Serafina and the Seven Stars

By Robert Beatty

Serafina and the Seven Stars by Robert Beatty is the fourth installment in a terrific series that will pull you in from the very first page!

This past weekend, while recovering from the week, we were perusing the bookstore and came across a trilogy of books we'd read, The Serafina Series.

We were happy to discover, though, that it was no longer a trilogy, as a fourth book had come out and was on display!

Well, having been fans of the first three, of course a copy of Serafina and the Seven Stars came home with us! I started reading it the minute I walked in the door... patience is a virtue; just not when it comes to reading brand-new books. :)

With a unique setting, fantastic stories and a memorable heroine, The Serafina Series doesn't disappoint!

This newest installment, like the others, takes place at the Biltmore Estate near Asheville, North Carolina in the early 1900's.

Serafina has faced many a foe before, and after a number of adventures, it seems like life in the Biltmore is finally returning to normal.

Appearances can be deceiving however, and not long after she moves into one of the house's finest rooms, Serafina discovers there's much more going on both inside the Biltmore and on its grounds than she thought.

With her best friend, Braeden Vanderbilt at boarding school in New York, and dozens of guests staying at the opulent home, will Serafina be able to uncover the truth before she's out of time?

Fantasy, history and suspense are all beautifully interwoven throughout Serafina and the Seven Stars making it a captivating addition to a great series!

The gorgeous cover art will draw you in, and the tantalizing plot will keep you there!

Fun Extras to go along with Serafina and the Seven Stars!

Make a Constellation Card!

The stars play a role in Serafina's adventures..don't want to give too much away, but a card is a great way to remember to search for all those constellations!

At the start of the story, Serafina admires the many constellations in the night sky!

Visit the Night Sky Online!

Daytime when you've finished reading? Check out this site for a look at the constellations, then try your hand at locating them yourself!

Painted Constellations!

This is a super simple and satisfying craft that perfectly compliments the book's gorgeous cover and title! Customize to your favorite constellation and craft away!


-Rocks, flat or slightly rounded work best

-Paint - we used blue, black and shimmery purple to reflect the sky, but you decide!

-White paint or paint pen for constellations

- Optional: Glitterglue


-Small-tipped paintbrush or toothpick (for constellations)

-Larger-tipped paintbrush

Step One: Wash and dry rocks.

Step Two: Paint base coat on rocks and let dry.

Step Three: Add glitter or shimmer of choice

Step Four: Using a small-tipped paintbrush or toothpick, dot on constellation of your choice, or, add more glitter for a starrier night sky!

Need Inspiration? See ours below!

Try some Biltmore-era Snacks and Sweets!

Here's a list of more than 25 fun and interesting foods from the early 1900's. You'll be surprised by some of the choices!

...Here are some of the foods we chose to taste-test:

Peanut butter and jelly started as a delicacy and was served at posh parties!

Hershey's chocolate bar came out the same year the book takes place, 1900!

Play this Game!

The Vanderbilts made their fortune primarily from the railroad, so this game is a fun choice after reading about them!

There are different versions of this fun board game; the U.S., Europe and other great destinations!

Visit the Author's Website to find out more!

The author of the Serafina Series, Robert Beatty, has a website -click here to see more:

Be sure to Pin this post so you remember this fantastic read and the fun ideas that go along with it!

Hope you add Serafina's adventures to your TBR and enjoy them as much we do!

See you soon!

Cenzia :)

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