Seas the Day at Martha's Vineyard!

This beautiful island is an absolutely gorgeous spot for a vacation or getaway!

Martha's Vineyard has it all- scenic beaches, Aquinnah Cliffs, sweet gingerbread cottages, and tons of shops! Not to mention it's surrounded by the dazzling seaside-what more could you wish for?!

So, if you've been following our blog for a bit, you'll have seen my mom's post about Nantucket and our whirlwind day trip there! My 'Stay Wavy' keepsake craft box was a project inspired by our trip to those two islands, and I wanted to write a bit about our time on Martha's Vineyard!

Well, we did go to Nantucket for a great day, but let's not forget about Martha's Vineyard! We were lucky and had some fabulous weather and saw a lot!

Note: Since we are all about 'Books and Fun, All in One' on our site, you'll find a few fun book tie-ins here too!

Day One

Our first day began bright and early as we prepared to take off for our destination! We were traveling as part of a group, and had hired a service to get us all to Cape Cod and we took the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard!

This hilarious novel came along with us!

The weather was perfect for sitting above deck on the ferry as we headed to Martha's Vineyard, and it felt nice to get some sunshine on our faces after being inside for a while! (Don't worry, we were responsible and applied sunblock!)

We arrived on the island, and after rolling those suitcases to our hotel (which was thankfully close) our group of travelers headed out for a bite to eat!

Nancy's was decided upon, a restaurant near the harbor, which served a variety of local fare and seafood. I ordered the shrimp tempura sushi roll, and my mom got the fish tacos. Both were delicious choices! (My mom was nice enough to offer me some of her tacos, and in return I offered up some of my sushi!)

There's nothing like a good couple of hours at the beach to feel like summer vacation!

After our tasty dining out experience, we decided to go for a walk down to Inkwell Beach, and swam, chatted, and relaxed in the sunshine!

Of course, post-dip in the ocean, some shopping was in order, because I wasn't about to go home having not visited Vineyard Vines!

Inside the Vineyard Vines at Oak Bluffs!

We walked up and down Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluff's shopping district and returned to our hotel with tired feet and full shopping bags- and rested up for our second day of Martha's Vineyard adventures!

We brought along our Vineyard Vines 'twinsies' shirts!

Day Two

Our second day started out with some raindrops, but luckily, we'd booked a bus tour with the rest of our fellow travelers, which is a wonderful way to see all the sights around the island, and we stayed nice and dry that way too!

Bridge from the movie, Jaws!

Our first stop was Jaws Bridge, where we took lots of photos-no sharks, thank goodness!

It had stopped raining when we arrived, but the sky looked very dramatic and movie-worthy-so cool to visit where the famous movie scene was filmed!

Chief Brody's house from the movie Jaws!

I love this pic of the Sock Monkey relaxing in Alley's!

Next on our tour was Alley's General Store, which is the oldest general store in America and is so fun to look around! If you should happen to venture there, Alley's really does sell everything, including postcards, jigsaw puzzles, fresh fruits and veggies, retro toys and coffee.

Outside Alley's General Store-loved looking around inside!

The final stop on the tour = Aquinnah Cliffs.

The Aquinnah Cliffs where breathtaking - exactly like something you would see in National Geographic or one of those exotic travel magazines!

Truly a must see if you're on Martha's Vineyard-I would happily spend some more time there if we return!

Aquinnah Cliffs-aren't they just gorgeous?!

After our bus tour concluded, some shopping was in order; We headed out onto Circuit Avenue once more- as you can tell from the pic below we had way too much fun at The Black Dog Store!

This picture book is the true story of the Black Dog that inspired the store!

We did head back over to Vineyard Vines, and I purchased the most adorable keychain! After that, we enjoyed going up and down, stopping in the many shops that line the street, and made a lengthier stop at Mad Martha's for some much wished for ice cream! We're really great at this tourist thing!

Cutest signs ever in Mad Martha's! We got the top sign option!

Mad Martha's has a wonderful reputation on Martha's Vineyard, and has gained our good reviews as well!

My mother and I selected the Fluffernutter ice cream combo after much thought, and let's just say the ice cream concoction didn't last long enough for us to get a picture of it! Peanut butter cup ice cream with P.B. cups and hot fudge sauce= Delicious!

Well, now that we had properly refueled, it was off to the Gingerbread Cottages next.

These adorable Victorian style cottages had been purchased by their first owners right out of the Sears-Roebuck catalogue!

This is only a small sample of how many cottages there are! The hotel we stayed at was actually a gingerbread cottage (a larger one). There are over three hundred of them!

The Gingerbread Cottages reminded me of this favorite book, The Little House!

Gingerbread Cottages made me think of gingerbread people!

If you were to ask, this is my favorite gingerbread cottage- the candy pink color and oversized hearts made it hands down a fave! All the cottages made it onto the favorites list though, they're all so adorable and fun!

My favorite gingerbread cottage!

Day Three

Well, I'll leave you for our third day, since this was the day we ventured over to Nantucket and had a fabulous time! Click Here for the post my mom wrote on our day trip there.

Waiting for the ferry-The Black Dog Cafe has great granola bars!

When we returned from Nantucket, we grabbed a smoothie and enjoyed one last walk around Martha's Vineyard before turning in for our last night on the island!

Day Four

We finished our packing and took some final pics before departing on the ferry back to Cape Cod.

It was a wonderful trip and the only thing I wish we'd done differently is to have gotten to see more!

Posing while waiting for our final ferry ride!

So grateful we got to visit this incredible place- I highly recommend adding Martha's Vineyard to your bucket list, you'll love it there!


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