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Fun Day Getaway: The National Bottle Museum!

Well, as a part of our blogging adventures, we like to not only read and review books, but also craft, make the occasional recipe, and go on trips whenever we can!

Bonus points if these travels are related to books we've enjoyed!

The National Bottle Museum was one such stop, and Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage was the book that inspired the visit!

Loved the color of these bottles!

Us doing a selfie with an actual camera!!

Who knew that there was a National Bottle Museum? I didn't, but this fun and fascinating stop is perfect whether you've read Three Times Lucky or are looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon!

Find our review and fun things to do once you've finished reading Three Times Lucky Here!

Filled to the brim with bottles of all shapes, sizes and colors, this museum packs a good punch of bottle knowledge and is a feast for the eyes and camera!

Just a small sample of the interesting variety of bottles housed at The National Bottle Museum!

They truly have every type of bottle you could possibly ever imagine. Milk bottles, bottles used to put out fires, the list goes on!

We had a personalized tour given to us by one of the volunteers! He was extremely up on his bottle history!

These 'grenades' were the original fire extinguishers!

In case you're in the area or interested in going, here's The National Bottle Museum's site:

Amazing collection of bottles- each with an interesting background!!

I think my mom and I both have a newfound appreciation for bottles after this!

A bottle commemorating America's 31st president!

This vase featuring Nemo's friend is upstairs in a special collection!

After our tour of the National Bottle Museum, we found ourselves wishing for some lunch, and hopefully a sip of coffee!

The Coffee Planet is an adorable coffee shop just down the block from the museum, so we stopped in for a hummus wrap and a frappe!

The Coffee Planet has really good frappes!

This cafe features artsy decor, artwork on the walls and fabulous sips, snacks and sweets in addition to lunch!

I'm a big fan of globes, so this was one of my favorite parts of The Coffee Planet!

My mom loved this! I want a gigantic spoon in our kitchen now!

The Coffee Planet featured the artwork of Ilona Zabolotna who used actual coffee to create her pieces! It was amazing! (...and yes, they were coffee-scented!)

Loved seeing this artist's work on the walls while we were there! Visit her website to learn more about her work!

It was time to wrap up our trip, and many pictures documented the many bottles we'd seen and gotten to know some trivia about.

Ready to head out after our Fun Day Getaway!

Took so many pictures in this interesting museum!

We hope you'll find your way over to The National Bottle Museum as well! If not, I hope you enjoyed this little virtual tour, and see you soon!

Happy travels!


Not a bottle, but definitely photo worthy!!


My Kidz Bookshelf
My Kidz Bookshelf
Sep 22, 2019

We're glad you enjoyed them! It was a fun outing and an interesting one too!


Sep 21, 2019

There are gorgeous colors depicted in your selection of photos of bottles. The blues, greens, carnival glass, etc. are so eye appealing, along with the variety of shapes. I enjoyed the tour via your fabulous snaps and great descriptions. Your site is so interesting with your reviews that are accented by the "fun extras". Thank you!

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