25 Books That Make Great Gifts for Kids and Teens Who Don't Like to Read!

Even if the kid or teen you're buying for doesn't love to read, here are 25 fabulous books that make great gifts!

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Books make great gifts! Even though electronics have really taken a front seat in the gift-giving arena, there's nothing like opening that colorful wrapping to see an exciting new story waiting to be read!

The reality is, some kids just don't adore reading. Sad, but true and I grew up with two brothers who would rather do anything other than sit down and read a book!

kid swinging outside with girl looking on

I was the big reader, devouring every page in my path and even smuggling my Nancy Drew mysteries outside with me when my mother shooed us to get out of the house for some 'sunshine and fresh air!'

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Kids reading in tree with converse sneakers and jeans on books three friends

I used to climb my favorite tree with a Nancy Drew book tucked wherever it would stay put, settle into the crook of the tree and get ready to solve some crime with Nancy, Bess and George until dinnertime!

Even though my brothers were both excellent students (my mother left them no choice in the matter!), sitting down and reading for fun was not on their to-do lists-- ever!

However, with that being the case, there were still books that both boys not only tolerated but enjoyed getting lost in. Comic books were at the top of that list!

Comic Books, Batman, Fantastic Four, Daredevil

They not only sat and read comic books, they would break out some pencils and paper and imitate the art in them, talk about them, trade/negotiate/bribe with one another and friends in order to add to their comic book collection- you get my drift!

Spiderman reading a book

This was before graphic novels were a thing and I have no doubt they would have taken to them as well had they been available.

Above: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Over the years, they did discover other things they enjoyed reading in addition to comic books.

They also enjoyed car magazines, the Guinness World Records and thumbing through the encyclopedias that my mom had insisted we have on our bookshelves - definitely a thing of the time period!.

Guiness World Records 2022

So, the lesson here, is, that a book really does exist for every interest! Sometimes, you just have to dig a little deeper to find it!

If you're looking for some ideas for gifts for the non-reading kid or teen that's on your gift-giving list, here are some terrific options!

25+ Books That Make Great Gifts for

Kids and Teens Who Don't Like to Read!

1. Paint by Sticker Kids

Paint by Sticker kids Outer Space book cover

We love these sticker books by Workman Publishing and they come in a variety of themes! They're entertaining for young kids to adults!

Paint by Sticker Kids Unicorns & Magic

The first one we purchased was the Travel Poster sticker book and have had a lot of fun using the stickers to fill in and 'paint' the images! Posting the final product as art on the wall adds some fun decor to your space!

Check out these Outer Space, Dogs, Under the Sea and Unicorn options just to name a few!

2. Photicular Books

Dinosaur - A Photicular Book

These books are so cool! Fans of animals and nature will really enjoy the lenticular images that 'move' as the reader turns the pages!

The pages are sturdy and are filled with great info and these awesome photicular books are guaranteed to hold your reader's attention!

We have the Polar photicular book (penguins are our personal faves!).

Ocean - A Photicular Book

In additional to Polar, check out the Dinosaur, Safari, Outback, Ocean, Jungle and Wild! These photicular books make perfect gifts for nature and animal lovers!

3. How to Draw

When I was putting together this post, I revisited books for drawing and bumped into this one.

It reminded me so much of the style of drawing that both of my brothers were into back when they were learning to draw.

How to Draw Cool Stuff

There are so many great 'How To' books on the market and learning to draw requires little in the way of materials and expense.

So, a good how to draw book is the perfect choice for the artist that you are looking to buy for!

Pair this How to Draw Cool Stuff book with a sketchbook and pencils or markers for a great gift set!

This How To Draw Anime Part 1 has a lot of fans, great reviews and other follow-up books!

20 Ways to Draw a Dress book by Julia Kuo

20 Ways to Draw a Dress is just one of the many fabulous books in the '20 Ways to Draw' series that makes learning to draw fun and easy!

We have a copy on our bookshelf and it was a big hit with Cenz when it showed up under our Christmas tree!

How to draw cool stuff the 5 minuite workbook

Written by a mom, artist and teacher, The 5 Minute Workbook gives fast and easy steps to learn how to draw in a fun way!

4. Graphic Novels

Percy Jackson and the Olympians graphic novel

The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

For kids who still enjoy a great story and enjoy illustrations as much or more than text, you just can't go wrong with graphic novels!

This genre has really gained traction over the years and is a fabulous way to get and keep kids interested in reading!

If they're tired or just have more of an artistic eye, graphic novels like this one will absolutely hold their interest!

Some graphic novels just stand out above the rest and Beast Boy is one of them!

A compelling story line, fabulous art and a devoted following puts Beast Boy at the top and makes a perfect choice for a gift!

5. DC / Marvel

Marvel Encyclopedia intro by Stan Lee