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Currently Bookmarked - Fun Finds and Favorites!

Well, we've had summer on our minds this past week, and hope you're looking forward to more sunny days on the horizon as well!

1. Can't wait for Summer Vacay?!

We were excited to share these super fun, Free Summer Bucket List Printables on the blog this week, along with fun ideas to have a blast with!

We always have so many things we want to do during the summertime, and love making Summer Bucket Lists to keep all our goals in one spot!

Summer Bucket List 2020 fill in free printable with pink flamingo

Summer Bucket List 2020 free printable with sun, umbrella, watermelon and other fun summery icons.

2. Who doesn't love baby animals?!

While walking at a nearby park, we spotted some geese and their little ones spending some time together and looking adorable!!

They were kind enough to let us snap a few family photos of these feathered friends, and it seemed like the cutest pic to include in our Currently Bookmarked post!

Here's a book we thought of after seeing this sweet goose couple and their little ones!

4. Just got this adorable coloring book that's literally the cutest coloring book ever! I don't even have a cat, yet these four pawed, hat-wearing felines caught my eye!

Each page has a fun design to enjoy, including a Sherlock Holmes inspired kitty and many more stylish friends showing of their hats!

Cats with Hats coloring book for older kids and adults

Here are some more coloring books that are similar if you're in the mood to get creative!

5. I (Cenz) finished reading the final book in this fabulous trilogy, and it was so good!

Jenny Han's books are always great, and Always and Forever, Lara Jean was such a wonderful addition to this romantic, captivating series that's a bestseller and a must-read!

Book cover Always and Forever Lara Jean by Jenny Han

6. I (April) actually made these muffins- see below- on a Thursday, but they just seemed like a good muffin for a Sunday!

I have a basic muffin recipe that I've tweaked and turned into my own over the years, so I started with that as the jumping off point.

But, lo and behold, I was down an egg! No worries- most of my best recipes have been born out of desperation, aka, missing ingredients. Game on!

Off I went to produce a delectable, (at least palatable) result and was super satisfied with my one egg, grande, short-on-chocolate-chips-but-luckily-had-enough morning muffin!

A little sprinkling of cinnamon right before they entered the oven was the perfect touch to these delicious, beautifully textured, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins!

Keep an eye out for an upcoming recipe starring these delish baked goods! I'll think you'll agree that they are a worthy addition to your stay-at-home breakfast options!


7. Have a boy? Trying to get him to pick up a book? Check out our 10 Great Books With Boys as Main Characters blog post! Whether your reader is into action, mystery, or the funny stuff, here is a post with great, high-interest page-turners!

FIY - These books are NOT just for boys! We've read 'em all, so we can guarantee that girls will like them too!


8. What a fun idea, right? it's not every day you see a sweater/cozy made especially for a tree, but it's just the best thing to see on a walk!

Plus, it's part of the Rainbow Hunt, in the most original, artsy and memorable way possible!


9. If it weren't for Tiler Peck doing her daily IG Live ballet class, Cenz would have forgotten those positions and turned into a couch-loving, potato chip noshing, unmotivated dancer!

Well, maybe not that far! She's pretty self-motivated! But, boy it's been amazing to see how many dancers have been helping out the kids that were missing out on classes and such by offering online opportunities.

She kept my artsy kid sane when the whole world was a little shaky, never charged a cent and, in my opinion, made the world a better place.

I've heard Tiler Peck's voice so much these past couple of months, I feel like we know her and should add her to the Christmas Card list! Hmm- not a bad idea! I think I will!

We are an artsy household - I played/taught music - my husband did the graphic design thing and my blogging partner/daughter is a Renaissance girl! She reads, writes, draws, creates, dances, sings, etc.!

We love a good show, enjoy watching amazing dancers, listening to live music and visiting museums and galleries.

These artistic organizations, are, at this time, experiencing unparalleled challenges and hardship.

If you're reading this and wondering what you can do, maybe skip a couple of big Starbuck's frappuccinos (I could never remember the word for their 'large size?!) and instead, donate the money to one of those organizations that needs it.

Donate here to help the New York City Ballet.

Thank you Tiler Peck.


10. So, while we've been holding off on traveling, we still manage to fit in a drive every so often to see something different, and listen to a little music while we ride!

We've been enjoying exploring our own backyard, so to speak, and stopping now and then to capture the moment, because they're just so snapshot-worthy!

The above mural was just so colorful and eye-catching, we had to pull over and enjoy!

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Well, that's all for now! Hope your week is off to a good start, and see you soon!

April and Cenzia


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