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Currently Bookmarked, 4/19

Happy Sunday! Hope your weekend is going well and you're getting to relax and enjoy spring from your home! Here's what we've been up to this past week!

1. Need to burn some energy, but don't have a lot of space? Have a kid that's bouncing off the walls? Well check out our new post of 25+ Ways for Kids to Keep Moving, Get Exercise & Have Fun- In a Small Space! There's something for everyone there- teens and adults as well!

2. What Cenz is reading--I was so excited to receive this fabulous title, for Easter!

I just finished American Royals by Katharine McGee, and definitely recommend this glam royal read that gives readers a look at an alternate take on the modern world, in which America is ruled by a royal family, the Washingtons!

This YA read is romantic, intriguing and a page turner- the best choice for a Stay at Home read!

3. Get Creative with a Mixed Media Collage DIY!

I had so much fun doing this DIY Mixed Media Collage craft, that's so simple yet looks absolutely stunning finished!

If you've ever admired collages or Mixed Media wall art, now's the time to try your hand at creating one yourself!

This project is customizable, so you can make it without needing a lot of fancy supplies- perfect for a stay at home craft that'll get you in the creative mood with amazing results!

4. Mini Waffles- We love the Dash mini waffle maker! The idea of making mini waffles might not seem like it would give you the amount you need, BUT, it's EXACTLY the right amount for waffle fans! They come out perfectly every time and you can get creative with making savory waffles, tots/potatoes pressed and mixed with cheese, --you get my drift!

The Dash Mini Waffle Maker comes with a cookbook (mini-of course!) to get you started. This cookbook has even more to keep you waffling! Is that a verb?!

5. I just got the latest issue for this magazine and can't wait to read through it!

There's something so fun about flipping through pages of design ideas in HGTV's magazines-they're all so gorgeous and unique!

What's your favorite magazine to enjoy? Do you have a favorite topic? My mom loves reading Real Simple and This Old House, and mine are fashion and interior design magazines. Would love to know what your magazine picks are in the comments below! :)

6. I was motivated for about five minutes this week to help my blogging partner clear out some clutter and we made a wonderful rediscovery of a game!

This Sherlock Holmes game is the perfect choice for using your mind and having fun! Follow the clues, discuss with your partner and figure out that next move! There are many different versions of this game-something for everyone! There's nothing like a good 'whodunit!'

7. My mom found got me these artist's markers for me that are a dream to draw with! They're wonderful for both drawing and calligraphy, which makes them the perfect brush pens to choose!

8. Speaking of art, these online free watercolor classes from artist and fashion illustrator Kerri Hess look fantastic!

I've been wanting to try them, and she just launched a couple more as well!

You can try them whether you're a beginner or have been doing watercolors for years!

Kerrie Hess's art is always incredible! She has a shop with the most chic phone cases and prints too, so getting a tutorial from her sounds like a fab stay inside idea!

9. For several years, my mom and I have been looking at grapevine bunny wreaths, and we were so happy to come across one from a talented Etsy seller that really caught our eye!

An adorable addition to our springtime decor for sure!

This cheery bunny wreath was our new decoration this year, and we're loving the look of it on our front door!

10. We try to include some kind of travel in our Currently Bookmarked posts; this week we will highlight a short bit of travel around the neighborhood! Walking outdoors with the crisp air and sun on our faces is always uplifting!

Enjoying the gorgeous Springtime blooms that greet us is just the positive vibe we love! Here are some pics we took this week of the beautiful blossoms and flowers we planted!

What are your plans for this week? (at home, of course!) Don't forget Earth Day's coming up!


April & Cenzia


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