Christmas Movie Bingo Free Printable for a Fun Family Film Night!

This fun and free printable will be a lot of fun for the kiddos to fill out and also give you some great ideas for some super Christmas movies!

In our last post we put together Our Top 25 Family Favorite Christmas Movies for a Fun Holiday Season! We included something for everyone--comedy, drama, classics, animated as well as live-action!

Christmas Movie Bingo Printable Free

To add a little fun to the movie mix, we decided to put together a free Bingo printable to go along with your family's fun holiday movie night!

This printable can be downloaded or printed and even shared with friends who are looking to add some fun to the family movie-watching experience!

Our Bingo printable goes along with the post that we mentioned above - Our Top 25 Family Favorite Christmas Movies for a Fun Holiday Season which you can check out here.

Our Top 25 Family Favorite Christmas Movies for a Fun Holiday Season Pinterest pin

Find a place to post up your Bingo printable, enjoy watching the Christmas movies and proudly mark off a square for each one you viewed!

Along with the classic center Free Space in our Bingo Christmas movie printable, we've included a few 'choose your own' movie options!

After all, there are way more than 25 Christmas movies out there to watch!

Finish five in a row (across, up and down or sideways) to earn something special!

It doesn't have to be flashy or expensive - maybe it's a little treat that's been tucked away for just the right occasion, bring you and the kiddos to that smoothie bowl place you've been wanting to try, or have fun making a DIY Fro-Yo Bar! It's all good!

Christmas Movie Bingo Printable Free

Click here to to download or print our free Christmas Movie Bingo printable!

However you decide to reward yourself, this Christmas Movie Bingo printable will make a great addition to a scrapbook, and absolutely make the perfect keepsake to put in your New Year's Time Capsule!

Time Capsules are a part of our family's New Year's Tradition and we get a big kick out of putting them together!

I started the idea years ago with my daughter's Girl Scout troop! We had so much fun doing it that it eventually became part of our family's New Year's Eve tradition as well!

Our family fun printables make great additions to scrapbooks or a New Year's Time Capsule!

Be sure to Pin this post so you can return to it in the future!

Have a fun Christmas or holiday movie to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

Well, time for us to go get some hot cocoa and find the remote! We have a movie to watch!

Happy Holidays,

Cenzia & April

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