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Create Your Own Mixed Media Collage DIY - A Great Stay at Home Craft!

You'll love creating your own DIY Mixed Media Collage!

DIY your own super easy and stunning Mixed Media art with this project that's fantastic to do and doesn't need a lot of fancy supplies!

paper craft DIY collage with scrapbook paper and printed images of peacock, Thumper, Aristocat, Alice in Wonderland, flowers, butterfly and more!
This collage includes characters and scene inspiration from Alice in Wonderland! Can you spot them?

Simple and fun to make, this DIY comes out looking amazing and is the perfect project to do while staying home!

paper craft DIY collage with scrapbook paper and printed images of peacock, Thumper, Aristocat, Alice in Wonderland, bike, moped, flowers, butterfly and more!

I've always loved drawing, watercolors and painting, but mixed media art is so great since it combines pretty much everything artsy into one fun style of crafting!

I had a lot of fun coming up with themes for each collage- the book below was the perfect inspiration for the first collage featured in the post!

You can DIY your own collage using card stock, cardboard, or any other sturdy paper as a base that will be durable enough for glue and other materials to attach onto it.

Mixed media collage card with watercolor, washi tape create a picture of a house with eyes and bunny ears with big yellow sun!
A fun Springtime and Easter inspired collage!

Creating a collage is very easy and so much fun to do!

Come up with an idea, gather your desired materials, and get busy! I'll often start with a painted or watercolor backdrop, but it's entirely up to you!

piece of the collage DIY project with watercolor background, Tea Time stamped, moped and bottle in the water

You can literally use whatever looks fun to make your 'masterpiece,' whether it's ribbon, washi tape, magazine cutouts or old photos!

materials for DIY collage project including glitter glue, scrapbooking paper, magazine cutouts, glue, watercolor paper, etc.

Supplies :

These are some of the items I used to create my collages, but you can use so many different things to make yours! More suggestions are listed later on in this post.

  • Heavy paper/cardstock /paperboard

  • Magazine/flyer cutouts

  • Scrapbook/Decorative Paper of choice

  • Stickers/Embellishments of choice

  • Letter Stickers

  • Glue

  • Mod Podge (optional)

  • Pen/Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Washi Tape

  • Stamps

watercolors tray at top with brush painting watercolor on paper with another paint palett on bottom

Step One: Gather the collage supplies you're planning on using! They can be things from my list above, or any other items you want to include.

Step Two: Paint, draw, or use watercolors to create your collage backdrop. If using paint or watercolors, let dry before next step.

DIY collage craft shows scissors with cutout images of mopeds and flowers

Step Three: Cut out pictures from magazines, cereal boxes, etc..

DIY collage craft shows supplies of scissors, glue, patterned paper and partially complete collage project with peacock, chairs, bike and more

Step Four: Glue your cutout images to your background.

DIY collage project with work in progress with painted paper, cutout images of Alice, Thumper, the White Rabiit, Aristocats, peacock, bike, flower and moped

Step Five: Add desired stickers/ embellishments that need to be glued onto the collage - i.e. ribbons, sequins etc. and let dry.

Once glue has dried, add any stickers you'd like on to the collage.

Step Six (optional): Add stamped elements for an extra touch, and let dry.

Completed DIY collage project with painted paper, cutout images of butterfly, peacock, moped, house and more; inkpad and letter stamps at top of page

Step Seven (optional) : Using a foam brush or paintbrush, paint a coat of Mod Podge over your mixed media collage. The Mod Podge dries clear, and will both protect your art a little and give it a finished look!

If you'd like to check which materials you can Mod Podge over, check here for a list of tested combinations of materials & Mod Podge.

...And you're done! This DIY always looks fabulous, and will look great displayed or framed as artwork!

DIY collage of paper images girl standing outside of house holding an umbrella with pink flamingo standing in pond

I made the above collage inspired by one of our favorite picture books, but you can use just about anything as inspiration or for ideas, including holidays, seasons, favorite activities or pets!

The Little House book cover by Virginia Lee Burton shows an illustrated house on a hill with two trees on either side

Collages are easily customizable, whether you want to go with a color theme, make a miniature collage, or gift it for a holiday!

DIY collage with painted paper, magazine cutouts of chairs and Disney characters sitting chatting
Inspired by Alice in Wonderland's Tea Party, Thumper and Marie join in the fun!

Need some more ideas for what to add to your mixed media collage ? Here are a few ideas that would make fab additions to your DIY:

  • Google eyes

  • Paper dolls you're no longer using

  • Glitter or Glitter Glue

  • Rhinestones

  • Sequins

  • Ribbons/string

  • Vintage images

  • Yarn

  • Cards

Simple and fun to make, this DIY comes out looking amazing and is the perfect project to do while staying home!

The Collage DIY can be made on all sizes of paper, so you always craft some to send as cards for birthdays or other special events!

The great thing about a craft this simple is you can make as many collages as you have ideas for- the options are endless!

However you decide to style your collage craft, the result always turn out beautifully!

We'd love to see pictures of your Mixed Media Collage DIY creations!

If you make one - tag us on Pinterest or Instagram so we can see your take on this fab DIY!

Be sure to Pin this craft so you can revisit it later for more inspo!

Well, I hope you'll be inspired to create your own DIY Mixed Media Collage, and have fun doing it!

What's your favorite craft you've ever made?

Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Crafting!


💗 Cenzia


My Kidz Bookshelf
My Kidz Bookshelf
Apr 22, 2020

Hi Dianna! Hope your week is going well and thank you for visiting and commenting! We have some other ideas and posts that Catherine may also enjoy and have fun doing! One of our favorites is the Wish Boats from the Earth Day post. If you don't have access to a pond/water, the 'boat' can be left out for garden fairies or put in the crook of a tree or under a bush!


April & Cenzia


Dianna Thomas
Dianna Thomas
Apr 16, 2020

Hopeful this new week we will be able to-- Her daddy is home from the mines in Nevada so I leave everything to him for a few days-- we will back on schedule again hopeful on Monday. She is a lot of fun. Thanks


My Kidz Bookshelf
My Kidz Bookshelf
Apr 16, 2020

Hi Dianna!

Thank you so much for commenting! So glad you enjoyed the post! It sounds like Catherine is quite the artist--and storyteller! A winning combination and very entertaining!

We'd love to see her creations! If you tag us on Instagram - @mykidzbookshelf - we'd be able to see it!

Enjoy crafting!! 💗April & Cenzia


Dianna Thomas
Dianna Thomas
Apr 16, 2020

This is so much fun-- I find that when I get things out for Catherine, she is already planning what she is wanting to make -- I love the water colours. with cut outs. She makes it so interesting and she loves to tell me the story that just seems to go with her picture, Making it all come to life. Thank you for sharing.

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