Hello Nantucket!

So, you know the 'Books and Fun, All in One' tagline we use here at My Kidz Bookshelf? Well, it's 100% accurate!

There are more things and places we could possibly get to than we have time for, but by golly, we're gonna give it our best shot!

The view on the ferry to Nantucket. A gorgeous day!

Well, most people have heard of the literary classic, Moby Dick by Herman Melville. You may not know, however, that this timeless classic was inspired by the real life events of the Nantucket whaling ship, the Essex which was attacked and sunk by a sperm whale in 1820!

Join us as we visit this historical town and walk the streets that Herman Melville walked and wrote about as well as visit other points of interest on Nantucket!

It's kind of funny, because for many years, whenever somebody mentioned Nantucket, it would just sound so far away. Now, it's not right around the corner, but it's not necessary to purchase a plane ticket --for us anyway!

One of my favorite pics! Upstairs at the Whaling Museum!

Well, this past summer my daughter and I had the opportunity to travel to Martha's Vineyard with a group and I just couldn't imagine going that far without going just a little further to see Nantucket. My explanation for such things is always, "I never know if I'm ever going to get back there, so I want to see everything I can!" Pretty sure I took that saying from my mom!

Like stepping back in time on Nantucket!

The other travelers from the group needed a day of relaxing, so my daughter and I were on our own! Never a problem, we've traveled to many an unknown destination together and were determined to get to Nantucket!

Our plan was to take the first ferry over from Martha's Vineyard, where we were staying, and return on the last ferry back which left at 5- ish. A good solid day trip. Unfortunately, the ferry company was down a boat and the return was going to leave at 2:30. A little less time, but enough to squeeze in what we wanted to see in town.

So quaint! Right off the ferry in Nantucket!

Now, if you're thinking, 'Wow, that's not enough time!' you're absolutely right! But, like I said, we had traveled with a group, so we were just doing our best with what we had! If you have the chance to go, make sure you're there for at least a night or two!

Lucky for us, the weather prediction for our day trip was projected to be beautiful! Low 80's, sunny, breezy...perfection!


It was only a five minute walk to the ticket booth from our hotel where we promptly purchased our round trip ferry tickets to Nantucket ($65 each, in case you're wondering--the price drops as you would expect after the summer tourists head home).

Ten steps away from the ticket booth was The Black Dog Cafe which was already filling up with customers. The walk-in cafe had a nice selection of breakfast items - croissants, muffins, bagels & , breakfast sandwiches, and beverages.

The Black Dog Cafe had these great all-natural granola bars!

We grabbed a couple of waters, an asiago bagel w/cream cheese and went back the next day for the delectable muffins - Coffee Cinnamon and Blueberry! Who knew they also made their own granola bars?!

Well, the ferry ride over to Nantucket was pure bliss! We sat out on deck for the entire ride which took a little more than an hour. The view coming into the harbor was just beautiful!

Our view coming into Nantucket!

Boats were everywhere! Sailboats and yachts dotted the harbor and lined the docks. We really felt like we were entering a different world!

Our first stop after disembarking was to peek into a couple of the quaint shops lining the main street. Jewelry, clothing, souvenirs and more occupied these boutiques that lined the brick-lined street.

Outside of one of the delightful shops next to the Nantucket Harbor!

After a few minutes of perusing, we set out to get to our first destination-The Nantucket Whaling Museum.

Model on display at the Whaling Museum

The Whaling Museum had this great mural!

We love museums, so this was first on our list of things to see! Even if you're not a history buff, this gorgeous museum will win you over! The Nantucket Whaling Museum has a comprehensive collection of artifacts, models and collections as well as a restored candle factory within its walls!

Inside the Great Hall at the Nantucket Whaling Museum.

Visitors are able to see the Nantucket clock as well as the Fresnel lens from the Sankatay Head Light (1849) at the museum. Click the link above or here to find out more about this incredible museum!

You can go to the top of the Whaling Museum and enjoy the view!

After learning so much about this time in history, I have added Herman Melville's Moby Dick to my reading list! I saw this terrific abridged version at the bookstore for young readers looking for a shorter version to start out with!

The Old Mill was the next stop on our personal walking tour. We were on foot, so it took about 20 minutes to get there. We popped into a few shops and a bookstore along the way, so, we probably added a few minutes onto that.

The Old Mill was just like the pictures we'd seen! We were excited to take some of our own in front of this amazing piece of history!

The Old Mill on Nantucket!

The Old Mill is the oldest working mill in the United States!

Taking a break before heading back down the hill!

Speaking of the route to the Old Mill. On the way there, I went to put on my hat and found, to my dismay, I didn't have it! Now, this hat is not a glamorous thing-it's kind of beat, actually! I bought it years ago and it is in no way stylish! HOWEVER..it has traveled with me to China twice, Canada, various states was lost in the Atlantic (then found)... so I'm quite attached to it!

This is the hat I lost...and found! Notice the one in the pic above is NOT my favorite hat!

Well I was trying to be the adult, and shrug it off, but my daughter firmly suggested we retrace our steps after seeing the Old Mill! So, that's what we did and amazingly, found it on the floor of Mitchell's Book Corner--the bookstore we had stopped at along the way. I love a happy ending!

We passed this artist on the way to and from The Old Mill! Several other statues were nearby as well!

Following the rediscovery of my hat, we headed to the Hospital Thrift Shop! Who can resist a good deal? Not us! If you enjoy poking around, this is a fun way to not only get a good deal, but see what kinds of books, clothes and housewares and more are typical for the area. My daughter found some terrific American Girl deals!

Well, we were needing some refreshment after our active touring and were directed by the Hospital Thrift Shop staff to walk down the block to The Bean. Artisanal beverages, sandwiches, salads and snacks in a clean, comfortable cafe were the perfect respite!

The Bean is a great spot to take a break and have a refreshing beverage and lunch!

Well, the clock was a-ticking, so our last bit of time was reserved for some good old fashioned shopping! There's no shortage of delightful shops to go in and out of, offering everything from standard tourist items to more exotic and unique choices!

Outside the Vineyard Vines!

I had my heart set on one of those fleece-sweatshirt blankets with the Nantucket parking permit art and my daughter wanted some Nantucket tees! Lucky for us we didn't dawdle too much because I thought the ferry left at 2:50, but it was getting ready to leave right as we walked up at 2:30! Whoops! Better check those times more closely next time!

Checking out our purchases on the ferry ride!

So, even though it was a whirlwind visit, we were thrilled with everything we got to see and experience! Without a doubt, we want to go back! We barely scratched the surface of all of the history and beauty that Nantucket has to offer!

Figurehead on display at the Whaling Museum in Nantucket.

There is so much to see and explore, I've already started putting the bug in my husband's ear about returning to this gorgeous island!

Can't wait to go back! Love ya' Nantucket!


Our view as we stepped off the ferry at Nantucket.

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