The Best Summer Beach Day Packing List - Free Printable!

Updated: Feb 27

A Beach Day Packing List is a great way to get organized, have kids help and get out the door quickly so you can have more time for fun at the beach!

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Now when you have young kids- even just one kid- prepping for any kind of trip can be quite the challenging task!

Getting ready for even a day at the beach feels like you're launching the space shuttle!

We love it when summer rolls around! There are so many things we want to do!!

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When my and daughter was young, we'd have a quick breakfast in an attempt to get out the door and to the beach as quickly as possible!

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I would prepare snacks and beverages, gather swimsuits, towels & toys.

My husband would find the cooler, beach chairs, make sure we had gas in the car and gather any other essentials that I typically forgot!

(These yummy snacks were perfect for a quick bite to eat or to enjoy at the beach!!)

photo: CarolinaIttyBitty

The youngest member would run around in excitement and basically get underfoot! Usually she'd put together a few books to take for the car ride like this one!

As Cenzia got a little older, she would help. We put together a Beach Day Packing List and that made a huge difference!

Putting together a list helped us get organized and out the door in half the time it normally took us!

So, here we are, the sun is shining, the weather is warm - we're back in our beach day mode!

We packed up everything we needed and drove to a nearby state park that has a beautiful beach at the edge of a tree-lined lake.

In fact, as we write this we are actually at the beach! The sand is in between our toes, the sounds of water splashing and the warm sun making us drowsy after a little swimming. Perfection!

We left the laptop home and went traditional with a notebook and pencil and put together the perfect Summer Beach Day Packing List to share with you!

(Above) A trip to Martha's Vineyard with our Girl Scout Troop a few years back! Read more about that fun trip and things to see here!

We wrote down all of the things we take with us when heading out for some summertime fun, and added in a couple of extras we thought would be good to pack as well!

It's fun to plan and easier to pack and prepare with this printable Packing List to help get the job done!

A fabulous remote charger for vacations!!

A packing list is not only a great way to get ready more quickly and efficiently, it's also super fun to look back on your Beach Day list post trip and add it to a scrapbook or keep in a Time Capsule once summer is in the rearview!

It also builds on the excitement and anticipation of visiting the sand and shore while helping to prepare for the fun in the sun ahead!

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We hope this packing list comes in handy for your next trip to the beach!


April & Cenzia

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Updated 04/26/2023 - Originally Published 07/08/2020