The Best Fall Scavenger Hunt Free Printables!

A Fall Scavenger Hunt is a wonderful way for the kids to have fun, get outside and enjoy spotting all that fall has to offer!

Well, the days are getting cooler, and as we head further into fall, there are so many things to see and do that are special edition fall! One of those things is super easy, so fun and always a winner: a Scavenger Hunt!

These free printables will help get your fab scavenger hunt started, and whether you want to do a classic scavenger hunt, make up your own, or do a photo version, we're offering a style for everyone!

A favorite activity, a fall-themed scavenger hunt, is a perfect way to enjoy a fall day, and can be done with friends, family or on your own!

Kiddos will love tracking down the fun items on the list and it's always a great way to make some pumpkin-spice season memories too!

From feathers and fall leaves to cozy scarves and apple cider, spotting signs of fall is fun and festive!

You don't even need to travel very far or have tons of time to do a scavenger hunt- this game is customizable to you and yours!

From indoor treasures to outdoor discoveries, head to your local park, pop in the car for a drive or start the fun from your own backyard!

If you're looking to get started with some ideas for your scavenger sunt, here's a great Free Scavenger Hunt Printable to get your fall fun off to a good start!

These items can be found in nature, in your house, and not too far away, which makes it easy to enjoy, regardless if you've got the whole day to partake in the game or are looking for a fun fall activity that doesn't take a million hours of prep or planning!

Affordable and family friendly, a scavenger hunt is just the thing to take in the fresh fall air and if you live somewhere chillier, have a blast outside before the brisk weather sets in!

Autumn has tons of things to look forward to, from holidays and hay rides to curling up for a movie or game night, and there's nothing more quintessentially fall than a scavenger hunt to find signs of the season!

If you're loving the idea of a scavenger hunt and have a million ideas to add, we've created a free, Fall Scavenger Hunt fill-in printable just for you!

It's a great way to customize the fun to your area or kids' interests and will make it extra-special!

If you've got a favorite tree, add a leaf from it to the list, and if there's a cute scarecrow you look forward to seeing each year, add it to the hunt!

Click here to print or download this fun Fall Scavenger Hunt free printable!

Looking to document the fun for later? Try a Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Similar to the traditional one, a Photo Scavenger Hunt features the fun twist of snapshots and selfies as your take-away goodies!

Great memories and a wonderful way to spend the weekend, a photo scavenger hunt focuses on taking snaps with your finds or in places on the list!

It can be a cute patch of pumpkins, on a nature trail, or even in front of your door! Pose with a pretty leaf, snap a pic of a pinecone, or try and find a photogenic squirrel!

This Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt Free Printable will help you begin the snapshot hunt!

Click here for this Fall Snapshot Scavenger Hunt free printable!

A fall-themed scavenger hunt is a fabulous way to spend some time together, enjoy all the little things fall has to offer, and make some terrific memories!

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