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I Will Teach You To Be Rich! - Book Review

Well, if you’re like us, the topic of money and finances comes up pretty regularly. We did the homeschool route and that meant one income.

We managed, but I can assure you... no one in our household is retiring to a private island anytime soon!

Managing money, living on a budget, and saving for the future are financial skills that I really wished had a better grasp of.

As they say, it’s never too late! I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi is a solid read with no wasted pages.

This book is filled to the brim with practical information that is easy to understand, well organized and actually enjoyable to read!

I Will Teach You To Be Rich book by Ramit Sethi

Testimonials are added throughout, and although some reviewers thought it was too much, I actually found it motivating to read success stories from people with such a wide variety of financial backgrounds.

Filled with personality and excellent information, I Will Teach You To Be Rich covers a wide variety of financial topics very clearly and includes steps to achieve your goals.

Written in a casual style, it feels more like the reader is enjoying a cup of coffee and conversation with the author while turning the pages.

I personally tend to jump around when I read and have taken a buffet style approach to this book. (Incidentally, I will be strongly suggesting my 18 -year -old blogging partner read this from cover to cover! I truly wish I had access to this info when I was a young adult!!)

Anyway, the book covers in a very easy-to-understand format steps to take that will put you on the path to financial well-being.

I’m coming to this pretty late in the game and with only one household income, but there are still steps I have started implementing.

From Conscious Spending to Investing, this book has clear explanations and steps that are easy to follow.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich helps the average person gain a healthy understanding on how money matters work and to be in charge- rather than a passive participant- of how your financial future will unfold!

Ramit Sethi includes checklists, guides, clear chapters and steps for every topic in this book. I have started implementing some of these steps and am interested to expand on them.

Keep in mind, I definitely went out of order of the book. I started small with re-examining our spending - specifically subscriptions and cutting out a few that we really don’t need or use anymore (pages 136-137).

Even a small amount can yield a significant difference over time. I actually have a quote of my own I use often -"If you dropped (dollar amount here) on the ground, would you pick it up?"

I really like that I Will Teach You To Be Rich encourages people to examine and embrace what you place value on and use that as guidance for the reader to decide on where to spend and where to save.

This idea definitely brings a wholistic spin to the financial discussion and makes it feel less constricting and more empowering.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich is an excellent book that is absolutely worth buying and reading.

If you have an older teen in the house, this is a fantastic book for providing them with a guide that is sure to get them started on the path to financial stability and security.

We typically blog about books for kids and other kid-themed fun and such, but I thought this topic speaks to all parents! Having a family means more members to consider when planning your finances!

family playing a game at the carnival

This book is a terrific resource for helping families work toward accomplishing their financial goals.

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Hope your saving adventures go well!


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