DIY Summer Bucket List + Super Fun & Free Printables!

What's more fun then creating your own DIY Summer Bucket List to have a blast with this summer?! Make your vacay extra festive and special with these super fun Summer Bucket List Printables!

Update: We are in the process of updating these printables to make them a little more current. If you would like to kickstart your summer right away, head to our Etsy Shop for two of the styles that are featured in this post!

Summer Buckt List free printable fill in the blanks with fun graphics such as pink flamingo and palm tree

Having your own Summer Bucket List is the best way to put all the fun things you want to do in one fab spot, and our Summer Bucket List Printables will help you do just that!

So, every year, we try to come up with a list of all the fun things we want to try, see and do by the end of the summer!

Summer Bucket List fill in the blanks Free Printable for kids with sun, umbrella and watermelon

Click here to download this fun Summer Bucket List printable!

Of course, to actually remember all those things isn't exactly the easiest-and trying to do them if you can't recall what was on the list in the first place won't help either!

Our Summer Bucket Lists!

These bucket lists are so fabulous for so many reasons! First of all, who doesn't love creating a big list of ideas, plans and dreams for their summer?! I know I do!

The Best Summer Bucket List Printables have been pre-made to kick start the fun!

Here's the Best Summer Bucket List Printable in teal...

Summer Bucket List 2020 Free Printable check the boxes with watermelon, sun, umbrella and more

Click here to download this fun 2020 Summer Bucket List printable!

Whether you love crafts, can't get enough of swimming and boating, or want to try that specialty S'mores recipe from Instagram, summer is the perfect opportunity to do all those things and more!

These Summer Bucket List Printables will help get the fun started!

Pick your favorite printable (or all of them!) print, and begin your bucket lists!

Or, print out our check-the-box, already filled in Best Summer Bucket Lists for a full list of fun you'll love! Either way works, or do both if you're in the mood!

Below you'll find our Best Summer Bucket List with pops of pink...!

Summer Bucket list 2020 check the boxes filled in template free printable

Click here to download this 2020 Summer Bucket List with pops of pink!

You can also make your own! Here's a pic of the fabulous DIY Bucket List my mom did!

See the end of this post for mine. :)

Summer Bucket List 2020 sample with boxes to check off, mermaid tales and colorful writing

If you're searching for some fantastic ideas to add, jot them down before you begin with this Summer Inspiration Printable!

While you're brainstorming what to include on your Bucket List, here's a printable to help corral those good ideas in one spot!

Here's the Pink and Teal Summer Bucket List Ideas & Inspiration Printable!

Summer Bucket List Ideas & Inspiration Free Printable paper to write your ideas on

Click here to download this Summer Bucket List - Ideas & Inspiration Printable!

Bucket Lists are a great way to put all the things to want to do in one fun, festive place-after the summer, these Bucket Lists and Inspiration Printables will be so fun to slip in a frame, scrapbook, shadow box or time capsule!

Here's a Stay Wavy version of the Summer Inspiration Printable! It's always good to have options!

Summer Bucket List Ideas & Inspiration Free Printable beach blue

Click here to download this Stay Wavy Summer Bucket List Ideas & Inspiration printable!

Summer Bucket lists also make the best souvenirs to remember the sunny season by when you've finished it!

Display your Bucket List on the fridge, in your room, or a message board to give great suggestions and create fab memories all summer long!

There are tons of ways to customize a Bucket list, which is one of the reasons they're so popular!


Need some inspiration of activities and experiences?

Check out our list below for plenty of ideas and things to do!

  • Plant some flowers

  • Go to the drive-In

  • Make a fairy garden

  • Play hopscotch

  • Make a smoothie bowl

  • Go running

  • Go swimming

  • Try a new recipe

  • Learn dance

  • Do yoga

  • Have a campfire

  • Make your own s'mores

  • Watch a sunset

  • Ride bikes

  • Go boating

  • Do a craft

  • Get some ice cream

  • Make wish boats

  • Go for walks

  • Collect seashells, rocks or stickers

  • Have a movie night

  • Make a photo book

  • Play ping pong

  • Keep a journal

  • Make your own DIY time capsule

  • Make a sundial

  • Stargaze

  • Make a no-bake dessert

  • Make a summer playlist

  • Bingo

  • Hand-clap game

  • Jump rope

  • Blow bubbles

  • Go for a run

  • Write a letter

  • Make your bucket list-of course!

Above are just a few of the many ideas you could include on your list!

...And remember, keeping it simple is fine too! You don't have to have the most elaborate Summer Bucket List line-up in the world for it to be amazing!

Making your own Bucket List is a great way to get crafty too!

Here's the one I made for Summer 2020!

Summer Bucket List DIY ideas illustrations printable idea

Love the Bucket List idea, but need one that's shorter?

Here's our Simple Sunshine Summer Bucket List! - perfect for goals, but with plenty of space for relaxing!

Summer 2020 Bucket List Free Printable blank with beach ball and sun

Click here to download this Simple Sunshine Summer Bucket List printable!

Having ice cream, visiting a lake and watching a movie are favorite summer memories for a good reason!

....Or if you do want to experiment with a Pinterest-worthy art project or a cool yoga pose, go for it!!

You've got the whole summer ahead, so why not fill your bucket list to the brim with all the things you've been wanting to try?!

Below is a Beach Day version of our quick Summer Bucket List Printable!

Summer 2020 Bucket List Fill in printable with popsicle and beach ball

Click here to download this Beach Day Summer Bucket List!

Personalize your bucket list, make it special, super fun, and exciting to look at!!

Whether you fill the lines on your list with tons of goals, or have a few special things you've been dreaming about doing this summer, these Bucket Lists will help make each and every day something to look forward to!

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Enjoy the memories and we hope you have so much fun both creating and fulfilling your Summer Bucket List!!

Stay Cool! 💗


Please note: All of our free printables are for personal use only. They may not be sold or redistributed in any way by anyone other than their original creator, My Kidz Bookshelf.


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