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15 Of The Best Bunny Books For A Very Hoppy Easter!

Perfect for Easter Baskets or to welcome spring, here are 15 of our favorite bunny books featuring these darling furry friends!

15 Best books about Bunnies for Easter and Spring for boys and girls

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One of my favorite things when I was little was to take every single bunny stuffed animal that I owned, pile them all into my wagon, and take them for a "bunny ride" around the neighborhood!

Spring bunnies in grass best bunny books for kids

This was an Easter tradition for several years. I've always loved rabbits, so this post was super fun to do, looking through favorite books from past Easters and adding in newer reads that looked equally amazing!

From beloved bunny books like The Tale of Peter Rabbit, to newer rabbit reads like It's Not Easy Being a Bunny, there's a title for everyone in our favorite list of Bunny "tails"!

Rabbit loved carrots picture book illustration of bunny in field

15 Of The Best Bunny Books For A Very Hoppy Easter!

by Rosemary Wells

Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells picture book for boys and girls

The beloved brother-and-sister duo are baking cakes and having all sorts of fun-filled mayhem in one of our favorite bunny books ever!

Older sister Ruby is making a birthday cake for Grandma, but Max has other ideas about what a tasty dessert should be!

After many attempts to keep Max out of the kitchen, numerous trips to the store, along with mischievous Max having his own agenda, will the birthday cake be a success?

The colorful illustrations and funny story make Bunny Cakes a great read for both budding bakers and bunny lovers!

by Richard Scarry

I am a Bunny by Richard Scarry picture book for boys and girls

This cute classic is just as fun and furry as it's cover! A little bunny tells us all about his experiences with each season in the forest.

From rainy springs under his mushroom umbrella to snowy days in his burrow, I am a Bunny is a darling tale and is sure to delight kids and kids at heart!

by Katy Hudson

Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson Picture book for boys and girls

Rabbit adores carrots. He plants them, collects them and now has a big problem! With each new carrot Rabbit collects, he's making his burrow smaller and smaller!

When Rabbit goes to his friends for a helping hand (or paw!) they land knee-deep in trouble!

Featuring funny, fabulous illustrations and a tale perfect for spring, Too Many Carrots is destined to be a popular addition to your bunny fan's bookshelf!

By Clare Turlay Newberry

Picture book with bunny Marshmallow by Clare Turlay Newberry for boys and girls

A charming, timeless and adorable story about a cat and rabbit who learn to be friends instead of foes! Oliver is a tabby cat who's enjoyed being in the spotlight - until, a bunny rabbit named Marshmallow comes along!

Initially displeased, Oliver and Marshmallow turn a corner and become best buds! A sweet tale for Easter or anytime of the year and is actually a true story!

by Beatrix Potter, Illustrated by Cyndy Szekeres

A Little Golden Book The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter Illustrated by Cyndy Szekeres

Is any bunny rabbit book list complete without Peter Rabbit?!

The long-eared friend who started it all, Beatrix Potter's timeless tale about a naughty rabbit and his garden antics is a classic forever!

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is an adorable golden book version and will be a fun addition to any bunny fan's bookcase!

6. Disney Bunnies Thumper Finds an Egg

by Richard Scarry

Thumper Finds an Egg Disney Bunnies picture book for boys and girls

Thumper and his sisters are surprised to discover an egg one day in the forest!

Disney's most lovable rabbit stars in a picture book that would make a lovely gift for Easter, or any storytime!

Bambi's best friend and his large, loving bunny family are sure to add some springtime smiles to the kiddos' faces. Thumper Finds an Egg would make a perfect addition to an Easter Basket too!

by Charlotte Zolotow, Pictures by Maurice Sendak

Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present picture book for boys and girls Maurice Sendak

When a little girl is searching for the perfect present, she receives the help of one helpful rabbit!

The duo sets out to find the best gift for the little girl's mama, but the rabbit's silly suggestions cause the little girl's mission to go slightly awry!

Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present is a charming picture book! With its retro artwork and timeless plot, it is sure to captivate kiddos and older readers too!

Maurice Sendak's beloved illustrations grace the pages of this enchanting bunny tale.

by Michael B. Kaplan, Illustrated by Stephane Jorisch

Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake picture book for boys and girls

A light-hearted, tasty and terrific tale of chocolate and a lovable little bunny you won't be able to resist!

Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake always reminds me of Pinkalicious! Betty is just discovering what a wonderful thing chocolate is- especially when it's in cake!

She's super enthusiastic about the idea of eating it, and when her mom tells her she's got to be healthy, Betty Bunny's precious, hilarious antics begin!

Perfect for any little reader who loves Bread and Jam for Frances, read along as Betty attempts to be patient for her favorite treat!

by Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton

How to Catch the Easter Bunny picture book for boys and girls

How to Catch the Easter Bunny is a fun-filled romp trying to catch the illustrious Easter Bunny!

This rabbit is an expert at staying undetected and hidden- and this interactive book is great for any kid who's ever wished to spot E.B.!

From the rhyming text to uber-colorful pictures, immerse yourself in the fun and magic that hops in the door with the Easter Bunny's arrival!

Happy Easter Scavenger Hunt Printable

by Marilyn Sadler, Illustrated by Roger Bollen

It's Not Easy Being a Bunny picture book for boys and girls

This hilarious, sweet read, It's Not Easy Being a Bunny is perfect to enjoy as a read-aloud to discuss or a read-alone!

J.P. Bunny doesn't like being a bunny, from the carrots to the long ears. In search of a more exciting option, he heads out to find how to become a better animal!

Little folks will get to explore all kinds of animals with J.P. Bunny- will he finally realize life as a rabbit is actually pretty fantastic?

Be sure to read the just-as-fun follow up book, It's Better Being a Bunny when you're done!

by Beatrix Potter

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny picture book by Beatrix Potter

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny relays the adventures of Peter Rabbit's equally mischievous cousin!

Whether it's rooting for veggies or sneaking about, Benjamin Bunny brings trouble and chuckles wherever he goes!

by Candace Fleming & G. Brian Karas

Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming and G. Brian Karas

Mr. McGreely's garden is every bunny's dream come true! Each day, they sneakily tippy-toe into his delicious selection of veggies, munching and crunching on every lettuce leaf, carrot and leaving the farmer very grumpy indeed!

The farmer vows that bunnies won't be able to violate his veggies, but they have other ideas!

Muncha, Muncha, Muncha is a favorite and is fabulous if you've finished Peter Rabbit's mishaps and are seeking a similar read to devour!

Easter bunny plush monogrammed personalized gift for boys and girls

by Margaret Wise Brown, Illustrated by Garth Williams

Home For a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown and Garth Williams Easter picture book for boys and girls

Home for a Bunny is an adorable, classic, delightful tale about a little rabbit in search of a home for the spring time! Margaret Wise Brown's cheerful tale of spring and all it's fun surprises.

With fabulous illustrations by Garth Williams, this simple, sweet and cozy tale is perfect for Easter morning and anytime you want to celebrate spring.

75 Years of Little Golden Books for boys and girls illustrated by Garth Williams

by Annie Silvestro, Illustrated by Tatjana Mai-Wyss

Bunny's Book Club picture book for boys and girls

Bunny absolutely loves to read! He always enjoys listening in on the local libraries story times from the safety of the trees and grass.

When the weather grows colder, though, Bunny can't come inside for his favorite part of the day!

Not wanting to go without his beloved books, Bunny hatches a plan in this adorable illustrated tale that little readers everywhere will love listening to again and again!

Bunny's Book Club is the perfect addition to the Easter basket or bookshelf!

by Du Bose Heyward, Pictures by Marjorie Hack

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes picture book for boys and girls

When The Country Bunny was a little rabbit, she dreamed of one day becoming one of the five Easter Bunnies that travel around the world hiding eggs. The bigger bunnies look down on her and aren't exactly supportive.

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes picture book for boys and girls for Easter

After having 21 little bunnies however, the now grown-up Country Bunny's dreams come true when she lands the coveted role of an E.B.!

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes is a charming vintage classic is a timeless and super sweet story about all things Easter bunny-related!

Vinyl waterproof dance sticker bunny bubble ballerina

This Bubble Ballerina Bunny sticker is super cute

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15 Best Books about Bunnies for Easter and Spring for boys and girls

Well, I hope you've found some fantastic titles about our bunny friends that you're hopping to get!

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Hoppy Spring!

April & Cenzia

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