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Save Time and Get a Clean House with the Best Robot Vacuum + Books Starring Maids & Housekeepers!

Here is our review of the Eufy RoboVac -our time-saving robot vacuum along with a list of books featuring the hardworking maids and housekeepers from kids' literature!

Save Time and Get a Clean House with The Best Robot Vacuum Pinterest pin

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Review of the Eufy RoboVac

+ Books Featuring Maids & Housekeepers!

Time is a precious commodity. No matter what you do or how well you strategize, there will always be only 24 hours in a day!

Disney's Cinderella animated movie image down on hands and knees washing the floor

There are so many fun things to do during the fall season! Hiking, apple picking, visiting the pumpkin patch, all things Halloween and one of my fave holidays - Thanksgiving!

family going for a walk in the fall

Whether it's checking off items on your Fall Bucket List, warming the kitchen with some baking (our Double Chocolate Scones are so, so good!) or working on a holiday craft like our Starbucks Christmas Ornaments, there's no shortage of fun things to do!

All of these are fabulous ways to spend time with family, but, it doesn't leave much time for the inevitable - cleaning the house!

With the holidays approaching, much of our free time is used for planning, gift-buying, decorating, enjoying the season and making memories with the kids and family.

Disney's live action Cinderella at the well played by Lily James

I don't look nearly as fetching as Lily James does while doing her chores in Disney's Cinderella!

Keeping the house clean and tidy has been an ongoing struggle for me forever! I just don't possess that 'I love to clean gene' that my mother and grandmother had!

Rabbit from Winnie - the-Pooh pulling up a carrot in his garden

Rabbit is a fastidious character! I'm sure his burrow was quite clean and tidy!

I've always had plenty of interests and things I wanted to do far more than clean - and that is definitely still the case!

Whether it was getting outside, tap dancing with my daughter or curling up with a good book or blogging, cleaning was just not on my fave list!

Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping by Peggy Parish book cover with Amelia holding a fish

Amelia Bedelia is definitely one of the most famous maids in kids literature and always made us laugh with her antics! Check out this classic set of Amelia Bedelia books!

Our house managed to stay ahead of the dirt (barely!), but it wasn't exactly a joy to clean!

I knew robot vacuums have been on the market for a number of years, but their price point put them out of my reach.

Disney's Snow White sweeping the floor with animals all around

Snow White always seemed so cheery when cleaning! I was more like Grumpy!

Grumpy with arms crossed from Disney's Snow White animated movie

Our choosing-to-homeschool lifestyle brought with it a budget that needed to be followed and there was no room in that budget for a Roomba! (This Roomba actually empties itself!!)

The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse by Beatrix Potter adapted

Mrs. Tittlemouse made cleaning a priority!

Plus, I was home full time, so I really didn't think I was justified to go out and buy a costly robot vacuum. I owned a decent canister vacuum. I figured that was good! No need for fancy extras!

(Note: Our canister vacuum of 17 years just recently decided it was done! Here's what I decided to replace it with!)

Mama Bear, from The Berenstain Bears, was not only a fabulous housekeeper, but she also made sure the cubs and Papa Bear helped as well!

A couple of things made me start to rethink this situation...

I visited my friend, Debbie, who I've known since college. We not only stay in touch but we also play weddings together (feel free to take a side trip and check out our FaceBook page here!)

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett book cover

Sara Crewe maintained her kind demeanor even after being forced to work as a maid by the awful Miss Minchin in the classic story, A Little Princess.

A Little Princess book cover by Frances Hodges Burnett

We hadn't seen each other in a while and she had me over for dinner. In the corner of her living room I noticed a robot vacuum. I mentioned it to Deb and she assured me it worked very well! Debbie has never steered me wrong!

Disney's Cinderella cleaning the floor with water and bucket from Disney movie

The proof was in the pudding. Her floors gleamed! Knowing that she has a dog who sheds and frequently has kids underfoot really drove home the point that her robot vacuum was doing a good job!

Nancy's housekeeper, Hannah Gruen, was great at managing and caring for the Drew household and was always there to assist Nancy Drew when she was in the middle of a mystery!

The Clue of the Broken Locket Nancy Drew Mystery shows Nancy, Bess and George on front book cover

My nephew and his wife also purchased a robot vacuum and declared it was a huge help especially with getting under the furniture. They have a mid-sized dog who does a healthy amount of shedding!

The above teenager makes a mess, too, but the dog sheds more!

Hmm - we have a dog, I thought, who contributes in a big way to the dust bunnies in our house- and much of it escapes my swiffing and traditional attempts to reach with it a vacuum.

Abby, our corgi-mix, is a bundle of fun and love, but she's also a shedder! Staying on top of her fur tumbleweed is an uphill battle!

(You can see a post featuring Abby here or follow her at Pages and Paws!)

Fifi the Feather Duster and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast

I think Fifi the feather duster from Beauty and the Beast enjoys dancing more than cleaning!

Well, one day as I was waiting for my daughter who was in her dance class, I thought I would do a little online window shopping.

I started checking out robot vacuums. There were definitely plenty of robot vacuums to choose from!

