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Ahh, Summer! What comes to mind when you think of summertime? Beach days? Barbecues? Drive-in movies? Or is it... ice cream?! That's definitely one of the first things that comes to our minds!

the Pink Roof Ice Cream stand in Lake George, New York

Ice cream is enjoyed, taste tested, and craved by many folks in the hotter months, and we're certainly no exception to that! ;) And therein lies the reason for this post!

ice cream cone upside down in dish with spoon

Whether it's a creamy soft-serve twist, vegan 'nice cream' or a fruity sorbet, frozen desserts pair perfectly with the steamy days of summer!

Several summers ago, we, along with some friends of ours, decided to start an Ice Cream Club! We met once a week and tried different ice cream flavors, did crafts, and visited new ice cream places! We had the best time!

Vintage Ice Cream signs with Ice Cream Cones

What could be better than an excuse to eat as much frozen dessert as you can?!

Perfect for any and all ages and a great way to embrace the season and have fun during the lazy, hazy days of summer!

ice cream sign on top of building photo by My Kidz Bookshelf

It's pretty straightforward and if you're avoiding dairy, no worries! There are plenty of ice cream places these days that offer non-dairy and vegan alternatives!

Saratoga Gelato Italian ice Cream and Espresso Bar photo by My Kidz Bookshelf

This was definitely one of our fave things that we've done for some summer fun and makes a great idea for a 'Staycation!'

It doesn't cost a lot, you don't have to go far and you can customize it to your Club Members!

We had a super fun time, made some great memories and we love looking back at the pictures we took too! Makes me want to go out today to get some ice cream!

Ice cream signs from Mad Martha's in Martha's Vineyard - photo My Kidz Bookshelf
Mad Martha's - Martha's Vineyard

Read on for more ideas and how to create your very own ice cream club!

How To Start An Ice Cream Club

Get Some Members!

This could be a close friend or two, neighbor, group of friends (large or small), a cousin, a grandparent, you get my drift! Anything goes!

Ice cream cones, bowls of ice cream, spoons and toppings on a pink table

Make A Plan

Sometimes the planning is just as much fun as the doing!

If your club members are of the younger variety, it's nice to put something together for them ahead of time. If you're doing this with older kids, they will have fun coming up with some ideas of their own.

  • Decide how often you would like to meet - pick a day and time that works for everyone.

  • Come up with a list of ice cream places to visit - check with friends, neighbors or online sites to find recommendations.

  • Put together a calendar or list with your planned visits and activities as well as a club agenda if you want to really get serious!

Keep a journal to keep track of all of the fun!

Here's a fun journal cover printable to get you started! See below for some pages to print out too!

The Official Ice Cream Club Journal Free Printable Cover

Click here to print or download this Ice Cream Journal Printable Cover

Need Some Inspiration?

Here are some ideas for your First Ice Cream Club Meeting!

  • Introduce the idea of an Ice Cream Club! Brainstorm fun things to do with your club members!

  • Do an ice cream-themed craft.

  • Feel free to incorporate a fun read aloud like one of these summertime picture books!

  • Enjoy some ice cream or other frozen dessert (pops, pints, cones, sandwiches, shakes, floats, etc!!).

  • Decide on your future get togethers! It can be on a porch, at a park, at an ice cream stand, -any place you want!

Ice Cream Journal Page Printables

Print as many as you need! Put them together with The Official Ice Cream Journal Printable (above) to have a fun way to keep all those memories in one place!

Include some photos or drawings to round it out!

The Ice Cream Club journal page free printable

Click here to print or download this Ice Cream Journal Page

Emack and Bolio's Ice cream vegan flavor - photo My Kidz Bookshelf

Here's another fun colorful Ice Cream Journal page option...

The Ice Cream Club journal page free printable

Click here to print or download this Ice Cream Journal Page

10 Fun Ideas For Kids To do With An Ice Cream Club!

  1. Invent Your Own Flavor of Ice Cream! Come up with an idea, then make it happen! Start with a basic flavor then pick two or three add -ins to to customize! Be sure to come up with a fun name too!

  2. Design a Sundae or other Themed-Ice Cream Creation! See our entry here that we entered in the Trader Joe's contest last year! Disney's Kitchen Sink Sundae from their Beaches & Cream Shop offers some terrific inspiration!

  3. Ice Cream Artwork - Make some ice cream cones! Draw, paint, use gems, sequins or any other materials you have lying around and create a poster or other fun piece of art!

  4. Put together an Ice Cream Journal to document your Ice Cream Adventures! See our free printable below!

  5. Play some Ice Cream Bingo! We have a free printable for Ice Cream Bingo too!

  6. Make your own Ice Cream or non-dairy Nice Cream! This smoothie bowl recipe is a fantastic soft ice-cream replacement that is dairy-free and super healthy!

  7. Have fun with making some Ice Cream Shrinky Dink Magnets! Draw little ice cream cones, individual scoops in different flavors and toppings like whipped cream, hot fudge, sprinkles and cherries. Cut them all out. Bake (& shrink) according to Shrinky Dink instructions and glue a magnet on the back. Have fun creating your customized cones!

  8. Make ice cream the old fashioned way! You can use the 'can within a can' or a ziploc bag! Either way, it's a fun way to go classic!

  9. Can't get to one of those fancy Frozen Yogurt places like Menchies? Make a DIY FroYo Bar right at home! Gather toppings, get a few flavors of frozen treat of choice (yogurt, ice cream, sherbet or fruit sorbet) and have fun serving up a custom creation to cool off with!

  10. Ice Cream and a Movie! Whether you're headed to the drive-in or staying in, ice cream is the perfect addition to round out your 'staycation' fun!

Ice Cream Club BINGO card printable free for kids by My Kidz Bookshelf

Click here to print or download this Ice Cream Bingo Printable!

Tip: Be sure to take pics of all of the fun things you did and print some out for your Ice Cream Journal!

vintage ice cream sign that says 'Hand Dipper - 10 cents

Fun Kids' Books Tie-Ins to Make Your Ice Cream Club (dare we say it?) Educational!!

Book cover Grilla Loves Vanilla holding tall ice cream cone based on the creation of Rob Scotton

These books are a fun way to weave in some reading with your Ice Cream Club! See our post for more: 15 Best Picture Books + Easy Chapter Reads For Kids Who Love Ice Cream!

1. Splat the Cat- I Scream for Ice Cream based on the books by Rob Scotton

2. Gorilla Loves Vanilla by Chae Strathie and Nicola O'Byrne

3. Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems

4. Curious About Ice Cream (Smithsonian)

5. Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise by H.A. Rey

6. The Boxcar Children: The Ice Cream Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner

7. Scoop the Ice Cream Truck by Patricia Keeler

8. Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae with 54 Stickers (Dover Little Activity Books Stickers)

9. The Ice Cream Kid: Brain Freeze! by Todd Clark

10. Grace - The American Girl: Girl of the Year by Mary Casanova

11. And for older teens who love a good rom-com: Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch book cover with picture of two ice cream cones on cover

Ready to go have some ice cream?

Get inspired, get creative and grab a spoon! Make some memories and enjoy the delicious and frosty fun along the way!!

So, there you have it! Plenty of fun ideas and inspiration to have fun and stay cool with your own Ice Cream Club!

Be sure to PIN this post so you can save it for future ice cream inspiration!

The Ice Cream Club Pinterest pin - 10 Fun Ideas for Kids and Free Printables

Have a fun suggestion or great ice cream recipe to go along with the Ice Cream Club? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay Cool!

April & Cenzia

Ice cream sandwich using Annie's mini chocolate chips
World's smallest ice cream sandwich!

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