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Window Shopping Wednesday- Shop our Summertime Favorites!

See what's on our Window Shopping List this week!

Wildwoods, New Jersey shore with beach ball sculpture

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Well, it definitely feels like summer and we have a trip to the beach on our Summer Bucket List!

On to our Window Shopping Wednesday

Summertime Favorites!

Do you love taking photos? We really enjoy capturing the moment and looking for a way to print out some of our fave photos.

This phone printer is the best! It is portable,super cute, comes in several colors and prints out very good quality Polaroid prints!

With steamy days approaching, thoughts of surf, sand and sun are on our minds! We don’t head out to the beach, though, without consulting this first! It's great for getting organized quickly!

Get organized and have some fun with this Beach Day Bundle! Great for getting ready and having an extra fun game for the beach and one for the car ride too!

We have a trip coming up on our calendar, and this Waterproof phone pouch is in our online shopping cart as we speak!

Do you like to read at the beach? We always bring a book to the beach and we can't wait for the final installment of this trilogy to come out! Both of us read the first two and loved it!

Looking for some great summertime reads for the younger set? Check out our 15 Best Summer Picture Books to Beat the Heat! From classics to newer favorites, beat the heat with these amazing picture books you'll love, by the beach or by the air conditioner!

Having the right tote can make your trip to the beach a lot easier! This is true especially if you have some younger ones in tow and need your hands free! This beach tote has a great design and is guaranteed to bring in the compliments.

This is such a fun Sticker Book to have handy for vacations by the shore or a weekend by the pool! Have a mermaid fan? Got a kiddo who loves all things ocean and is a budding marine biologist? This sticker book is the perfect blend of fantasy, sea life and screen-free fun!

undersea coral and fish ocean

I don't know about you, but I like a big, fluffy, bright beach towel to bring with to the beach or pool parties. Even if you simply are laying in the sun (with sunscreen and SPF applied, of course!) it's a must!

This Mermaid tail will be a hit at parties and lazy days by a pool or for a photoshoot! If your family is obsessed with pool days and summer sunshine, add to the magic with this sweet dress-up idea! (Mermaid fans will adore this book and the fun activities!)

If your little mermaid or pirate loves to add way too many shells to their growing beach shell collection, this handy-dandy bag makes collecting so much fun and is going to be a space-saver in the car ride home!

There you have it! Our Summertime finds and faves for Window Shopping Wednesday!

We're always on the lookout for great finds! Find a new fave? Let us know in the comments below!


April & Cenzia

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