Ma and Laura Ingalls outside with large pots Little House on the Prairie illustration

Ma and Laura Ingalls from The Little House on the Prairie book series.

I used to get exhausted just reading about all of the housework that Ma Ingalls and Laura and her sisters did on a daily basis!

Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

There were a variety of price ranges and options and I was trying to balance price, reviews and functions. While searching, I saw that there was a Eufy Robo Vac on sale!

I had never heard of the Eufy brand, but it had more than 50,000 positive reviews and it was on sale for a price I was willing to pay!

(As of this writing, there is a $60 off coupon on Amazon.)

Disney's Winnie the Pooh holding a feather duster and cleaning

Winnie the Pooh likes honey more than dusting!

Enter the Eufy Robot vacuum - wow, what a game changer! I absolutely truly believe it's easier to breathe in our house now!

Eufy Robot Vacuum cleaner

I love my Eufy RoboVac!

Darota from Gossip Girl holding her feather duster

We named our Eufy robot vacuum 'Dorota' after Blair Waldorf's maid in Gossip Girl!

And, it's actually kind of fun to clean now. Yup, there it is, I'll admit it!

Gossip Girl book cover by Cecily von Ziegesar

Darota is Blaire Waldorf's family's maid and sidekick in Gossip Girl.

So, there are many robot vacuums on the market offered at a variety of price points.

I was looking for something that would get the job done, last for a while and be an affordable option. The Eufy checked all the boxes.

Eufy RoboVac Robot Vacuum with remote

Eufy RoboVac remote control

photo: Amazon

Disney's Mary Poppins with Jane and Michael in nursery

Mary Poppins would have liked the Eufy!

Disney's Mary Poppins has been delighting viewers since 1964!

Based on the book by P.L. Travers, she's always been one of my favorite characters!

Well, after receiving the Eufy RoboVac and using it daily for three months, this robot vacuum has absolutely proven itself and I can see how it earned it's place at the top Amazon's preferred list!

The blue light indicates that the Eufy is charged and ready to clean!

Piglet from Disney's Winnie the Pooh sweeping outside with leaves falling

Even with it being one of the lower-priced robot vacuums out there, the Eufy 11S has great features!

The Eufy RoboVac 11S has the Following Features:

1. Auto

The RoboVac determines a pattern and cleans while learning and avoiding furniture & such.

2. Edge

It hugs the edge of your room(s) and uses a higher suction mode to really catch the dirt and dust bunnies that are trapped in the corners and edges!

3. Spot focus

It will clean in a circular pattern for spills or under your messy kid's chair!

5. Timer

You can set it to clean at a particular time daily

6. Manual

Drive it with the remote (this is fun!)

7. Hi Intensity

It engages a higher suction function great for deeper cleaning!

8. Stair Detection

It won't fall down the stairs. I did try this and the sensor did detect the stairs, but I err on the side of caution and put up a barrier for peace of mind.


  • Affordable

  • It has a very easy-to-use remote

  • Works great- it really vacuums up the dirt, hair, dust, pet fur, etc..

  • It's thin and gets under furniture easily

  • It's quiet - I can't stand loud appliances!

  • Easy to clean (it has a removable dustbin, spinning brush and filter and comes with a little brush to help clean)

  • Variety of functions

  • A kid can manage it

  • Battery has a long run time-up to 100 minutes. It has never run out of charge when I've used it!

  • It returns to its charging base when it's done and/or when battery is low and needs to recharge

  • It's actually kind of fun! If you have kids and want to get them involved in cleaning, this is a great way to do it!

  • Works well on hardwood, tile, vinyl style floors, and low pile carpets

  • It does a great job getting over the edges in between our room - transition strips.

  • If it gets hung up on an edge between rooms or chair legs, it just keeps adjusting until it can move forward.

Usually people say 'Cons' next, but honestly I don't really consider the below points to be cons against the Eufy robot vacuum, just things to know!

Things To Know About the Eufy 11S:

  • Make sure to remove/elevate any wires so they're off of the floor (I never had a problem because I read about it online and in the manual). It can get caught up with the wires.

  • It doesn't detect dark furniture legs/items - so it will bump them. Not a huge deal because the Eufy has 'bumpers' and it will figure it out and go around.

  • Ideally, you move your chairs so the Eufy doesn't spend all of it's cleaning time and effort navigating the legs.

  • The Eufy has really great suction, BUT it's not going to pick up heavy things like a penny! It really is designed for the dust/hair/fur purpose.

  • It is a good idea to pick up small things like twisters, string, before letting the Eufy begin. They will just get caught and make a noise as they continue to spin in the brush.

Eufy RoboVac 11S robot vacuum

So, there you have it! Our glowing review of the Eufy 11S! As I told my brother and sister-in-law, it's the best money I've spent in years!

The Eufy 11S RoboVac makes the perfect addition to your home cleaning arsenal to help keep your home looking clean and give you back some precious time!

Cinderella from Disney animated movie and Eufy Robot Vacuum

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Happy Cleaning! :)


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Heather N. Quinn
Heather N. Quinn
Nov 08, 2021

My daughter, who has a long-haired cat, has one of these robots and absolutely loves it!

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