade.

Brain Quest card deck for ages 6-7 or Grade 1

We used to sit at the kitchen table or on the couch, and flip through the deck. We'd do about 5 cards at a time. We even brought the Brain Quest decks along on car drives.

Even though they are academic and curriculum driven, the full color design and graphics make it fun!

There are Brain Quest decks for each grade as well as subject specific Q & A decks for Reading, Math, the Presidents, America and even Brain Quest for the Car!

Brain Quest America Deck for Ages 9& Up

Great to do with a parent, sibling or even alone, each deck makes learning a trivia game... and less like a requirement that has a test at the end of the learning tunnel!

The subjects and number of questions depend on the age/grade. See below for a breakdown of the subjects covered:

* Miscellany = Anything from the arts, internet-related questions, an extra subject specific question - it's truly miscellaneous!

Here are the subjects for each Question & Answer Deck - Grades 1 - 7

  • Grade 1 - Reading, Math, Language Arts, Science, Miscellany

  • Grade 2 - Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Miscellany

  • Grade 3 - Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Miscellany

  • Grade 4 - English, Math, U.S. History, Science, Geography, Miscellany

  • Grade 5 - English, Math, History & Civics, Science, Geography, Miscellany

  • Grade 6 - English, Math, History & Civics, Science, Geography, Miscellany

  • Grade 7 - English, Math, History & Civics, Science, Geography, Miscellany

*There are also supplemental question decks for Grades 1, 2 and 3 for both Reading and Math.

The Brain Quest Workbooks

There are two types of Workbooks. The Year-long workbooks and the Summer transitional workbooks.

The Summer Workbooks are great for staying on top of things and preventing that 'Summer Slide!'

Mermaid Government from Bran Quest Summer Workbok

They are super fun, colorful and available for kids going into Kindergarten up to kids entering sixth grade.

The Summer Workbooks are filled with full colorful activities, exercises and games that will help kids remember what they've learned!

The Brain Quest year-long workbooks are fabulous if you're looking for a workbook that is comprehensive and has curriculum-based learning for each of the required subjects.

Now, I know there are PLENTY of online & interactive resources out there. We've used them too! But, sometimes, you just want to get away from the screen!

Brain quest Workbook Grade 5 homeschool educational materials

Putting pencil to paper can sometimes be a little more relaxing and less distractable than the computer where it's easy to be led astray by social media, YouTube or some other interesting topic! (I'm really referring to myself, now!).

Each leveled workbook contains specific subjects specific that are appropriate for each grade.

The pages of each workbook are also color-coded by subject so you can easily navigate the book to find whichever subject you want to go to.

Brain quest workbook page United States

Just like the Brain Quest decks, the workbooks are colorful, well-designed and cheery!

They also present information in fun ways without being boring, too hard or too easy - this is the workbook equivalent of Baby Bear's porridge...just right!

The Brain Quest Middle School 'Big Fat Notebooks!'

Theses Big Fat Notebooks belong on every bookshelf! They have it all!

Brain Quest Big Fat Noetbooks for American History, Science, English Language Arts, World History and Math

They're great references, terrific for review and work well if you need to brush up on some of your subjects.

Brain Quest  Everything you need to Ace World History in one Big Fat Notebook

A Few Reasons Why We Like The Big Fat Notebooks:

  1. Comprehensive - they cover it all!

  2. Great size - portable

  3. Affordable

  4. Aligned with Educational Standards

  5. Fun Format - Visually Appealing and Interesting

  6. Great reference book (for both older kids and adults!)

Brain Quest  Everything you need to Ace World History in one Big Fat Notebook

Note: Brain Quest also has some Big Fat Notebooks for High School students (see above) and more are on the way!

Click here to see all of the Brain Quest materials in one place.

So, if you're thinking you need a little something to help keep things on track, the Brain Quest decks and workbooks are a wonderful resource!

They have everything that needs to be covered all in once place!

Not only will they keep your kid from falling behind, but they're fun, too! Now that's the way we like to learn!

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Summer Brain Quest Pinterest pin with sun, pencils, Toucan, workbook and waves

Have any tips to help keep kids stay up to speed with their school work?

Know something that will stop that 'summer slide' or makes learning fun? Be sure to share in the comments below!



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